>760.3 million USD


Glau should be Domino!

Guess who's going to be popping into every X-men movie now instead of Hugh Jackman.

But she's a bad actress. And ugly.


>need to be a good actor to be in capeshit
see the cast of apocalypse minus Fass, macovoy, burne, and isaac

Morena Baccarin is hot. Glau looks like her face was pressed against the side of the test tube for too long, and has no tits/ass.

Liking Glau, who has the body of a boy, is more gay.

Jennifer Lawrence?

Well Sup Forums thinks capeshit doesn't need good actors and Glau is still kind of pretty to me at least, plus she'd be down for all the physical stuff required.

how much they invested? 60mio?

better looking than half the people they cast like turner and lawrence

neck game strong

50 million budget, no idea if there was additional for marketing but boy did they use it to their full advantage

Nah, they're gonna keep Deadpool separate but equal. He would not fit in the core line X-Men films.


probably 150-250 mil on marketting

>The film has broken numerous box office records and became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, the highest grossing X-Men film, and the third-highest grossing film of 2016.

Highest grossing X-Men film. Think about that. More than the main series. More than the Wolverine spin-offs.

This was just a modest budget super hero film that they think would just make a minor profit and be forgotten about.

>no idea if there was additional for marketing
They spam shit on facebook and twitter. It does not cost much.
Also this.
>smaller release
>one reddit-tier character
>destroyed domestically three american icons
>almost beat them up in international boxoffice

Ryan Reynolds looking at a massive paycheck.

He was born for the role and the movie was enjoyable.

Not bad. That's some Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity profit.

come on now... Fox even cut the budget of the movie during production because they had no faith in it

>probably 150-250 mil on marketting

Any source on that though? From what they say FOX treated this movie's creation like a red headed stepchild, where would they have gotten an additional 250 million?

and that's without the china market

It's not WB and BvsDoJ. Deadpol did not have marketing budget four of five times larger that budget for making fucking movie.

yeah that sounds feasible, first Fox cuts the budget of the movie by about 10 million, making them have to rewrite one of the action scenes, then they give them 5 times the budget of the movie for marketing

you should work at WB

Spending three times the budget on marketing isn't really that crazy. It's pretty common nowadays. But I'd say the marketing budget was closer to around 100 mil.

Marketing is why a movie like BvS is seen as a financial disappointment. Totaled up they probably spent at least 5-6 hundred million with budget and marketing. The profit margin on Deadpool is way better.

The marketing was the only good part of this movie.

Why does Sup Forums hate Deadpool?
>hardmode: don't say reddit

I didn't think it was hilarious, but it was really refreshing to have a small scale, self aware capeshit movie that embraced the schlock

Action wasn't too bad either

It's style of humor was very juvenile. Action not being "too bad" doesn't mean anything when cape flicks are printed out every quarter that all have similar mindless action scenes.

nah, it was probably closer to 4 billion

see, i can pull numbers out of my ass as well

capeshit is juvenile, if you don't like it why watch it?

don't except Schindler's List when you go see capeshit

it wasn't funny
It wasn't self aware

The movie is good for the first twenty minutes then it becomes average capeshit with quips.

hopefully the sequel takes more chances. They played it way to safe in this one but now they know it will make money they can truly make a capeshit parody film

>making only a hundred grand less than hyped up shit.
>on a shoestring budget

fuck me,
ryan reynolds is a rich fuck.

>it wasnt self aware

the entrie point of the fucking movie is to be self aware you cockfucker

>It's style of humor was very juvenile.
No more than things like Family Guy or Always Sunny. Like I said, it was refreshing to have a capeshit character that isn't a PG-13 good guy who never swears. He's a degenerate man child with a 12 year old's sense of humor and that's why I like it

>Action not being "too bad" doesn't mean anything when cape flicks are printed out every quarter that all have similar mindless action scenes.
It was better than those mindless action scene CGI fuckfests. Most of it (excluding the bridge) was simple beating people up, no explosions every two seconds.

What should they have done differently exactly to be more self-aware?

>No more than things like Family Guy or Always Sunny
oh ok. It is comparable to Family Guy. That really helps your argument!

You just KNOW

Sup Forums isn't one person, I didn't hate it. I'm not going to go buy a Deadpool t-shirt or anything but it was an enjoyable night out at the theater watching an action comedy capeshit movie.

It's very much 'heh' the movie. You watch it...chuckle a few times...then go home. There's nothing hateable about it.

are you on drugs

I think it vibes with the Family Guy audience, yes.
My point was is that it isn't too dissimilar from most comedies this age, so not that "childish" compared to it's contemporaries.

Also when did everyone stop liking childish, vulgar humor? If it's funny it's funny, I don't think comedy NEEDS to be about higher adult concepts.

Pretty much my consensus on the humor of it.
I really don't understand the vehement anger towards it, when it's basically the same thing as whatever is on Adult Swim or Comedy Central.

Airplane! is probably my favorite comedy, and it has a pair of huge bouncing tits as a gag and a sex doll blow job.

I don't understand how people could not find that shit funny.

Lads, can you please tell me why can't I have a gf like Morena?

>that face
>that smile
>that everything

She a cheating whore though

>cheating whore dumps chad guy for a manlet
Is this real life?

,493,483 vs 761,671,428
>>only a hundred grand less

Gotta check your math, pal.

>nu-Sup Forums
glauposting never forget


>chad guy

Was he though?

She has a Michael Jackson nose but I like her boobs.

I'm conflicted.

>Smart enough to shave your head when you go bald.
>Can't trim your weird goatee before a night out.

Like what the fuck?

>Chad and Chad'Son are both sucking on her milky tits rn


>hover hand

>narration is breaking the 4th wall

If it was self aware it wouldn't have spent half its run time on a cliched superhero origin story that no one wanted.

give it jokes as seen in such films as spaceballs/blazing saddles/naked gun and or DarkPlace

Instead of jokes seen in such shows as family guy.
A reference isn't a joke.
I'm not saying none of it was funny but it has a bad ratio of jokes that work and jokes that flop (did I leave the oven on) and spends too much time on a flashback that was completely unnecessary

more pls

>there are people who believe in this

I'd hallow her Ori if you know what I mean.

Even I don't know what I mean.


>"why don't you like it?"
>"because this"

kys retard

>reddit-tier character

Why is it that back in 2008 when I posted on Sup Forums everyone thought deadpool was the superhero personification of Sup Forums?

>glau joins Deadpool
>entire x-men Universe cancelled

That's before there was a successful movie about him.

Because it was retroactively reddit if you disagree you're from reddit, don't make me downvote you *holds up spork* Sup Forums is shit

Now you know why I've been trying to force the reddi/tv/irgin me-me

Because Sup Forums was reddit all along!


holy fucc her neck is lewd

>implying this would be bad