This entire opening bit

>This entire opening bit


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I haven't seen anything Doug has made in over a year but I swear his hairline wasn't that high last time I saw him

I saw him at C2E2 and he's going grey too.
Also, Sarah and Brad act just like they do in the midnight screenings videos.

>Sarah and Brad act just like they do in the midnight screenings videos.
I'm not surprised, the midnight screening videos are just friends shooting the shit after a film
I think that's why they're the only part of Channel Awesome I still enjoy

>Sarah and Brad
I live in Springfield, which is a kinda small city and have never met anyone from midnight screenings, feels kinda bad

There was a Man-Thing movie?

Love how they keep out everything that contradicts the point they're trying to make like Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Agents of SHIELD, also how they fast forward 10 years to be able to talk about the TV series.

I agree. That opening was great.

I swear, Brad is the only presenter off the site who seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang with.

Doug maybe, out of character he doesn't seem that bad but at the same time there's something about him that makes him seem really off to me.

What I really wonder is who off the site would be the absolute worst to hang around. A part of me wants to say Spoony, because he's an asshole, but he seems like a reasonably good (if harsh) DM in roleplaying games, at least.

People still watch this guys videos?

The answer is obviously Linkara.



Dude's been going bald since the start of the show, where you at? That's what makes him likeable, somewhat.

Or the fact that marvel really had no major involvement with blade

I hope you learned your lesson.

>Doug maybe, out of character he doesn't seem that bad

He's a Bernie fag, so no.


Do you think if you threw a feminine dick somewhere he would go after it?

I see this meme constantly but I don't know shit about Nostalgia Critic or any of the drama or whatever happens. Is there a rundown somewhere?

Man Thing was a mistake.

Linkara was found to be a user in a forum and he would talk about sucking off futas. He also broke up with his girlfriend who had surgery to change her penis into a vagina.

It's not really much in the way of drama. It's just that people who've interacted with Linkara all describe him as insufferable.

Dude from the Internet has arrived to tell you what to think of the movie Blade. You're welcome!

Yeah here's my upvote too.

Wow some guy who knows fuck all about the film industry attempts to ridicule it wow.

Why do you faggots keep watching these videos holy fuck

At the 25 second mark I realized I graduated high school in 2005 and closed it.

Todd seems pretty fun too

And Rob is EASILY the worst one I'm willing to bet on this

There was a tale in greentext written by someone who worked on kickassia (first channel awesome movie) and in it Linkara was apparently insufferable, and would go up to him at random saying "Talking about me, HHHHMMM?" and would say "Hhhhhhhhhm?" a lot.

>moved to Sup Forums from Sup Forums
TGWTG confirmed for Sup Forums ontopic by a moderator.

apparently Todd is a total cuck who's just depressing 24/7

Guess mods don't realize that Blade is a comic book character.

his tweets about linsdey are one of the saddest things I've ever seen

Holy shit Doug is JUSTing really fucking hard.

Fantano > Todd

he was always an omega male

>doesn't even bother to write Spidey's name correctly

It's to, uh....AVOID copyright strikes

What the fuck is wrong with that movie?

More like Reddithony Cucktano. Amirite, fellas?

Some dated CG and goofy fight choreography in places (see: eternal missing spinkick).

Otherwise a solid 8.5 of a movie, remember, this nigga refused to acknowledge Last Action Hero was satire and reviewed like it was a straight action movie

I loved the opening to Blade, the clubhouse beat is my fucking jam. But I've yet to watch Blade II. Should I?

>created a lot of tropes that are still in comic book movies today
>mentions one

it's a meme to praise it on Sup Forums but actually it's kinda shit

still better than the third one

Blade II is pretty awesome actually. The villains are threatening for once. Also, Ron Perlman.

Baseds Donnie Yen and Ron Perlman (also Norman Reedus, if you are a fan)are on it, and the guy who plays Prince Nuada is the bad guy. Yes.

How does a thread about comics, specifically an opening bit about a debate between the two biggest comic companies, get booted off co?

How sad

Mods being tards as usual.

There's a new mod that takes his '''job''' quite seriously.

