ITT: Cartoons only you watched

ITT: Cartoons only you watched

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I've watched a shitload of 80's and 90's cartoons and never heard of this. Was this supposed to be a TMNT with dinosaurs show?


This was the greatest fucking show.

I loved the raptors, the one who was intelligent and had that liquid/poison/whatever machine built in him was the best

>tfw SHARK 'EM

I didnt know many people who watched angry beavers but i loved that goddamn show

What is with all the cartoon threads lately

Extreme Dinosaurs, same guys that brought you Street Sharks iirc

I remember a totally different intro.

New Team in the neighbourhood,
Some say they're just no good,
Half Shark, Half Man,
Fighting evil that's the plan,
Street Sharks
StreeeEet Sharks,

I can't have dreamed that...

but even the japs watched that shit
I think this is the season 2/3 theme


I remember this being the 1st intro, still, thanks. Glad I'm not going crazy.

Extreme Dinosaurs vs. Street Sharks. Who wins?

Extreme dinosaurs by far

Terrible Thunderlizards would gun down both of them





my nigga

I watched that.
I come with two

and this.

I used to love this show

sheit i fucking loved that show.

i remember this

Totally Spies more like Totally Fapable.

That looks gay as fuck

me too man, me too. I never could have any of the toys, so I would make my own out of clay. I remember thinking that the mixture of mechanical and organic was the coolest freaking thing.

And that's how furries are made

I hope the artist for this gets taken out back and shot

This was amazing. I miss this show.

I remember that. Also Mighty Max above.




This show was great. I liked the pterodactyl the best


You mean Watch My Chops?


It should. That's some furry's fan art I imagine.


Nigga I had a shirt of that show

Space Patrol Luluco

this was the shit until furrys ruined it for me

nice tits


anyone remember pepper ann?

ugh I hated it

can't say if Angela Anaconda was worse tho

Shii just google and nostalgia'd

Don't really remember anything about it though

Anyone remember a cartoon about a group of dinosaurs that had the abilities of household items? Like there was one who had a mouth that could staple stuff and another could pull sellotape from his mouth and another made bubbles.

The one about Football players that were either monsters skeletons and played with gear that had spikes and shit.

Only watched a few times but the toys were incredible

>tfw when you go into toys r us around christmas time and your mom lets you buy one of the cheap ones for about a fiver

The best feeling...ever

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, bitches!

yiff in hell furfaggots


that was just the french football team

He was phenomenal tuesday

what does the N stand for?

yeah he's very good I'm not even that match into football but even a dingus like me can see that this guy is incredible

It not an "N" on his homeworld it stands for virgin.


Jesus talk about ruining a boner.

Id rather have a badass Cadillacs and Dinosaurs movie than lost world.

Guns, tits, cars, and dinosaurs.

If anyone wants to know when Sup Forums went to shit officially, its when the fursecution ended.

Fuck you bitch everybody and their gramma that was alive in 89 was watching captain N


does anyone remember that chinese cat cartoon

you're not a dingus user, don't you ever believe that bullshit

Samurai Pizza Cats?

I watched the shit out of it as a kid.
Little did I know, as a Canadian child, that this was my first anime.

I endured it for Fangora, she is worth it.

no but that looks like ronin warriors

As a canuckian, you surely can't forget CyberSix??

legit tho, who tf watched this as well?


Fuck, this movie was terrible and it was terrible when I watched it when I was 5.

ITT: Popular tv shows literally everyone has seen

Not even close.

Cybersix was very well-animated though, and I'm surprised it didn't incite the special-snowflake-tranny tidal wave several years earlier.

You're my kind of user!

reboot when

Sorry, user - made in Tokyo!!!!

Cybersix for the win!

Babysitting my sisters kids was always fun when this shit was on.

My nigga, watched the shit out of this show before going to primary school.

This show was actually comfy

I haven't thought about this show since fucking kindergarten, thanks for the feels OP

Every morning before school

Y'all suck. I LOVED Dinosaucers as a kid.

The thing that disgusts me most about furries is the overbites like the one on the right has. Reminds me of the guy who dressed up as goofy.

Look at him. What a slut.


Brazilianfag reportan in. This was early 90's I think.

Are you 10 years old?


I know plenty of people watched this, it was pretty cool

>will never find the complete series

Also known as the "there's literally nothing else to watch right now so i'll watch this i guess" show

I jerked off to like every episode. Only reason why I watched it.


Great, now I have the theme in my head.