Patterson–Gimlin film

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pretty well made fake

if dat big mutha fucka is kicking around the forest for reals, that shit is the best video of him

>nigga swole as fuck



It looks kind of goofy and the guy who shot it was a bit of a nutjob but I believe it's real. It's been heavily scrutinized and tested over the years and it still holds up. That's pretty incredible for a film shot in the 60s/70s or whatever.

Top tier kínémæ

man in a gorilla suit

An excellent fake.
Is this the original handi-cam horror?

The dude who filmed it was in the woods in the first place to shoot a movie about bigfoot. They even brought a Bigfoot costume with them that day, which, when journalists asked if they could see the Bigfoot suit, they claimed that they burned it for no reason.
So yeah it's fake.

>I believe it's real

Come on, man.

Probably a muslim.

It's Robin Williams

Logic dictates it's fake, however it is a GOAT costume.

>fitting muscles to a giant monkey suit
>putting tits on a giant monkey suit

We've never seen anything like it since

Also the way it walks is how an ape that size would most likely walk. It's footprints were also the footprints of a flat foot. It's easy to tell if a footprint is fake because there are many muscles and bones in the foot, when you use a flat fake foot to make a footprint it never looks like an actual footprint

>less then a minute of monster screen time
>abrupt end
>nothing gets explained

sounds about right

he's a bigfoot

>Logic dictates it's fake

So basically you're saying it's fake because bigfoot can't possibly be real. Despite the fact that some retard nobodies back in the 70's could apparently create a costume that still baffles people decades later?

Like I said, GOAT fake but still logically a fake. There's no way giant apes are wandering around in American countryside and not a single one has been caught or shot yet. You guys shoot everything.

Well, yeah, some guys creating a genius costume is logically more likely to happen than giant apes wandering around in America for hundreds of years with not one being caught or shot. Both are unlikely, one is a lot more unlikely. A LOT more unlikely.

If they were self aware and intelligent enough to bury or hide their dead a small population could easily hide in some of the more remote areas

I think the prevailing theory now, according to leading cryptozoologists is that bigfeets are multi-dimensional. Hence the lack of physical remains.

You're focused too much on the suit and not the general lack of bigfoot evidence/ proof.

It baffles people who are making shows about Bigfoot (not the sharpest tools with confirmation bias). Of course they could make suits in the 60s-70s.

I don't think you realize how huge the pacific northwest is. Much of it is remote and isolated. Lief Erikson actually wrote about seeing Bigfoots in America and the Indians here just think of them as another animal. As real as a bear or whatever. There are probably tons of undiscovered species out there

So they have this one remotely plausible animal and decide to shit that one up?

>guys were already making a film about Bigfoot
>they found it on their first attempt

Hide the dead. Hide the poop. Hide the food. Hide the offspring. It also takes dozens of animals to propagate a species. Unless we're talking about immortal apes.

>Lief Erikson actually wrote about seeing Bigfoots in America
Norsemen also wrote about Loki fucking horses and having his testicles yanked by a goat, what's your point?

>Unless we're talking about immortal apes.

Well if it's a real animal it would probably live for a very long time. It would also probably have a pretty high IQ at least as intelligent as the other apes. Perhaps even higher

I don't think you realize how much humanity has encroached on nature. Mountain lion and bear attacks are on the rise as we move into their territory and provide shelter and free food for them.
If Bigfoot was real we'd have a shot a couple trying to get in the trash

Mulder pls

Here's the deal: I don't know what to think about it anymore. I strongly believe in Sasquatch, and I truly believe that they live out there, and I know a TON about the stories, lore, legends, sighting, and information about Bigfoot. However, this video has me going nuts.

The story is that this guy was looking to make big bank on movies, but only would have had the money for the big-shot, the monster footage itself. He was out there to get a video of the monster, and that's exactly what he came back with, the best video footage of a Sasquatch ever recorded. The story lines it up, point-for-point, to be a %100 fake. But the footage is good.

Too good.

This guy had no concept nor has ever studied anatomy or real apes or anything of that nature. There were no suits of this integrity made back then, nor do I believe he would have had the expertise to make something that perfectly aligned with muscular anatomy, walking motions and overall anatomical preciseness. Who, back then, would have ever have thought to add perfectly realistic ape breasts to a suit? The face moves throughout the footage, as do the muscles, fur and skin of the "animal". It's even complete with a sagittarial crest on the head, akin to great apes that we know of, but not goofy and exaggerated like you'd see on a costume or cartoon.

I don't know what to think. The circumstances would make me believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a fake if the footage wasn't so damn realistic that it still baffles professionals today.


You say this but the okapi, panda or a type of gorilla were thought as myths until like the 1900s.


Godzilla vs Kong viral marketing

>it still baffles professionals to this day

Even amateurs can debunk this film fairly easily.

It's not that well made.

There's a big difference between the 1900s and 2016, pal. A huge difference.

That is a lot to hide when you say it that way. Since this is all speculative at this point. If they were there theyd have to have a life span that is about as long or longer than humans and nearly as or more intelligent... This really would have to be some special ape to do that


They could live in some kind of hidden cave network for all we know

Debunk it then you amateur faggot

Surely not in terms of biology and evolution?

Pandas were known since ancient times, idiot

Pure cryptokino


If Sasquatches were real, they would not react this way. They wouldnt be so casual about being spotted by a human

Finding a sub-species of an animal is different to discovering a new species.

