Can we have a LOST thread, lads?

Can we have a LOST thread, lads?

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I will never not be upset about

>Jacob being some supernatural Jesus figure
>the MiB existing
>smokey being the MiB
>Eko dying early on
>Locke dying instead of being the end boss
>some japanese sage sitting in a temple being wise

why did it have to jump the shark?

jesus how did they fuck up so badly?
Locke and Eko dying trigger me the most but while the death of Eko came because of the actor playing him leaving(I think), Locke's death was pure fucking up

Stop watching when the hatch blows up and you get all of that shit gone while experiencing the peaks of the show

>Material applications
Material applications of what?

>the death of Eko came because of the actor playing him leaving
this really upsets me for some reason. what kind of cunt signs up for playing a role in a big tv show and then decides that it's not to his liking and quits after 1 season? He wouldn't even come back for the finale.

They should have recast him desu

I will never not be upset that there were no answers and I wasted years of my life and hundreds of dollars on this trash

you are fucking stupid

season 2 was the peak imo. all around fantastic with plot surrounding the button, the introduction of Linus, Desmond and Eko.
Psalm 21 is a fantastic episode too.

>jesus how did they fuck up so badly?
they didnt, Lost was excellent from start to finish. Im sorry your idea of the show didnt pan out. But they had to pick a direction to go.

I know, smart people would never have been fooled by lost in the first place

I'm not mad about the ending, which I thought was perfectly fine. But how they got there? idk senpai, all the time travel bullshit, island moving and first civilization bullfuckery just ruined it for me.

Eko Dying was easily the worst part of the show. He was just such an excellent character both in concept and execution. A shame the actor hated being on the show so much.

are you FUCKING serious?
fuck your contrarian shit.

>half the season is wasted on tailies who are ALL killed off and became completely irrelevant once the camps united
>charlie becomes an annoying twat
>its a charlie baptizes the baby episode

season 1 and 5 are far the best and most coherent. season 3 has the best high points.

>A shame the actor hated being on the show so much.
it's beyond me why they couldn't recast a character so essential to the plot.

Why wasn't Jacob just some time travelling mastermind instead? They already established time travel in season 5, and they hinted at it long before that. So why not go that route? At least that would have given an answer to how he knew things. The origin episode makes no sense at all and is just a bunch of nonsense thrown together.

If he'd have been Faraday 2.0 I would have honestly been fine with it. Some megalomaniac that had the ability to jump back and forth in time.

Obviously there would have to be more to it than that, but at least take that path when it came to how he achieved what he did.

I liked the show but it doesn't matter anymore when it became undeniable that they didn't really have story but made it up as they went along. Alcatraz was even more insulting because they tried to do it another time.

And the actors all just wanted to live on Hawaii and phoned it in.

not being a contrarian here, the parts you pointed out annoyed me too.
But I really enjoyed the button subplot and Ben Linus sowing dissent among the Losties' leaders.
S2 also introduced Desmond and Eko, which I both like a lot.

You're crazy. Season 2 was a big misstep full of awful filler that was perked up to look important when it never lead to anything or served the story any purpose whatsoever.

Season 2 introduced some of the best lore to the entire show. But the season is highly flawed and drags on so much.


It just usually boils down to crybabies crying about the ending and the fact that the show actually bothered to progress beyond its initial status quo.

It's a fantastic show tarnished by its awful fanbase.

>It's a fantastic show tarnished by its awful writing in the later seasons.
there you go

The season 5 ending is honestly a better note to go out on than the 6th season was. It quite literally came full circle and had it ended on the white flash, we'd have to make up our own mind of what happened, if they landed safely and no crash happened, or if they caused the incident that lead them to crash in the first place.

It's not the best ending ever, but I'd take that over that church shit.

>But they had to pick a direction to go.

shame they then had to change it seventeen times

>But they had to pick a direction to go.
if only it wasn't the time travelling, magic first civilization direction

so it turned out that he was just a vehicle for the MiB, which is lame. What would you rather have had him be?

I have no problem with letting the watcher decide how to interpret the events of a show within certain boundaries, or if you are honest about it being pointless besides that, but at least I want to know the writer thought about the meaning himself and that there's a reasoning behind whatever happened. Even if I'm not told directly. Just making things up without any thought at all, or rather them pretending that there's some meaning or final pay off when there isn't, is the insulting part. Fuck them!

They were all in limbo is just one step above it was all a dream. Lazy as shit. And Abrams the little weasel knew it from the beginning, that's why he left the sinking ship in time.

I wanted him to be an angel.

I wish the 1970s Dharma storyline was a full season. Waste no time with all the jumping around in time that they did for the first half and just send them straight to the 70s and show us them living with the dharma folk of the time. Give more time to build up the existence of the Swans building site, The Orchid, other dharma experiments, get some good episode that is set around the production of one of the orientation videos that Pierre Chang stars in, I know we got a little of that but not enough.

Honestly it was the best part of season 5 and it just didn't last long enough.

>They were all in limbo
but they weren't. everything that happened was real, except for the flash sideways. How many times have we been over this?

So where did they go at the end when the church closed the doors?

'they moved on'
yes, the flash sideways showed them ina limbo-state of being, but that was only after all the island stuff already happened. which si why they remember it at the end.

