Cringe Thread

Cringe Thread

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But OP, that image is right.

OP ban when?

Your life

he was fucking good though

This post is some quality meta cringe



Op btfo

He was the best character in Disney's Captain America: Civil War, produced by Marvel Studios

My favorite is when they use the the advice dog format, but there's three paragraphs on the image to get their non-joke across.

Can't stand forced diversity or sjw-ing, but could they have hired a more generic looking white dude than him?

It's not. His voice is awful.



/9gag/ when?

I thought he was pretty good.

>Best Spiderman youve ever seen

>kids voice adr'd over cgi stuntman because all his costume scenes were shot before he was even cast

Fucking.hell at least wait.until the solo


Reminder that the actor is a real life spider man.

>because all his costume scenes were shot before he was even cast

for real?

inb4 Ophelia

this isn't cringe tbqh senpai

this board, with all the capeshit and GoT threads


He was sure as shit beter than Toby.


This will always be the best Spiderman.

Even japanese spider man is better than Toby. He's the fucking worst spiderman of them all.


Set visit reports from before Holland casting talked about redblue coded stuntman shooting fights

The costume is cgi. The voice is post effect

> 16 year old kid
> annoying voice
sounds like they nailed it then

>that voice
Geez at least try to sound like a male.

This is the cringiest thing I've seen posted here.

The Evans poster in general

Cringe? This is YLYL material

What am I looking at here

>All those haters are still going to see it
Well I highly doubt many here will, most don't even seem to go see the movies they think look good.

Except the actor is 20, so he's going to sound like that in every movie.

Also, in the comics, Spider-man didn't sound like a kid even when he was 15.

Can't believe someone took the time to draw that

real Sup Forums here, bans are for reddit and Sup Forums

He was the most annoying teenage pubertynerd mutant i've ever seen

>in the comics, Spider-man didn't sound like a kid even when he was 15

This guy is living the dream.

I like how half of comments are /aco/ wankers trying to take the moral high-ground. I'm not going to deny having a cheeky look around that board on the odd occasion, but why would you boast on youtube about masturbating to Coraline? Are they trying to out-cringe the video.

This isn't cringe. It's wagecuck trigger fuel.

Jesus Christ


add them to the list of payed disney shills

holy shit the autism

Why couldn't it be Donald Glover? I wouldn't mind seeing Miles Morales.

Stop. Trying. To. Make. Spiderman. Happen.

It. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen.

>Haters will still see the movie

Nice meme from Sup Forums.