Tell that to cops' snapped neck

>tell that to cops' snapped neck


Oh so they did that cliche. Only usually they do more then just fall over, some blood or something

>tell me, do you bleed?

>Only usually they do more then just fall over, some blood or something

You don't bleed from a snap neck, fucko

Since when is a superspeed man snapping peoples necks a cliche???

yfw Zoom is the best villain DC has had on the screen since the Joker from Batman TAS

Eobard > Zoom

would like a word

Yeah good point, but Zoom has more presence like a true force of evil, I guess its the mask that totally hides his face and Tony Todds voice. And shit like OP's webm and the previous episode when he phased through Caitlin to stab Killer Frost. Despite all the evil masterminding Eobard did, Zoom feels more menacing IMO.

True, Zoom is an awesome monster but Thrawn was a great schemer.

Both are GOAT

Too bad both Arrow and Flash are shit.

I can't fucking stand their interpretation of Barry and Iris, along with all the shitty love drama.

yeah felicity's probably the only good character in that universe

Iris is awesome

best wiafu

>yeah felicity's probably the only good character in that universe

[neckbeard rage intensifies]

>Iris is awesome

She's the worst character in the entire show and has no chemistry at all with the actor for Barry.

Who's faster, Quicksilver from Days of Future Past, or Eobard/Zoom/Flash with the tachyon thing?

See I always liked her chem with Barry. To me She is in no way worse than black crying dad, quip beaner, or useless redhead

also she's hot

I have as much mixed feeling about him than I had about the big guy.

Comics lore wise, iirc Flash (Wally West) was the fastest. I think Barry outran him when he returns during the Final Crisis but I can't be sure, its been a while since I've read the comics.

Currently, its hard to say, because there is some sort of number we can attach to to Barry and Zoom, I think they quoted Barry at around Mach 3 a few episodes back and that was before the tachyon bling. As far as I know there's not even a guesstimate on Quicksilver's speed.

Too bad Flash went full retard in the episode when Barry willingly gives him his powers, while the black guy is safe, they are all pointing space guns at Zoom and Barry is faster than him due to tachyon thingy.

It was the worst scene ive ever seen in a tv show.

Candyman Zoom is best
Unmasked Zoom is shit

Barry and Jesse will soon be blacked by this guy's offspring.
How do you feel about that?

Yea but in the last episode he got disintegrated and entered the speedforce dimension or some shit

Fine because barry is gonna White Iris

>mfw they're dangerously close to arrow-tier now with caitlin and making wally the flash

god please no

I'd be fine with Wally becoming the Flash, but jesus christ does it have to be in SEASON TWO?!

I hope if they make Jessie and Wally into speedsters that they both decide to go to Earth-2 and stay there cause that's the place that needs the most help..

Earth-1 has the Flash already, Earth-2 had Zoom pretending shit to give false hope and he took everything over, it's gonna be more than a one speedster job.

You're forgetting the man in the iron mask. Its probably the real Jay Garrick, played by John Wesley Shipp.

too many speedsters

Then he'll have to die by sacrificing himself to stop Zoom.

It's Eddie.

E2 Eddie or E1 Eddie?

E1 Eddie otherwise the "You'd never believe me" thing wouldn't really make much sense.

Didn't he shoot himself and die? And why keep him in a superpower proof cage?

>Unmasked Zoom is shit


I actually like Jay acting all evil but the writing is shit.

The Caitlin thing doesn't feel as creepy/rapey as it should. She's immune to anything happening. Zoom comes across as a huge idiot whenever she's in the same scene.

*teleports behind you*
*snaps your neck*
Nothing personal kiddo...

He was not faster, though.

>mfw they reveal Henry Allen from E2 was the real zoom all along and jay garrick was just some puppet he mind fucked and overloaded with V9

Super-speed actions that don't take affect until a few seconds later has been a Japanese cliche for quite a while.

Why does he have a monster mash face?

Superspeed creates heat so his face melted.

>My mother's maiden name

Masketta man has blonde hair.

If they make him henry when they could've made him zoom i'll be sad

name 6 flicks, 4 movies and 3 kinos where that happens

I dont watch this show. Why is Jay garrick killing people

he's actually Zolomon hunter from E2 who is Zolomon Hunter from E1 who is actually Zolomon Hunter (Jay Garrick) from earth 1.

why would you snap the camera mans neck you fucking idiot

>neckbeard rage intensifies

oh yeah only sad no lifes dont like her amirite?
very cool character a treat for the fans of the comics and a well written character for television

Why did he snap their necks but then turn their heads back around so they still faced forwards? Why wouldn't he just twist their heads 180* and be done?

When is Jesse getting blacked?

Doesn't count anime is gay. I watched anime and my penis grew several negative feet in length.