Give me a movie that will make me cry

Give me a movie that will make me cry.

Prefered 50s-70s period

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Paris, Texas

yasss, I was planning to watch this for a long time, thankie, but if I won't cry...

Here ya go:

is it cheap? poster looks suspicious
and yes, I judge movies by a poster, same with books

I'm an American male so I've been conditioned pretty hard not to cry

but Nights of Cabiria, Passion of Joan of Arc, and Inherent Vice all got me recently


Check out your home movies, bro

Christ, you're so stupid. Go back to your home board

care to elaborate?

How about Alice in den St├Ądten?

I suppose it means you are another blockbuster tourist.

i'm not

Thanks guys for all the movies, in a few minutes I'll start watching paris, texas and rest of them saved for upcoming days

man, it does look fuckin cheap
dime a dozen 70s romance picture with an cheap looking recolored poster

can't tell if i'm looking at a fiction film or a christian self help vhs

>apocalypse now 5 stars
>12 angry men anything but 1 star
>celine and julie go boating .5 stars
>le notte 2.5 stars
>stalker 2.5 stars
>three colors blue 1.5 stars
>>death grips a positive rating

this is just embarrassing , why would you have this publicly available

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

0.5 star
try harder

>not giving Death Grips a positive rating

I know you listened to a couple of songs once on YouTube and didn't get it, but you need to try harder, son. TPTB is 0/10.