Leave capeshit to me, boys

Leave capeshit to me, boys

A stands for Allah

>Captain Allah-Ackbar

Captain poo in loo


more like cpt.9/11

>the savest hands are our own

He looks like a Sikh, not a Muslim. And, if anything, Sikhs actually hate Muslims.

>He looks like a Sikh, not a Muslim

There's literally no difference

>There's literally no difference
>yurocuck education
Sikhs are bros, muslims and hindu a shit

Who cares, sikhs can fuck off too.

America is finally being progressive I see.

both are shitskins

Fucking racist pigs

Hes a sikh you dipshit!

what's wrong with being a pig? you some kind of speciest?

>sikhs are brotier meme

Pigs are filthy beasts, infidel.


guys check out my meme:

is that captain britain?

Is that Captain Britain? Why did he steal Steve's suit?

you 2 blind or something? is captain britain

>Leave streetshit to me, boys