Is there a comfier channel?

Is there a comfier channel?

>couple getting their house renovated are interracial

I fucking love the property brothers show

I want to fug Chip Gaines. His wife too

I want to fug both of them. Came to this thread to say that.

Property brothers are QT too

>it's a looking for a new house and the people searching are homosexuals episode
Watching HGTV you'd think 60% of America was gay.

>Love it or List it
>get to have ideas about renovation and buying in the same show
>Jew stereotype has a prominent role
This channel got so good once I stopped being neet, went full Sup Forums, and got a real job.

>ywn start a beautiful family and have cute ass kids with a gorgeous, handy, Texan-Asian woman

My mom watches this channel and I make fun of her for it.

When I ask her why she watches it she says "I don't know, I just like it. I like seeing what they do"

When you move out of her basement and get your own house, you'll appreciate it more.

>"You better put it in my ass, Chip Gaines!"

Your mom is right. Once you own or even rent your own place it's interesting as fuck and a good way to get ideas for your own home

1999 food network

I love her. She seems like a stuck up bitch but she's as goofy as her husband

Is this the golden age of HGTV? I feel like the entire lineup is good right now.

Not enough gardening shows

Too many home shows.

60% of America is gay.

I was hoping the diy network would pick up the slack but they cut out basically all of the actual methods of how they do the work and really force the WACKY HOST PERSONALITY to make it unwatchable for me.

>that psycho blonde chick who restores those dirt cheap Detoulet homes to their former glory

They both seemed like those kids that would peak in high school and then do nothing with their pathetic lives afterwards but they aren't. They just seem to feed off each other's energy and have become this unstoppable power couple.

>it's an everybody treats David like shit even though he's showing them homes with everything they asked but they piss and moan because their expectations are ridiculous episode
>it's a they end up loving the home even though they should've listed it episode
Being David is suffering

I know. Or gay. Or something.

It's from PBS not HGTV (don't think I ever watched HGTV) but I love watching this old house even though my tastes skew modern, I love seeing craftsmen talking about their craft.

this blonde qt has the tiniest lisp and its adorable.

They never really show too much about gardening even in gardening shows. I don't think it translates as well to TV wihtout going full educational about it.

Add her to the MCU (mommy cinematic universe)

>it's a Flip or Flop marathon

>>it's a Flip or Flop marathon

>I know you needed three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but at this budget all I could find was a chair and a painting

Why are women bad at everything?