>time travel
Glad I noped the fuck out of LOST, I hear it turned into quite the shitshow

Why was there a magic cork again?


Maybe he was worried about his career stagnating if he went from a regular part of an ensemble in Oz to a regular part of an ensemble on Lost.

Also weren't there lots of short-term characters in the show? You've got your core regulars, then a rotating cast of short-termers with a single arc to tell.

Time travel stuff was actually pretty entertaining, I mean it's a telltale sign of how farce it all got later down the line, but it wasn't terrible. Season 6 is the real sinner.

To be honest. That episode where they found the truck and the beers in the woods was the best episode.

There was a great comic that summed up the complete fuckup the plot had. It basically went like this
>the island has so many mysteries
>It begins with a strange man named Ethan
>This man comes from a group called the "Others", who's leader is a man named Ben
>From Ben, they meet a strange and eternally youthful man, Richard
>he was gifted his eternal youth by an omnipient, god-like man called jacob
>Jacob was given this power by his mother, when she makes him "protector of the island"
>mother dies before it's ever explained who she is or where SHE got the power from
It was just one massive long dead end

I could have done without the amazing epilogue. I still want to see more from that time and what they would have done to get Michael back and why...


I don't think it was an dead end rather than a magic box within a magic box within a magic box. Or the equivalent to a kid writing and then and then and then and then...

>tfw I finished the series for the first time the other day and now I feel empty
Hold me bros


They fucked up the timeline with this character so much. Why they felt the need to show his birth in the 70s storyline I'll never know. Claiming this guy was supposed to be 27 at the time of the crash is just funny.

he lost both his parents that year and was handling it poorly. you can't blame a guy for wanting to be home with friends at a time like that instead of living in some hotel room in a city full of strangers.

true, but he had the opportunity to come back later as a "ghost" or whatever like several other characters did, but apparently he asked for a fuckload of money

unfortunately I can't find it
> Or the equivalent to a kid writing and then and then and then and then...
well exactly, except there was no conclusion which is bitterly disappointing

I've been rewatching it and I'm about to be done with it too. It'll leave a huge hole after it's over, gonna miss watching this every day.

looks like Ashton Kutcher

somehow it satisfies me that his career never amounted to anything after lost.

Lost jumped the shark when they decided the island's mysteries had a different cause than Dharma fuckery.

true. though I would have liked it if they just hinted at Jacob being an ominous, conscious presence on the island.

who /durn/ here?

>"I wish you had believed me"

Post yfw Sup Forums will never go back to the LOST mystery golden age threads

I'm definitely not mad about time traveling, quantum things because it's still a blur subject for scientists therefore it always gets my attention. At least I was hopeful for a semi-scientific explanation for what's happening in the island. That's why I loved season 5. For me, it's the season 6 where it jumped the shark completely. Instead of fucking our minds with quantum stuff, they went full metaphysic matters, religion bullshit. Pff.

>tfw damon lindelof became the showrunner of The Leftovers
>mfw he rused me into watching a show without answers; AGAIN

The Leftovers is pretty good though. I enjoyed it.

This is probably one of the best scenes from the show. I wish we got more of Sawyer and Jack working together.

>Cause you're about the closest thing I've got to a friend, Doc




i was thinking about maybe streaming all of lost, just maybe. Sept 22nd maybe. Planning on a basic website with a video stream and a chat. 1 or 2 episodes a night every week at regular times, so we can all band together and enjoy LOST

how would that sound?

I'd like that a lot

Should have ended the show at the end of Season 4, would have spared everyone the pain

are those the talismans from jackie chan adventures?

Dharma Initiative prequel/anthology/monster-of-the-week series when?

Would have been cool to see more battles between the Dharma people and the Others

Id cut my dick off too see lost again with Sup Forums

may get something going, keep an eye out on Sup Forums in august and sept for LOST threads and infomation

would be fun but the show is too long to do it consistently methinks

When did Kate get tits

What were your favorite 10 episodes Sup Forums?

>Through The Looking Glass 1,2
>Exodus 1,2,3
>Live Together, Die Alone 1,2
>Deus Ex Machina
>The Constant
>The Man Behind The Curtain
>Pilot 1,2
>The Incident 1,2
>There's No Place Like Home 1,2,3

BASED Flashes Before Your Eyes no. 1

Really underrated episode, one of Desmond's best.

>You're all dead, we're in hell

Confused Richard was best Richard

The show did this too much, too much baiting with pretentious dialogue that imposes something incredibly threatening or shocking and then it never lead to anything at all.

Feels insulting when rewatching the show.

>It's a Richard episode


genuinely spooky

We'll always have seasons 1-4 in our hearts, bro.

She always had them.



>not even holding it by the handle
what a fucking pro

This scene was really well executed. Really made that cabin a character of its own, really ominous and mysterious.

his constant companion

>H E L P M E


he also had insane fighting skills for some reason

Why are they so shiny bros?


This show had the most autistic OC


2008 was a weird year

I kind of want to go back.

>>the MiB existing
Fuck off, he's the only sane person in the whole series despite being a mass murderer (though his fucktard of a brother killed much more people indirectly).


The rest of y'all know...



Speaking of grabbing Kates tits, watch the season 2 finale again. The dock scene. Watch when Alex goes to pick up kate.

What do you think the island was like with Hurley and Ben running things?