See I thought they might have a network of tree highways but that makes sense too

Kek how did I never think about this. I guess that's fucking weird indeed

What? No, I'm talking about how in the age we live in, with the sheer number of people hiking in the wilderness, the quality of cameras and the availability of cameras in the form of smartphones, for an animal to go undetected in the developed world is unlikely to the point of impossible. I want to believe, but we'd have more than grainy footage and we'd have a corpse or bones by now if they were real.


your post doesnt make sense. how is that related?

its his wife his wife been hitting da forest gym

They might have hidden entrances to trees, similar to dwarf doors in Lotr.

Lol how would you know? Also keep in mind the guy shooting the video was riding a horse so he would have seemed bigger than the sasquatch.

>The dude who filmed it was in the mountains in the first place to shoot a movie about snow leopards.
>filmed a snow leopard


Guess snow leopards are fake.

since there is noe evidence yet, they have to be some kind of extremely shy forrest ninjas

This. Look at how great apes react to humans in real humans. Hell, ANY wild animals is not going to just keep casually strolling with a human there. It moves and walks like a man in a suit, not an animal.

If Sasquatches really acted like this we would have known about them for centuries. They'd also all be dead for being so stupid.

You guys are forgetting about the massive academic and government cover-up.

Is Bigfoot a Jew?

It's clearly fake, looks like fucking Bollo out there in the woods

If you apply frame correction and a simple filter, you can see the fucking overlap where the top half of the costume goes over the bottom half.

There are plenty of reports of people coming into contact with Bigfeet. But once a person is in that deep, spooky wilderness, the bigfoot is gonna see you before you see it. Can you imagine how pants-shittingly terrifying it would be to hear scary ass bigfoot noises coming from the woods around you? You're not going to be thinking about filming it. You're gonna try to get the fuck out of there. Apparently they throw huge rocks too

They're not just apes, they're hominids. They're intelligent and there's easily enough wilderness in North America for them to hide in.

>so he would have seemed bigger than the sasquatch
well, that makes it even weirder for the bigfoot to react like he doesnt give a fuck. So I dont know what you are trying to say with this.

>Lol how would you know?
Because there is no evidence for them. They are huge apes in a first world county. If they exist, they are extremely cautious, rare and purposfully avoid humans

What's the best bigfoot documentary of all time and why is it Boggy Creek 2?

>Hide the dead. Hide the poop. Hide the food. Hide the offspring.

All fucking easily done. They're not living right next to people's back yards you dumb fuck.

I always found the audio recordings to be more compelling that the videos.

>All fucking easily done.
But why would a wild animal do that?

This. No sane person would reach for their phone, open the camera app and let it focus before running shit scared.

To not leave traces. A lot of animals do this by instinct

Exactly. It's easy to sit there in a chair and say "oh why didn't they film it". Until you're in that situation you just don't understand. Fight or flight is a powerful thing. Also portable cameras are still pretty new in the grand scheme of human existance.

>A lot of animals do this by instinct
Name one primate that does this

>a lot of animals
>name one PRIMATE

Because it's as much a "wild animal" as Neanderthals were.

>Bigfoot must behave like a cat


Random noises that can't be verified at source. What is compelling about that?

That this thread belongs in /x/

what are you on about? I dont even believe in bigfoot. Just said it isnt a weird behavior to hide stuff

It is weird behavior for a primate

Dont be that guy, man

>new subspecies discovered
>"well its not a new species entirely."
>new species discovered
>"theyre not even big."

Its still a step bro.

>Because it's as much a "wild animal" as Neanderthals were.
Have you found any Bigfoot tools?

to be fair, there are hundreds of completely uncontacted human tribes. there honestly may be more recorded bigfoot sightings, and we only just got aerial footage of the human tribes like a few years ago.

look it up senpai, its pretty cool.

they are not fully animal it is assumed

One, why would they just drop them where we can find them. Two, we haven't found any Denisovan tools yet, but they were humans, and a good candidate for bigfoot's identity.

Lol are you seriously comparing a bear to a bigfoot? People know what bears are. Most people who go into the woods know how to handle themselves when a bear comes near them.

>camera to the floor
>blurry bear
>film stops as bear gains

Yeah this couldn't be faked.

Almost every primate is "weird", if you compare it to the other primates.
If Bigfoot exists he most certainly has to be really secretive

this is some blair witch shit

>One, why would they just drop them where we can find them.
You mean Neanderthals dropped them because they knew thousands of years later their more intelligent cousins would find them?

>Two, we haven't found any Denisovan tools yet,
But we have

Using the gorilla argument is bullshit though. >weren't discovered until the 19th century.

Mountain gorillas weren't - lowland gorillas were discovered in the 16th century.

Nothing related to bigfoot has been discovered... ever.

>muh gigantopithicus

A species theorised from a mandible that has never been discovered in the North America.

>But we have


>saved a jpg thumbnail of a gif
That's two levels of stupid

>You mean Neanderthals dropped them because they knew thousands of years later their more intelligent cousins would find them?

Theoretically there might be nothing to distinguish Sasquatch tools from any other stone age tools.

I was only using the argument to point out how it isn't unheard of to find a tangible species to cryptozoology.

So if they have tools, that implies that they are predators
So why do they like hiding so much?

I don't think they're like cavemen or anything. Just a different kind of ape. I think they learned to be so secretive and hidden because all the ones who fucked with humans got killed. Surely they're smart enough to realize they should stay far away from us. Add that with the fact they probably have a great sense of smell, eye sight, and hearing coupled with their remote, dense, habitat and it doesn't seem that outlandish to me.