I wish they would make movies with this same message for black youth

I wish they would make movies with this same message for black youth

All the dramas I've seen with a majority black cast usually end in a gang-beating or drive-by.

Art imitates life?

>do what a cop says and don't be a dumbass


"And remember to take out the cameras before you rob a convenience store and violently assault the owner son"

>have to break it down and explain to a kid how not to be a dumbass

If you have to do this you failed as a parent tbqh

'Thanks for the talk Mom. Can I take my realistic bb gun with the orange cap removed when I go out tonight?'
'No problem there'

>and pick up some of those skittles, swisher sweets and Arizona tea's that ya step daddy like so much

To be fair, that white guy who killed the cop with his assault rifle after being pulled over would've been dead as soon as he didn't take his hands out of his pockets were he black.

all that applies to everyone, white, honorary whites and asians alike

>black father
>talking to his son

black fantasy general?

life imitates art

>lift into your pocket to pull out an unidentified object infront of police
RIP nigglet


Why is image trying to demonize telling a kid to obey the police and not run from/assault them? If more niggers got this talk less would die.

>do what the policeman says. don't run away.
>this isn't right
I really hope this was some anti-nigger meta meme made by racists. There is no way niggers can be this retarded

Meanwhile your parents are nice enough to still let you use their basement.

This is shit only a nigger needs to learn.

non-criminals don't fucking freak out and run when they see a cop.

normal people just say hi and carry about our business.

Isnt this how all people are expected to act around pigs?

I love the portraits of black men in the background, both in positions trying to portray deep thought. Subtle/10, great artwork!


nah, any empowered, socially isolated, armed body should make anyone nervous.

Of course acting like "do what the man with the gun says" is a racial issue is retarded.

>why do they have to make it a race issue?
>fucking niggers are so stupid

>popular black culture teaches black youth to hate/mock police
>act like its the police's fault when black youth does stupid shit and gets shot


>butthurt faggot nigger criminal detected

Don't hate just because my parents are still together and could afford to buy their own house instead of renting from some slum lord. I'm not your enemy Lavardrius. It's not my fault your parents failed to impart valuable life lessons.

Yeah pretty much, most human subspecies have the IQ to work it out themselves by that age though.


Listen nigger, just because you can't help but to break every law and are convinced that the entirety of the system is out to get you and your dindu muffins, doesn't mean law abiding citizens with nothing to fear from them can't treat them with respect.


>Someone actually spent the time to make that image

Anyone have the meme that white people are killed by the police more?

>someone actually spent time to make that post

>it's another racewar thread on Sup Forums

What a stupid fucking message

In real life situations when a police officer is giving instructions you don't listen to them. You act all wild and aggressive and pretend to have a gun and move towards the officer aggressively.

This picture is portraying the opposite of what happens.

>anyone who disagress with me is [racial group i don't like]

you seem like an intelligent and rational individual

>someone actually spent time to reply to that post

a meme is not a fucking image with text you goddamn mongoloid

>i have an irrational fear of the police
so do you

You know how every racial group has people, socially wayward and young, who constantly try and antagonize the police and play the victim card? Like their justification for breaking the law is that the police were probably going to arrest them anyway for dindunuffin and the true reason they stole a twelvepack from the cornershop was actually a form of protest against the government, despite almost always being on government benefits.
African Americans base their whole fucking cultural identity around that shit and treasure it. Their kids grow up in that mindset.

It's easier to blame someone else and get that sweet sweet media pity than to actually improve yourself.

Police are overworked and underpaid below-average IQ people with guns and permission to use them.

If you aren't cautious around police, you are an idiot.

>obvious nigger criminal with obvious fear of the police

only edgy white teens who just started smoking pot and black criminals have such paranoia and hatred for the police.

There's a difference between being "cautious" and acting outright like a hood thug. If you straight up hate and disrespect them and harass and beat them and then cry when they retaliate or do their fucking job, you are an even bigger idiot.

"Listen son, it's time I explained something so you don't die out there. The cops, they're actually, how do I say this? They're actually law enforcement officers. I know, I know, it's crazy right? All your life we've taught you to hate the cops, when this whole time they were doing a job done around the world across civilizations and time, whereby certain members of our society are entrusted to upload the laws that our nations people expect to be enforced. I'm not using too many long words am I son? Just put the knife down for a moment and keep listening a little longer. You see, if a cop tells you to do something, it's best to listen, otherwise they have a good reason to suspect you're committing a crime. Son, stop laughing, sit down, look it makes sense when you think about it, because those people across town who actually aren't committing crimes at night, they don't have anything to worry about. So next time the police tell you to stop, you stop, that way they won't immediately know you're about to kill them."


Its a complicated situation. Thugs like traytray and Mike Brown deserved the full mag but Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, etc really dindu nuffin and were murdered

There isn't a difference between caution and fear, though.

>tell children there's a high chance cops will kill them
>expect them to act rationally around cops


This is something ground breaking for the negro brain

That family is getting like 4 million from the state. Sonetimes i feel like nigger parents let their kids suicide by cop on purpose

The image shows their entire house and all their possessions though.

Because white parents don't have to have this talk with their kids.

White parents don't talk to their kids period.

Why is this album about oppression against black youths by the police when they admit to being criminals? They're literally making it worse for other black kids.

Not to mention the sexism and homophobia. Not Tumblr sexism and homophobia, actual sexism and homophobia.

Shouldn't these guys be in jail?

You bootlickers are insane. Yeah, just be a lawful citizen, if you have nothing to hide, if you aren't doing anything wrong, then chill, there's nothing to fear. And don't forget: keep always proudly saying you're '''''free''''.