Honestly I don't get why anyone cares about the rules on any of the boards enough to report beyond people posting child porn or spamming shitposts.

He doesn't seem to realize that Blade is a comic character too.




The return of Nostalgia Critic!

>and he would talk about sucking off futas.

He talked about being fucked by BIG BLACK DICKS.

Cuck in the shadows is the worse, If I could legally get away with it, I would cut his penis off.

>i have zero desire to go to new york, so I cannot imagine saying that

But in the image he says he is not going to go...


We have Eggkara up and live, watch Doug's newest review Get In Here
>InstaSync Eggkara

Oh shit wrong picture

>new Spoony review never ever

Nothing wrong with that pic, user, thank for reminding me of her.

Year of the Spoony.

>avgn thread just got deleted


[fatguy eating hotpockets flying through air.jpg]


More like relatable, he's not likable.

I was referring to a moderator.

>making me have to explain a joke

Doug doesn't seem bad himself. I've met guys like him, I know the personality type. His kind of like the typical 30 something turbo nerd that still has nerd friends and names his kids nerd names. Watching him with other people makes it look like he's eager to please? But anyway, you could probably have a normal chat about movies with him.

Brad seems like a based dude, wouldn't mind meeting him.

>based brad meme

fuck off brad.
we all know about your communal cuck exploits, and your recent girlfriend who was president of your fan club breaking up with you.

You're not based nigger.

Spoony has become pretty fat over the past few years, though. Not that much, comparatively, but it's noticeable.


>"That time I tried to kill myself" from a month or so ago
>fun guy

To each his own, not gonna judge.


Hey, people can be fun people and go through rough patches

You know, watching the vlog the way that he and Spoony deal with their mental issues is like day and night, Jesus.

>Brad makes a frank but mature and measured video about his issues
>Spoony gets into fits of rage every 10 minutes on Twitter

His Street Hunter review was pretty funny, shame he is so lazy these days. What does he do all day? Smoke weed and read DnD books?

>Smoke weed
No, he's a drunk.

He literally lost his mind. All he's doing now is whining on twitter every 20 minutes and drink (I assume). It's a shame, because if he wasn't such an lazy egoist he probably would still put out decent content.

He's killing himself then

JewWario seems chill
Film Brain would get mistaken for my dad, and I'm 29

>JewWario seems chill

Dirty Cock Slut would be so unbearable to have around people. Any time you have a conversation about something, he'd be the guy who has to let everyone know how important his opinion is. He'd also be the guy you can't make any jokes about at all, and if you do he doesn't know how to handle it so he makes things awkward by staring at you angrily and spending the next 20 minutes finding ways to insult you.

Source: Hung out with a Linkara clone.

Link to the vid?

It's on Eggkara come join us

>It's on Eggkara
When will it be Latza's turn to be the egg.

When season 3 debuts.

>discussing about netflix
>implying marvel had any sort of plan at that point besides begging for companies to buy their character rights

Maybe it is funny for company wars memers but for anyone with bare minimum knowledge of how things played out it is just another mediocre sketch from them.

He actually made a jab at tumblr always picking new genders. Is he uncucked now?

>DC & Marvel hashing things out as if they have anything to do with each other
>Marvel existing at all prior to Iron Man

I mean I dont expect much from the guy that thought Last Action Hero was a straightfaced action movie but he really has no idea about anything he talks about does he


But Brad's a HIlaryfag.

i love it when he talks about comics when he literally knows nothing about them

"some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill"

what did blade mean by this?

Totally. Fantano seems pretty alright, bit tool-ish but largely likeable and funny. Todd has a handful of alright moments but he's mostly cringeworthy

Senpai Brad's based as fuck. Dropped a thot for trying to cuck him, and understandably fell for a fan. Why am I replying to this bait what am I doing with my life

>Dismissing people because of their political beliefs

People only become insufferable when they bring those beliefs up constantly.

Don't worry senpai, everybody in here loves Brad, we even got fooled by an impersonator, one year ago.

After all these years his videos still look like a 13 year old made them with a second hand camcorder and windows movie maker.