Is there an actor who is a better operator than this guy?

Is there an actor who is a better operator than this guy?

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is that segal

Why are american soldiers so fat and slow

Chris Evans, star of Disney's Captain America: Civil War, produced by Marvel Studios


It's called a suppressive fire you moron

>Leave no M.R.E. behind.

join the fun

>This is Steven Seagal (yes, really!)

Why is he grabbing the butt of his rifle? Is there any reason to grab the butt of your rifle in a combat situation?

>I started playing the guitar in Detroit in the '50s and I was in an all-black band

Really, nigga?

wow he is so fat

but he is still anderson silva's sensei

>Seagal: I’m going to try directing at one time, maybe the next piece might be a nice one to cut my teeth on, we’ll see.

>And what might that be?

>Seagal: An environmental piece called House of Cruise, written by Brandon Guy Alamo. Greatest script I’ve ever read. It’s about a man against nature. Kind of starts out like WarGames where you see some sophisticated military base tracking a missile. It goes awry and there’s this really interesting cross-cutting with this Stone Age tribe in the Amazon. Sure enough, this missile comes right through the triple canopy jungle and into the mouth of the sacred cave in which they are about to start this sacred ritual.

oh my

Looks like he was adjusting the stock

I think he went overboard with the gear. It makes you look like a fatass(even more so than usual)

He probably should had just wore a thin plate carrier.


you what m8




Man that guy is a fat fuck

For those of you who have not seen it this is hands down the best Segal clip on youtube

aikido is so fucking retarded. basically just theatrics.


thou shalt not mock seagal. he's a master

>Let me tell you something that might be a bit dangerous. I was raised in Japan. I was schooled in martial arts. I was given the title of master. They take a movie “The Last Samurai.” They have a 5-foot-2-inch little guy, whether he was straight or gay, I don’t know. I don’t care. He had never been to Japan. He doesn’t speak Japanese. He has never held a sword. They make him the Last Samurai. We got 450,000 phone calls [laughs] from everybody in the world saying, “That role was perfect for you. How did that happen?” Most of the people I know didn’t like the film and didn’t go see it. It’s just a classic example of Hollywood and the politics.

>dat serious circus skill
lmao how much did he pay them to roll around like that


That's why he lost to Chris Weidman.

No one will ever beat this throat snatcher

>didn’t like the film and didn’t go see it

Sounds like his friends post on Sup Forums

Man how do you go from Starship Troopers to this

>He'll be personally expanding instead.


I literally worked at maxis during that whole thing and I told them that shit was a bad idea.

I looked into the eyes of the executive producer and said "Do not fucking go for always online".

"If we don't they will rob us blind" was his reply.

I have never felt more verified in my life when that game came out.

>I looked into the eyes of the executive producer and said "Do not fucking go for always online".

Then you rode away on your gryphon mount.


Our studio talked to EARS constantly and other sections of the EAPLAY label. We weren't "Maxis" as the time (2010-2012~) when demoed early builds of Sim City but I was there when Lucy created the new Maxis(which is now dead again). The studio I worked out is now part of the EAMOBILE label.

I worked as the lead concept artist for my studio on the sims 3, it's expansions, and the sims 4. I was involved with the higher level meetings because proposed projects needed concept art. Various meetings between other studios where we were going to port a few expansions of sims 3 to consoles(360, ps3) but those fell through very quickly. One of the EP(there are several EPs per studio) of Sim City as well as the EPs for Sims 4(known as olympus at the time) were touring studios to demo their builds. I completely forget the guys name because I was new at the time but he loved cursing a whole lot from what I remember. Those were literally my words and that was literally his reply.

I was new and naive. I thought they would listen or care but guess not.

Nice blog post senpai

of all the things that didn't happen
this didn't happen the most

so you're saying those 4 years of my life never happened?


yes i am

here have some early sims4 concept work that exists literally no where else on the internet.

no1 cares

just the people that care enough to say it never happened. And you, replying too. Way to go dumbass.

After the studio went mobile I got the fuck out. Mobile games are the god damn fucking worst. The amount of manipulative bullshit the APs (just regular ol producers) and EPs talked about in every meeting was absolutely disgusting.

no1 cares

Is this a meme here?

no1 cares

>no1 cares
>bumps thread

no1 cares

i'm bored now. Enjoy your autism.

>Seeking vindication on an anonymous Burmese fingerpainting image forum


Oh Christ, I thought I recognized that jawline.

Even without sound I can hear the heavy mouthbreathing

It checks out.

Don't worry, user. No one ever believes me when I post about my work either.


god damn right it does
there are a lot of professional artists that browse Sup Forums. We get bored too. Being able to what you really want to because of being >user is great. Especially since an artist get's work by having their real name out there. Literally anything can kill your rep.

I have folders with hundreds of designs that didn't get used for SIms4. The game was worked on for 6-7 years but was scrapped several times. The version that was released was only worked on for less than a year. Like, all the assets were completely reworked as well. The UI alone was completely changed over a dozen times. The entire UI. That means every single icon for obects and furniture. Thousand+ icons completely reworked. There are over ten thousand icons sitting on my externalHDD.

It originally started as a shoot off online game. It was more like a facebook game than anything really. You chose a lot from a 2d map of the world. Only one house on each world section. Then your friends could choose the same lot and your houses only existed within their own worlds but you could visit one another kinda like Animal Crossing NL dreaming.

