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Post a grid of your 9 fav movies and give recs to others

If you want to make one, use bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php ( square format ) or ipiccy.com/ ( keeps the cinematic ratio )

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where tf is everyone

perfect timing though as im free for the rest of the night

you watched anything good recently OP?

Also today's theme is a chart from a relative or someone you know, so if you've got one post it in addition to your usual one.

ill ask my brother now

>tfw I got nobody to ask

takes some time for people to come, especially when the post image is blank.
Most of the stuff i watched recently was underwhelming. I did watch Sunrise ~a week ago that was real nice tho. What about you ?

Hey man can you answer my question from yesterday thread please, it got archived too soon


ino but theres normally atleast 1 or 2 posts

nice, you watched any of his other films?

i rec tabu (my personal fav)

what question was that family?

here's the chart for my dad

Yep, saw nosferatu and city girl.


weird taste

nice, i'd definitely go through whatever of his films you can

shit taste m8


Why ?

>Sup Forums
Seriously though, you know you done goofed when you hate on inception instead of interstellar.
And the thing is, its ranked from top left to bottom right, inception is my second favourite film.

interstellar is a million times better than inception.

Do you like mekas/garrel/guerin?
They were all acquaintances of akerman
I think that's pretty cool
It's such a shock she killed herself at 60

just trying to have my fav of each genre, rec a better horror movie

oh yeah, sorry about that i fell asleep

i love all three (mekas the most) but again its mostly for personal reasons, what about you?

its a such what happened to her but she had her reasons

here are some horror films

I love the three too much to be honest
But mekas warms my heart too much
Although the best filmmaker is JLG out of the three

Also can you please rec me something to watch tonight?
Literally anything
I've been rewatching French new wave films for like the past 4 days
But really rec me anything

i agree with what you said about mekas and guerin, alot of mekas' work reminds me of korines

would you rather a new wave film then?
i'd suggest something like wedding in blood or just before nightfall by chabrol (such an overlooked director)

if not ive been revisiting some works by paul clipson recently, if you haven't watched his work then i'll suggest that

I haven't heard of him, could you annex his imdb page please?
I'd like to stay away from French film for a while I think...

Shit I made a very good chart for el sur (imo) but I forgot to send it to my phone
Guess I'll post it when I get home

i dont think he has one lol, heres his mubi page mubi.com/cast/paul-clipson

i'm looking forward to this chart now, never seen one by erice

Yeah it was weird I couldn't find anything on him, but thanks I'll check his work

Enjoy my erice chart

don't worry
the thread is bumped

have you seen 2001 a space odyssey?

Here's mine






recs for my dad?

any linklater?

do you watch pro starcraft?
guy in the top left looks like Jaedong

What's top right ?

kung pow

Here's my younger brother's. He insisted I put Band of Brothers in there.

Whats top left? I dont remember.

you two seen any Stephen Dwoskin? he hung around with those guys as well, and just might be my favourite filmmaker of the bunch

Shutter Island

My grandpa's chart
have never watched anything from him, but if i recall correctly he was closer to Mekas' brother Adolfas than to Jonas
what's your chart?

You have an impressive knowledge senpai, how many films do you watch per week on average ?

Also just saw Le bonheur, it was really nice

thanks senpai

use to watch about 15+

only about 8/9 because coursework and filming

i have but not all of his work, have you seen his film dirty? that and a few others are some popular ones that i haven't watched

where is your chart fampai it'd be nice to discuss some films

That's probably right. In any case, both Mekas and Akerman really appreciated his work. If you're interested, I couldn't recommend Central Bazaar or Dyn Amo enough.

Mine is pic related

just realized that i had already watched Central Bazaar, weird...
are you into exp cinema? i could rec if you'd like
btw nice chart, Naruse doesn't get enough love
how do you feel about Ozu/Kore-eda?

What's top mid ?


great to see herz on there aswell, not a popular director on here


heres my brothers chart, give him recs

bumping before i go to sleep

anyone got any recs for horror/sci fi films

he should watch some mann if he hasn't

Titles? I only recognize Stray Dog.

What's top left?

Wild Flower
Death By Hanging
Sray Dog

Johny Got His Gun
Johny Guitar

The Important Man
The Hunt
There Was a Father