Kitchen Nightmare's

Is she really insane or was it just an act?

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Why not both?

why would she put on an act that makes her a crazy person in the public eye? also, one look at that face and you know she's crazy.

Garner up some extra business?

There is no kind of bad publicity.

Also best episode besides this one?

>Garner up some extra business?
>There is no kind of bad publicity.
I don't think that's how it works in the restaurant industry

iid fuck the bayjayzuz out of this crazy broad

porn debut when?

>There is no kind of bad publicity.
Then why did she need Ramsay's help?

She'd be a good one for Facialabuse for sure

Because she wanted vindication against internet bullies.

Meh, UK series are the only good one. US episodes are almost all completely alike, with frantic editing, dramatic music and bourne-movies camerawork.

Gimme some good episodes to watch then, I love me some Gordon.


You just know she made that old mafia guy lick her asshole every night

>the Grasshopper episode
>the old fucking Irish chief in the suit
>guy just roasts everyone

Fucking excellent

And he loves it probbaly.

"There is no bad publicity" is a fallacious statement the 90s produced. Bad publicity is fucking bad there is no way around it.

I heard they made a ton of money on t-shirts and stuff like that.

>the 90s produced

Fucking cretin

to some extent it's still true, just not in the food industry.

yeah, and they also had to close their restaurant. I doubt that t-shirt money will last more than a few months.

Really, why?

here watch this for a good laugh

>clean, simple food expertly prepared

Because her husband was a Serbian gangster facing deportation and the Arizona Department of Labor was responding to complaints sent in by customers and former employees.


he's not northern

oops sorry i mean 'bloody'

>linking to some burmese child pornography website

come on user


>tfw when you've been rewatching Kitchen Nightmares in an attempt to find one guest who said "it's dry" who was an old asian man with glasses and a split in half bowl cut where only the middle part of his head had white hair
>tfw you can't remember the episode or what he was even eating
>tfw it was the single funniest looking person you've ever seen on a reality show
It's been hell trying to find this again. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

wtf are you on about

its just a video hosting site

>Alison Brie

Pls no. I haven't yet recovered from the webm after seeing it again yesterday. You know the one ;_;

i dont actually please show me or something

Knew a girl just like this. Histrionic Personality Disorder all the way.

She is a sweetie for me


>it's a Gordon tries to pretend he's still fit despite his bizarre torso and gets a hernia trying to throw a microwave out of a window episode

was this the one with the qt assistant?

Those are cute.

NO! Chef Mike!

because she needed twenty good men to help her cook better

Ramsay vs Amy who wins, both have 20 good men.

>her trying to argue with the man on it and getting smacked around.
Be still my throbbing dick.

Just imagine her looking like this.. my dick is hard as diamonds.

this guys gordon impression makes me laugh every time
its pretty damn spot on

They literally closed the restaurant last year.

Mitch needs a swift kick in the arse

>There is no kind of bad publicity.
So if you set up a childcare business then people started taking out TV and radio ads saying that you are a child abuser and became internationally famous for diddling kids you think that would be better than nothing? You're a fucking moron clearly.

>she will never be in your kitchen, making nightmares happen
Why even live?

the t-shirts were another facade to help launder more money

>It's a Gordon needs to step out for fresh air episode

>tfw you recommend the worst dish on the menu on purpose

>NO! Chef Mike!

classic professional kitchen joke.

She married some wacky troll twice her age, of course shes crazy in the head

Watch it. He is the gangster, not you.


>undercooking pizza
>truffle oil on a bacon cheeseburger
>salmon burger
>refrigerating sweety and spicy ravioli

wrong direction, it's saffer, maaaybe irish, although they have fek. oop naarth would be fook.