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I've created a monster with my REPTILE meme :^)


superior video game coming by

Hipster MK



Can we get some more based Christopher Lambert facts?

>Lambert has profound myopia and cannot see without his glasses. Because he cannot wear contact lenses, he is often forced to act while virtually blind. This has led to injuries while performing his own stunts without glasses.


Only simpletons don't choose pic related


That is not goro fucking her so hard her ovaries explode, her pelvis shatters and her eyes pop out of her head

Highlander truly was starred by absolute bros.

>Clancy Brown was allergic to the neck make up, but insisted on wearing it anyway for the sake of the film
>Lambert fought several sword fights while practically blind.

>Lambert fought several sword fights while practically blind.

damn son

>dem early faps
oh the memories

>While auditioning for the part of Raiden in Mortal Kombat, Christopher Lambert wore prosthetics and make up to appear to be a Chinese man. He showed up for the first day of filming without them on, but the director was so impressed with his ruse that Lambert was allowed to keep the part.

Said this in the other thread, but for a modern mortal kombat movie I would personally make it a prequel where liu is getting trained by bo, and bo is played by Steven segal.

who the fuck is bo?

A drunken master archetype

Bo Rai Cho is his Shaolin mentor, made appearances in a few games.

Here's where you belong, pleb
Why spoonfeed?

Fuck off.
The original Reptile theme in the first movie is 100x better.

because we're not on Sup Forums, and it's an understandable question given that it related to the games, rather than the movies.


Because this is Sup Forums, not a videogame board where you're supposed to know everything about the games.

Get the pleb outta here

Personally, I tend to advise using a little-known function of the Google website that enables a person to search the entire internet for relevant information.
>Implying spoonfeeding is acceptable outside Sup Forums
Sure is Reddit in here

Sure thing, Sup Forums.