The Americans

She looks pretty mad here.

poor paige ;__;

Is this show worth watching?

Only if you like shows written for grown ups.

Good, i'll check it out then.

this episode was so fucking good

Are we going see what happens to Martha?

How does it keep getting better every week bros?

yea, it's good. very consistent show. i can't think of one bad episode.

i really don't blame liz for flipping out at paige. it was entirely paige's fault for them being in that situation in the first place.

also i want keri russell to be mean to me

Eliz fucked Gregory almost every week
then Philip fucks Irina once...

Bitches be crazy...

>thanks for the beer


yfw paige is legal now

Does this show ever ramp up in quality? I like the premise a lot but after watching all of s1 and part s2 it's just a bunch of sex, informing, then more sex. The russian cunt and the woman philip is "fake married" to are annoying as hell.

>russia cunt

did you just call nina a russian cunt? you fucking pleb fuck, nina is best americansfu

The Walking Dead is probably more your speed.

Nadezhda Pros

Almost everything

Nadezhda Cons

Fell in love with a black man


Will they show her life is USSR?

Is she even old enough to watch that extremely awkward sex scene.

you'd be mad too if you had coarse sand in your vagina

>7 months later

for what purpose


I liked this episode, for one Martha is gone and I'm as happy as can be. Two they finally showed based Claudia again and Gabrie finally showed that Philip and Elizabeth aren't the only ones who can do work. 7 months go by and Paige is a kgb officer in training.

They weren't going to be given any new missions for a while. You want to watch them do nothing for 7 months?

You want to watch them do nothing for 7 months?

It's solid, nothing spectacular though. Good writing but doesn't have the charm that makes shows like the Sopranos and Mad Men great

>all that Miller High Life product placement
but why

Miller's not bad, but still

>talking shit about High Life
Bruh, do you even Champagne of Beers?