It's an "Archer drinks a WD-40 and Coke because he can't be bothered to look for more liquor and is shot in the back...

>it's an "Archer drinks a WD-40 and Coke because he can't be bothered to look for more liquor and is shot in the back five times at point-blank range" episode
Is there a more over-the-top, politically-incorrect show currently on cable?

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i dont know but God damned i love this show.

Is the new season any good?

>its an archer rampaaaaaaaaaaaaage episode


If you think Archer is politically incorrect, you need to go back to the Ministry of Truth where you belong.

What episode was this?

>politically incorrect

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia

>It's a bad ass Pam episode where she is either drag racing, fight club, spray painting the bathroom walls.

Need more back story on Pam.

The first two seasons of Archer were some of the funniest animated TV I've watched in forever. The running jokes and dialogue were all perfect ("can't or won't?" "...either?")

I still remember watching a random episode late at night while channel surfing. Thought it was the funniest fucking show.

it's decent

the elevator episode is a masterpiece

feels like everyone is phoning it in

its on its last legs

Terms of Enrampagement (working title) was a fantastic 2 parter. Lost my shit in nearly every scene.

You realize there is a board for cartoons, right?

>Ever wanting to go to tumblr 2.0
No thanks


It was fun for a while, but you can only go so far with the premise. It has spoofed the secret agent/spy genre to death.

she only works on shock value, the point of her character is that she was meant to be percieved as a homely office worker who's secretly a badass, if you try and build her from anything past that she just becomes kinda generic.

Even blacks are white in this one.

Second season when?

i forgot this was airing

hopefully never. The art is fucking perfect but the writing is absolute dogshit.

Honestly the first episode dragged but it feels like the rest of the episodes are true to form again. Just my opinion. Cheryl is a little annoying and some of pams jokes just arent funny but thats the worst of it.

Eh. it had it's moments.

The only part I really laughed at was when the douche guy was sobbing and explaining how he fell into the sewer and got poop in his mouth. And I guess the toto parody but that was more of a chuckle.

Who /pam/ here?

watching one episode of this made me appreciate the voice actor of archer much more, the guy in moonbeam city is so horrible, he is just mumbling without any energy, its like harvey birdman except much more annoying

In a grown up way. Not Eric Andre being the mouthpiece for neckbeard anti-humor.

... it wasn't the same guy?

I honestly couldn't tell. All the big VAs sound alike and all the shitty VAs are trying to sound like the big VAs.

>politically incorrect
The writers changed the name of the organization from ISIS to not offend people. It's another SJW shitrag.

Archer is John Benjamin (coach from home movies)
Moonbeam Man is Rob Lowe. The nice dude from parks and rec

Neckbeards? Pretty sure neckbeards laugh at shit like tbbt or iasip.

This sounds like a real episode - is it?

I heard this show is even more PI than Drawn Together was.
Is that right?

Not really, no.

Always Sunny is pretty PC. They're big fag enablers.

I don't see the appeal of this show.

Adult Swim is a neckbeard hive compared to any normie-core major network comedy.

Glenn Shills for Shillary. So does DeVito.

>moonbeam is rob lowe

so they cast a VA who looked like the character

Please god just cancel that shit. Its too retarded to live.

Not at all

It was great up until Vice. It was cleverly written and the dialogue was fantastic.

I lost interest after Vice.

Same. It seriously felt like they hired a completely new team of writers for Vice and everything after it.

Can you at least put some evidence to back up your retarded statements? I've never heard of this link between adult swim and neckbeards. Maybe Rick and Morty but neckbeards probably think Eric Andre and Tim and Eric are for people of a lower intellect.

Literally a fat Phoebe from Friends

Bruh everyone in archer looks like their VA except archer. I mean moonbeam isn't that great but that's a silly thing to nitpick

They did. Viacom had until March 30 to order a second season and declined to do so.

>le nitpick

dog, a fuckup like that is symptomatic of extensive problems throughout the entire production. Casting a VA for their looks is the most retarded thing I can think of right now.

"Show me cock-flavored spit!"

Devito = sanders shill

They casted the VAs and then made their characters look like them. They don't cast VAs specifically because of how they look. You sound like a crazy person

He's an outspoken Bernie Supporter.

>everyone in archer looks like their VA except archer

... uh

The one and only reason you cast rob lowe is his physical appearance

and H Jon Benjamin carries the absolute fuck out of the show. Hell, every show he does.

I wasn't debating that. Calm down.

It's too bad Rob Lowe didn't get super star huge like RDJ considering they have very similar pasts of being washed up and drugged out in the 80s and 90s.

is there hentai of this?

only like half of them do

but then you see the models they were based on and wat

Even with cherrypicked images, that shits thin as fuck.

cyril, lana, mallory and krieg look the same

but they weren't based on them

have him be Booster Gold

The difference is rob lowe never really learned how to act.

or, rather, after rob lowe spent all that time being washed up and drugged out, he came out even more boring than he was before.

>tfw runfu is also chokefu

Fat Fargo reject who built herself on a foundation of cocaine and bacon.

>I wasn't debating that.

By acting as if casting VAs for their appearance is a standard and respectable practice, when its proven beyond all debate that casting VAs for their appearance is the absolute dumbest thing you can do, as proven by people such as H Jon Benjamin and any decent VA, really, you are, in fact, calling into question the lack of validity of casting VAs by their appearance.

Writing was forgettable and retarded. It's literally album cover 80s Archer without the talent.

It seems like you've completely confused yourself over what SJWs are.

I was calling the dude a hypocrite when he said the show was bad because because rob Lowe looks like his character when half the fucking characters in archer look like their actors. There's a million things to complain about with moonbeam city and complaining that some characters look like their VAs is fucking stupid. Good job on missing the point though.

someone post the webm of archer banging lana

I don't know any other shows that keep talking about octaroons

You seem reactionary and stupid.

I was holding out vain hope for a second season in which all the writers were replaced. but after learning they cast ROB LOWE as a VOICE ACTOR, it became clear every level of the production was completely fucked, and a second season would just be worse.

South Park?

>so they cast a VA that looks like the character
you are just the dumbest fucking person.

>open thread

>not a single image of lana

You're either purposefully misrepresenting the issue or too stupid to understand the issue.

Rob lowe can't act. The only reason he has a career is because hes photogenic. So casting him as the lead of an animated show removes his only strength.

>strong, independent womyn who need no man
>dumb, clumsy, emotionally stunted males (main char even has mommy issues)
>exceptions are played for laughs

I bet you think detergent commercials are politically incorrect, too.

You do know the art style of moonbeam city is from the 80s, right? The height of rob lowe's career?

>mentioning tbbt and iasip in the same sentence in any other context than iasip being unmentionably superior to the other

Also what the fuck are you on about? Neckbeards hate tbbt, it literally represents everything they hate about LE NURD CULTCHURRRRR X-DDD

>implying neckbeards don't want to be part of the le nerd culture ecksde
>implying neckbeards don't love iasip for how EPIC and EDGY it is
>implying neckbeards don't love tbbt for it's epic pop culture references and scientific accuracy
I love iasip but you have to admit that the edginess attracts a lot of people.

Nope. Then again, I don't think I know what neckbeard means anymore. Didn't it originally refer to fat SJW fedoras?

>Can you at least put some evidence to back up your retarded statements?

I thought it was more the atheist fedora weeaboo crowd.

Yeah, but atheist weeaboo fedoras split over the SJW issue.

Now SJWs call the non-SJWs "neckbeards" and vice versa.

not a single mention to skinny Pam?