You are in charge of writing the sci-fi flick with those 4 actors. What's the story?

You are in charge of writing the sci-fi flick with those 4 actors. What's the story?

Blade Runner 3
Brendan hunts for the other three.

remake of Alien

Seagal is the Alien
Roberts is the Android
JUST is the black guy
Classic is ripley

Fifth Element remake

I don't produce direct to DVD shit
that ain't kinĂ²

Remake of Ghostbusters

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>tfw wrote a thriller instead of a romcom

Steven Seagal has stolen 362 birthdays and he's searching for his final 3 to achieve immortality.

Dystopian world in which Seagal films play on billboards throughout the world. Dano knows he's next and has been training in a culturally appropriated bastardised martial arts style. Roberts birthday is snatched in a breakneck opening sequence on an airplane. When Dano is defeated he escapes and resurrects Fraser who will be genetically engineered to be in peak form. Fraser will die in a heart breaking scene, taking Seagal with him into the depths of space.

Potential sequel, Leap Year, in which Steve Martin (born February 29th) and Vigo Mortensen venture into space only to find the capsule containing Seagal. Computer voiced by Daniel Day Lewis.

All 4 of them are androids and holograms which were designed to serve a very rich family in a post-apocalyptic world (Brendan as the cook, Drano the gardener, Segal the securty guard and Roberts the head butler) . After a new president got elected which is totally against holograms or androids those 4 develop a survival instinct, kidnapping the daughter of the house and go rouge.


I'm waiting on the capekino thread

>Brendan as the cook

Two thumbs up by Chris Stuckmann.

In a future cyberpunk dystopia, Seagal plays a grizzled mercenary working for BirthDano, a corporate giant run with an iron fist by Paul Dano and working in the resurrection tech field.

Seagal is sent to the colony world of Alimon, where a worker uprising is being suppressed by BirthDano security forces. He is tasked with killing the leader of the Joint Union of Stellar Timber-cutters, played by Fraser. Seagal assists with the campaign against the workers until he meets some sweet proletarian punani, Fraser's daughter. Seagal joins into a somewhat uneasy alliance with Fraser and turns on the BirthDano forces, since they are harassing his punani.

Terrified that Seagal is coming to snatch every motherfucker BirthDano, Paul Dano calls in his contacts with the US Colonial Marines and gets Seagal's old rival Colonel Eric Roberts to come in and kill Seagal.


Wow you could create any fucking movie and you all list remakes. 2016 has really fucked you dumb, unimaginative cunts.

Anyway, here's my idea:

Paul Dano is a beta robot builder guy who can't get a girlfriend and creates robot women with personalities that compliment his strange, introverted lifestyle.

One day sad, lonely Brendan Fraser guy meets Dano in the park, where Dano is having a grand time with his robofu. Fraser says his wife died 3 months ago and he hasn't really gotten out until now. Dano and him actually hit it off since their both sad lonely fucks.

Fraser has decent money, and agrees to pay Dano to create him his own bot. When Dano finally finishes it, Fraser loves it and cannot spend a minute without his new Robofu.

One day Fraser is walking in the park with his Robofu when he catches the attention of Roberts, who displays his flawless robo specimen and pretends to have created it. Roberts is an rich tech manufacturer and asks if he could study the robowoman for a week, offering half a million dollars to do so and promising to return it. Fraser reluctantly accepts.

Dano finally finishes his blueprints and official documents to submit to a lawyer to patent his invention, which would make him rich. He is denied a patent and learns that Roberts has just filed one for the same invention.

Dano, learning he has been cheated, hires Seagal to capture Brendan and torture him until he explains how someone patented his shit. Brendan quickly realizes his mistake, and begs for mercy. He is electrocuted by Dano using a device he normally puts his robots down with after giving up Roberts.

Dano and Seagall go after Roberts, and eventually find out where he lives. They break into his giant ass mansion, where they find him getting pleasured by Brendan's robot. Dano orders the robot to rip his dick off, which it does.

Roberts is bleeding and dying until the camera pansto a living Brendan walking into the room. "It was my plan all along you faggots", he says.

Turns out he had sold the secrets of the robot on purpose, created a copy of himself, which is thte one Dano killed. The real one went to Roberts' mansion, letting him be killed.

Seagall attempts to kill Brendan, but Brendan pulls out a gun and shoots him before he can do anything.

it's Brendan vs Dano now, and Dano just lays down and starts crying. Brendan sees himself in Dano, thinks once more about his wife, and then looks around himself before committing suicide.

Dano lies there while the robofu begins to pleasure him...


>Dano just lays down and starts crying

You should add scene where Brendan beats the shit out of Dano. It's not Dano flick if no one kicks his ass.


>Dano lays down and starts crying, Brendan repeatedly kicks him and berates him. He points his gun to the back of Dano's head. Brendan sees himself in Dano, thinks once more about his wife, and then looks around himself before committing suicide.

Dano lies there while the robofu begins to pleasure him...