Who's your favorite ghostbuster?

Pic related, it's the ghostbusters.

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Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters 2

The fat one. Mainly because of the lard.

Dick More-Anus in Nut Busters 2

Would you make a 2 hour sextape with Leslie Jones if you were rewarded with a blank check to fund a film or television project?

You have to kiss her on the mouth and go down on her

the lesbian one or the Wiig one


Hey. Mongo started another thread like all his other threads!
He's so funny!*
*not funny and a cunt


>it's the sony shill from a few days ago trying a new approach episode

>implying there's something wrong with chatting about ghostbusters

The same trick won't work again, friendo

That dykey looking blonde one is kind of hot. Any pictures of her tits?

I'm pretty excited for warcraft desu but other than that I don't give crap about summer movies this year

She's a lesbo in real life, someone post that clip of her getting forcibly orgasmed on a talk show by a porn star

this can't be real

Egon duh.

Yes and I'd fund all female Ghostbusters 2

My favorite Ghostbuster is the sexy one, of course ;)

Nina Hartley takes no prisoners, apparently even fellow female porn stars were really sad when she retired

More like Shegon amirite

Daily reminder that Kate McKinnon is the true patrician's choice.

Kate is beautiful and pure.

I think I'm in love...

She's a dyke.
By default, she is a degenerate.

>black tie on a black shirt
I know lesbians are supposed to have terrible fashion sense, but come on!

She fucking kills me every time I watch this

I'm a girl.

Sure you are.

I love that skit. She's also good in these two

You know the rules.


well that was cringeworthy. congratulations.

She could be a girl. You don't know.