Is Joss Whedon the biggest cuck that ever lived

Is Joss Whedon the biggest cuck that ever lived
>As many fans may know, and Olsen explained on last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, Olsen was reassured by Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon before she took the role that she would never have to don the kinds of ensembles Scarlet Witch does in the original Marvel stories.

>He said there’s this character, Scarlet Witch, that I’m interested in, for you to play,” Olsen recalled of their initial meeting. “Then he said, ‘And when you go home and Google her, just know that you will never, ever have to wear what she wears in the comics.”

>I did ballet growing up, but that’s not a confident look,” she added as she gazed at an image of the comic book character busting out of her leotard.

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>I assure you, I will never be faithful to the source material in any way.


Fuck you Joss

In the comics, Scarlet Witch probably has the most retarded avengers costume of all time. Well, her and Simon Williams.

>not posting the video
why even bother, fuckhead?

the source material is shit

>instead you will have no costume at all

Whats the point then? Im fine with what she has now but why would he want to use her character when he doesn't like how she looks and sarcastically talks down about it?


Don't her tits bonce around in the movie anyway?

Guys, comic costumes are super fedora. All the dudes are basically clad head to toe in colorful spandex, and all the girls are wearing swimsuits a size too small. It's obvious hetero teenage fantasy material. It's not even remotely realistic.

Olivia Munns costume for the new X-Men is the closest I've seen to an actual female comic costume, and it looks ridiculous. She has really nice thighs though.

you are retarded and are unable to comprehend even the most basic points. you are one of those reddit faggots who can't understand the difference between sexualization and objectification.

kill yourself.

good thing he's gone and someone with brains and won't pander to SJW retards will do the right thing.

Yea, and comics are ridiculous. Its not supposed to be realistic, the entire concept is fucking retarded and the movies have pretensions of realism that make adults think theyre cool for liking it as if you're above the retarded shit comics are really about. You know what's actually "fedora"? Taking a children's property with colorful costumes and super villains and thinking you're making it realistic and serious by putting everyone in normal clothes or black leather.

He can't write characters for shit. It's all the same character with slightly altered quips.

Best thing he's ever done was just a spectacular ripoff it's a wonder why he wasn't sued into the ground.

Scarlet Witch never uttered a "quip" or had the same character as anyone else in the movie.

>tips fedora, sheathes katana

No, but you are.

Hi Joss

*teleports behind you*
Wanna say that to my face?

He's a master director.

I dont even like this movie and still see nothing wrong with this. He's strong.

>The only important thing is how a character looks

Its weird that you're saying that because thats not what I said. The OP is about her costume so I talked about her costume, if OP talked about her character I would talk about her character.

I still think Angel is one if the best tv shows and Serenity is a solid movie

>why would he want to use her character when he doesn't like how she looks
Because how she looks is literally the least important thing about her character.

>Serenity is a solid movie
Only if you saw it first and then Firefly
Don't get me wrong I love both but there were some decisions in Serenity which wade no sense why kill off wash and book

>that ending
>hand campaign
She was working real hard to not say "hand job"

>she's not wearing she same outfit

Cry more aspie

I'm not even part of the convesation but you are hilarious. I see what you are doing.

Shut the fuck up.

With your line of thinking we never would have gotten shit like The Dark Knight.

Kill yourself family.

Yeah Angel's fucking great. Whedon's alright in my book, the hateboner faggots have against him is ridiculous.

Looks dumb.

>it's supposed to be dumb

fuck off

Nothing wrong with that


>With your line of thinking we never would have gotten shit like The Dark Knight.

We never will from Marvel.

They're in the business of making flicks, nothing wrong with that.

It's like Marvel goes around acting like their movies are high brow cinema or anything.

He's a colossal cuck but he's no Anthony Burch


>He missed the point
>he doesn't want to see this
in screen

Go fap to some cosplay then, m8.

I think he has trouble with having any sort of budget. Which is why he does well on TV, but his movies tend to feel off. He's very good at dialogue but he seems to forget that when he has the opportunity to do special effects. He's also terrible at one-liners, which is not the same as dialogue.

Serenity was good because it was a spinoff of the TV show known for its dialogue, and the story is very good. The parts that rely on effects and action.. Eh.

Avengers 1 was very good, I thought, because it had a large amount of character content - the opening sequence was okay, but once they start the recruitment sequence (from Widow's interrogation until the Helicarrier), there's lots of good character interaction and dialogue. Once Loki escapes and the Hulk is driven away, the movie kind of slides down into an ordinary action movie, but the goodwill built up from the first half carries it to the end.

Avengers 2 had very little character interaction; it was far more action and one-liners (quips). The party scene was good, because they were just allowed to interact, and Ulysses Klaue's scene was good, because he was able to use his cuttlefish comment to tell Scarlet Witch that he was too self-aware to succumb to his fears (that is, he knew what they were and could deal with them, unlike the Avengers). Props to Andy Serkis.

Should have gotten based Larkin Love to play the roll, the acting would have been better too

>He's very good at dialogue

ITT: children proving their street cred by hating on a very competent and talented filmmaker.

Go cry more.

Quicksilver had enough for both of them.

Muh shattered childhood villain who learns the err of her ways is even more cliche than his usual characters anyways.

That's like all of Sup Forums man. I don't browse this board often but every thread that discusses something popular it's always a crowd shitting on it.

