So now that the dust has settled, who is the best waifu on TP

So now that the dust has settled, who is the best waifu on TP

>pic related

Also twin peaks thread

>Download 15GB worth of files
>Series is shot in 4:3 ratio

>implying 4:3 isn't comfy: the ratio

Wow man, I hope you'll be okay.

>so many faps

I'm still gonna watch it, faggs.

4:3 is beautiful desu

i fucking hate 16:9. Everything ever made should either be 21:9 (2.35:1) or 4:3 desu


Did anyone else notice her in a Burger King commercial a few years back? Maybe 2012

top kek

nobody cares

She makes my heart flutter every time she's on screen.

Good taste.

Dubs confirm the TRUTH

Shelly of course. Amazing hair and lips.

The actress also aged the best of all the cast.


1. Audrey
2. Shelly
3. Norma
4. Annie
5. FWWM Donna
6. Laura
7. Donna
8. Maddy
9. Blackie
10. Josie
11. Lucy
12. Catherine
---Power Gap---
14. Log Lady
15. Nadine
16. Everyone Else

Best grill

10/10 face.

10/10 body, too. She was literal perfection at the time.

swap audrey with shelly and josie with lucy and it's 100% accurate

Audrey hands down

>liking Twin Peaks
just a reminder that this is from the man who did Dune

right here

ctrl f
No Laura Palmer
You disappoint me sometimes

Why no Ronette Pulaski?

>no Denise
kill yourself you trans-phobic piece of shit


>16. Everyone Else

Looks included to me, senpai.

Shelly you plebs

Go back to your /got/ general.


Shelly hottest
Maddy cutest

>there are people on this very board who prefer shelly over audrey

>who is the best waifu on TP

yeah but that hot "coalburner" made this angel.
*pic related
So thank god she did.

Is leo johnson in the new season cast?

Audrey cons:
boring when she's not trying to fuck cooper
FUCKED BILLY ZANE, and her storyline got retarded towards the end.

Shelly cons:

Also a Shelly con:
High school dropout trash who as of the 2017 series is still working at a diner

that's a pro

its Shelley hands down. I recommend the film Dream Lover with Madchen Amick and James Spader if you like looking at Shelley.

best waifu comin through

Reminder that Duchovny fucked Lucy in order to get that role

>Then: Sherilyn Fenn on the Playboy cover
>Now: Twitch camwhores, not even naked

I almost wish that Lynch makes Twin Peaks: Millenial edition that's bad on purpose.

>6. Laura

Don't use Coop's image ever again you fuck.

Is Cooper the greatest character ever put on television
Every scene with him is 1111110/10