The way you bought clothing and furniture was through a catalog system that mimicked a magazine. Brand deals fucking everywhere. The reason Create A Style was removed was so they would be able to sell more shit in the catalog. CAS meant you could just make it yourself if you wanted

Also, it was going to be a discounted price game where you used real money to purchase in game furniture and clothing. All that content was already on the disc but you had to pay real money to unlock it. The EP at the time thought this idea was genius because it removed the need to download DLC.

That entire game got scrapped because it was so behind schedule. Something insane like 600 days of an estimate. The original team working on it was the Sims Medieval team. They all got slashed and the Sims 3 original team took their place.

Casper been hanging around with Kirk Cameron or something?

no1 cares

Also, I never got to rant about this shit before. I see that image posted all the god damn time and it always reminds me of telling the EP how god damn bad an idea it was.

That guy came into the meeting to demo and talk about sims city and sims 4. We were going to be working on expansion and store content which is why I was there(art). He was just so excited for always online DRM and on disc DLC.

When Lucy talked about how always online wasn't for DRM purposes she was lying through her fucking teeth. Same thing about sims 4 lack of CAS saying how it's impossible for the engine to do it. The decision was purely for monetization of the store and to limit players ability to create content themselves.

Then she actually blamed the developers of Sim City for it's lack of sells and bad publicity in an interview. Saying how she wished they would have worked harder on it or something to that effect. Fucking producers can burn in hell.

whatever, it's done damn slow

...and short

cool man thanks for the original content. Its not see often around here.

are there dwarf soldiers?

>America literally has child soldiers


would it really kill him to lose weight? Meanwhile the entire fucking cast of expendables is fuckin jacked and they are even older.

like, not even get buff. Just lose some fucking weight.

You motherfucker birthday-snatchin right it is.

he's Kanye West of action movies, he pobably thinks he's in great shape

what the fuck...he was Johnny Cage a while ago and he looked good! What the fuck happened!


this is my new favorite video


nice insight

Doesn't the title refer to a group of actual Samurai, not Tom Cruise?

the group of people took in tom cruise and accepted him as one of their own. That group were the last samurai. All them died except tom cruise.

So it works either way.

>dat name
>dat question
Easy to spot the Sup Forumsedditor

>"If we don't they will rob us blind" was his reply.
>exec explaining himself in front of a developer at best

you have never worked a corporate job in your life

sure thing buddy. hey everyone this guy here has to be right

no1 cares

Seems to be the cuckiest of all the martial arts

what the fuck are you even talking about.

You realize "Execs" need people like me to even begin to do their jobs right? I have made around a dozen game presentations to pitch to the EA board/ceos. They require artwork that clearly and precisely communicate what the game is going to be and how it will play and who it will be sold to. To create these presentations I work with the EP's(which usually include the "creative director), Art director, and senior engineer, so I know what art to include in the presentation pitch.

EA has a gating process they use for new projects. You pitch your idea up the chain of command until you reach the top CEO of the label you are pitching to and then your EP and label CEO pitch it to the board before fully getting financed. In the beginning there are only about 4-5 people on the team(including someone like me). As it gets past each gate, EA execs/ceos ask for more info or a demo which means we add in more people to the team to create whatever they asked for. They will also fund it to that point. Once the near-final gate has been past the entire project will be funded and the rest of the team will slowly be added on. The last project I worked on went from the 4-5 we started with and ended up with with around 70 people.

Those people had jobs because of my art. Well, and the designers and all those people in the beginning as well. The type of meetings I went to everyone in them were peers and equals. I wouldn't have a job without them and they would never get funding without someone being able to do what I do. These people know business. They know a good presentation fucking sells.

no1 cares

Everyone loves to hate on suits but they are a necessary evil.

Artist's are sneaky like that. They are able to infiltrate and be respected in any level of society.

I hate them and I respect them. They know how to manage money and work towards a goal. Just sometimes their goal is very questionable.

Look at developers that try to remove the "suits" from the equation. They go over budget, over time, and never get anything done. Very rarely do they even get the funding to begin.

You need the perfect level of creator and suit to make something great.

Interesting original content? Not on my Sup Forums

needs more shit posting.

That's the Sup Forums I know and love.


>Have you ever owned a Seagull?

I was just watching this movie and is the reason I even clicked on this thread.

I wonder what it's like to work in film. It's such an old business compared to games. The politics of that industry have to be deeply ingrained and extremely hostile to newcomers. Even teams that have only existed for a few years that I have worked for have been pretty hostile. They think "This is how we have always done things and this is the best way and this is how we will always do it"

When I first started working in house I didn't realize office politics were that hardcore and needed to get anything good done. I worked as a contractor for years before I finally got a studio position so it's something I wasn't expecting.

>On the set of one movie, he challenged a stuntman, who was a black belt in judo, to try to choke him out, a judo technique in which pressure is applied to the carotid artery in the neck until the victim is rendered temporarily unconscious. According to one source, Seagal claimed to be impervious to the technique. He was wrong. The producers of the film became frantic when they saw their NBA-sized star lying unconscious on the ground.

no1 cares

I really really wanted her to pull the trigger. So fucking bad.

>6-7 Year old Seagal
>He's black
>He's in a band


Fuck off dude, I care

Are you autistic?

In the same thread he said his favorite "action movie" director was Akira Kurosawa.