It's just like Sup Forums but for movies.

>wears a corset anyway just with a leather jacket over it

it's not really that different. the headpiece would've looked retarded anyway

>siding with sjw's
>gets cannibalized by them
>deletes twitter
dude is a pandering faggot and deserved it

He is good at dialogue. As in, conversations. He thinks he's good at quips, but he's shit at them.

what is thaaaaat

That was a good time
Did he ever go back to twitter?

>all the girls are wearing swimsuits a size too small

Fit attractive women generally dress like that when
given the choice. Ever been to the gym fatty?

holy shit she is qt as fuck
heart conquered


>Because how she looks is literally the least important thing about her character.

Come on now. Have you actually seen the movies? Her character is uninteresting shallow garbage.

He literally makes children's movies. Of course he doesn't want the characters to look like whores.
He's not like Dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider

For as much money as these "actors" are making for playing the most superficial characters around, they will wear whatever the guy writing the checks fucking wants them to.

apparently Joss hates The Punisher too because he is just a big meanie and a fascist apparently.

I like firefly (don't really care for his capeshit) but god damn this man makes enjoying some of his work hard when he keeps reminding the world what a gigantic pussy he is.

>w-w-why are you dressed like that, mommy?

Damage control

And her costume would have made 0 difference to that.

No she's not, she's your typical Hollywood whore

Get some taste

WAIT WAIT HOLD UP, does Larkin have a video of that? Her Power Girl videos are great, and I shamefully enjoy my superheroine porn which I have a distressingly hard time getting since a lot of it is small rapey fetish companies that get shit removed fast.

At least she would have been eye candy. Let's not pretend any of these sluts can act.

marvel is just so shit at everything, i really do not understand how they are successful.

Joss isn't a talented filmmaker even if he's right about SW's costume being retarded.


what a fucker

Because look at their competition

the X-men movies are far better than marvel trash.
DC movies too.

It's a tough choice between Wil Wheaton and him but I think he wins for his reaction when the feminists turned on him

I'm actually ok with this since big porn studio parody porns are almost always god-awful, but Larkin's self made porn tends to be really good.

>Scarlet Witch never uttered a "quip"
Might wanna watch the movie sometime, before spewing bullshit.

This fucking idiot ruined Marvel for me, i hope he kills himself.

Oohhh fu-fuck, stop that. Boner pls.

Why did you quote quip? It's a very strict word with no ambiguity.

Are you implying you take The Dark Knight seriously? It's not absolutely absurb in your eyes?

Also, are you implying it's a good movie because it strayed away from popular Batman representation? Because it didn't.

Why are you implying so many stupid, stupid things?

>all the girls are wearing swimsuits a size too small
Pic related is an example of a female costume done right. She looks like a sorceress.

>people don't wear leotards/jumpsuits in real life
Go outside user
Its not like its any more ridiculous than Captain America's, not to mention Vision.

If you Kate Beckinsale's costume in underworld and gave it a red tint it would be near identical to the comic witch costume, then add a hairband. easy.

Though I do really like the Age of ultron costume

Singer is fucking garbage. He turned into some leather clad homo-erotic bullshit.

>Scarlet Witch is beautiful and elegent
>You don't have to be either of these things

the new one looks like shit but almost all the x-men movies are great, or at worst they are entertaining.

Joss wrote an appearance of Frank in the comics where he gets defeated in one punch by a little girl just to try and shit on the character, little did Whedong know the little girl one punched Wolverine in a previous issue too but instead of managing to stay standing like Frank he goes flying through a door so it ended up making him look more badass.


Fucking liberals. No professionalism at all.

why is always doing mom stuff when she doesn't even look 30?

>Don't worry Elizabeth, no skimpy outfits, I promise
>OK Chris, I'm going to have to insist you take your shirt off for this scene

Doesn't change the fact that SW's outfit is fucking retarded.

some things work better in a comic, like a girl doing dangerous stuff in a bikini, because its easier to suspend disbelief when its all fake.

If Scarlet Witch was running around on that flying city from Avengers 2 in a bikini, you would be thinking why the fuck is Scarlett Witch wearing a bikini on a floating fucking city?

Plus it's a pain in the ass to block and film.

>whelp, can't use that take, her tit fell out

Last avengers film I saw, that one where the city flies up in the air for some reason it was so utterly cringeworthy.
Just character after character spouting quip after quip to each other as if this is some how meant to be entertaining. Feels like he read a review where someone thought the banter between characters was good and he extrapolated that to just make all dialog quips.

'cause with the right wig and dress she can pull it off better than most. She isn't the pinnacle of mommyporn but she does some good shit.

>thinking about what your seeing
>watching capeshit

Things that don't happen for 10 points

It isn't though, its a corset over a jumpsuit with a crown and a cape. Its pretty tame.

She doesn't wear a bikini though.

Typical Hollywood style of making films. "Is it hard, time consuming and not a decision that will make the most amount of shekels possible? Don't do it."

*flashsteps behind you, cutting you in half in an instant*

pshh, nothing personal kid.

him & kevin smith should start a band.

someone post the webm of smith hiding his bald spot

Even posting this as satire is abhorrent

Although edgy atheists with katanas and people who watch this tripe probably are the same people

And you would, you crime-fighting super hero woman, you.