Gray did what many crimmies do, busted himself up so cops get blamed.
Garner was a morbidly obese man in poor health. You think cops don't hear I can't breathe or you're hurting my wirsts all the time?
Rice was a little idiot who pulled out a convincing toy gun, had he done the same to a person with ccw or a gangbanger, he would've been shot too.
Same thing happened to Crawford.

Because white culture does not glorify crime (Russians don't count) also blacks who come from rich dads with 20 + mill in the bank still find shit to complain about "we have nothing to lose but our chains" my ass

There is a difference though. A very fine one. That you can't see that tells me all I need to know about you and then some.

>(Russians don't count)
Hey, get fucked.

> white culture does not glorify crime

The difference is an internal one, and irrelevant to the bodies demanding fear and subservience.

Niggers are dumb.


>entrusted to upload the laws
damn nigga what do you do when you can't get a signal?

>tfw watched a buddy casually talk his way out of an aggrivated DWI and then some
>tfw naturally able to talk and lie to officers without breaking a sweat
>tfw technically held a loaded shotgun on an officer half my size, in my own house, surrendered said weapon (long fucking story) and the officer thanked me and said to have a good day

feels good to be white

That message actually applies to all Americans though lmao, I'm glad my country's police force isn't composed of violent lunatics. There's still teenagers though that say fuck the police, because they're trying to be edgy.

>be portuguese
>be half black
>its 2 am
>park your car in a decent neighborhood
>police pulls over
>as they are getting out of the car i open my trunk
>take my bags
>hi there kid, license and registration
>here sir, sry for opening my trunk
>sry for what? we are the ones bothering you good night user
Both shake my hands and leave

Only one of them did. Rappers have always been about posturing. That's why they weren't arrested.

The ones who have actually done shit (Biggie, Jay-Z, Pusha T) either give that up to focus on music money or go back to it and loose everything (DMX, Chief Keef).

I don't get what you're saying. I'm supposed to hate the cops because they arrest retarded criminals?

If you're going to fuck someone, fuck them big. Don't fuck them small and don't talk about fucking them. Meanwhile, nod your head, do as they say and dondu nuffin'. That way you can come home alive and continue your plan for fucking them big.

>sry for what?

>intense irrational fear and paranoia

Are you the same retard who thinks caution and fear are the same thing?

same but the blond female cop gives me my complementary white privilege blowjob

Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks

>casually hangs a picture of Martin Luther King Jr in their house

>tfw your high as shit at the gas station getting cigs
>cop rolls in
>officer is a grl
>kinda qt
>she gets out to go inside
>smile and throw her a wave/head nod
>she smiles back shyly
>so qt
>driver didn't see me wave at her, is now freaked out wondering why the fuck this cop just smiled at us
>tfw no copfu qt3.14 gf

there is no face

Why would anyone be afraid of a cop? I've been stopped before and it was over and done with in like 5 minutes because I'm not one of those fucktards like you see on YouTube that impede the process by yelling about MUH RIGHTS and I DONT HAVE TO TELL YOU NUFFIN. Unless they get pushy and assholeish first it just makes you look like a fuckstick.

of course, they also go to black church with aunt madea and the black barbershop where they talk about Billy Dee Williams and other iconic black people most of whom white people have never heard about.who is on the right?

become a badge bunny

Lmao, freddie gray had his neck snapped from a rough ride

The tamir rice cop put himself in danger so he could shoot someone, same thing with the crawford cop

Eric Garner was fat but that was a chokehold despite what authoritarian statist shills claim, and it was unnecessary to resort to violence because someone said "dont touch me, please"

>Because white culture does not glorify crime

The Ghetto culture LITERALLY stems from the culture of the Scotts who inhabited the deep south. The freed blacks adopted it and took it to the cities during the work migrations of the great Wars. The northern blacks were decent folk until they were outnumbered and lumped in with the southern niggers.

The ancient Scots and modern black culture share the same traits.
>Prideful boasting
>Sexual licentiousness
>Might makes right
>hate towards occupying force (Police/British)
>Lazy Poverty: Unwillingness to improve one's station in life
>Energy expended in the pursuit of tempoy pleasures

Keep licking the boot of your corporate masters.

>not being a sovereign citizen
Enjoy not wasting your time and money to prove a point, bootlicker.

>tell their son not to attack cops or run from them
>somehow make it "woe is me" bullshit
fucking niggers.


is that Thomas Sowell's theory?

also, the Romans were right. Build a wall.


Are you some kind of superhero?? Alternate universe man! You have no idea what would have happened, it seems that officer would have taken a whole lotta shit from people.


>the scottish are the same as blacks

Jesus fucking christ

Scots actually contributed to the world with shit like penicillin, insulin, telephones etc etc. The fuck have Blacks done?

'And remember you dindonuffin'

>black dad

Yeah. He provided a lot of evidence prior to the migrations of the Southern blacks to the cities. The living situations were integrated, there was very little racism due to the Abolitionist movement aftermath.

Much like the hatred to the late 1800's Russian Jews in New York, racism only ever happens due to a disruptive force that changes public perception of a group to the populace.

not all blacks are from Africa and not all are dependents of slaves. hell more and more come from Briton and south africa but still go on about muh oppression

>The fuck have Blacks done?

smear themselves in shit

don't you watch black hitlers youtube channel,MTV or and other shows were they go on about how whites stole everything from blacks

>If a police officer stops you

I made that image and I'm British.

I understand America is completely different and a social shithole.

But it's still funny.

*smacks lips*
So lemme get this str8......

>get rid of a child you probably had by mistake and never gave a fuck about to begin with
>no more extra mouth to feed, paying for school and clothes or any of that
>government showers you in money
>get to play the victim card for the rest of your life

it's a pretty solid plan desu. suicide by white person, preferably cop.


>literally a fucking Sup Forums thread
>all those Sup Forumscuck tourists biting OP's bait