What makes Breaking Bad such an amazing series? Give me your opinion on this, please!

What makes Breaking Bad such an amazing series? Give me your opinion on this, please!

hello AMC researcher

Breaking Bad is fucking pleb trash

One of the few series that I feel like you can literally upvote by watching it.

Nah, I'll pass

Walt was pretty relatable, kinda felt for his plight of being shit on, being so intelligent yet having nothing to show for it. His internal battles were very relatable but I couldn't identify with Jesse to save my life. Walt was the only reason to watch.

Some people say they don't like Breaking Bad just to be integrated into Sup Forums. I actually really liked it.

White main characters that blow brown people the fuck out both literally and in drug industry. There you go, AMC intern. That is the honest truth no one talks about.

Great actors, great main characters, nice plot.

>Walt was pretty relatable
t. psychopath

You must be dumb.


The concept, the directing was pretty good, and they got lucky with the actors


It really wasnt as great as people think it was. Lots of filler and shitty cliffhangers that lead to nothing.

That said, it was good, just not 10/10 masterpiece that people make it out to be.

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Third season was horrible. First two are pretty good tho. I dont know if i'm the only one but i've noticed that supporting characters you either love or hate supporting characters, there's no in between.


It's basically Reddit: The Show


desu I think it's one of the best shows ever made. Blah blah reddit tier whatever, the show is good. Great actors, directors, and writers, as well as a fucking outstanding plot. People who hate on it are usually just contrarians, or people who got hyped up too hard. Also, the ending was actually the best of any tv show I've ever seen.

Helo reddit.

Seasons 1 & 2 - Family hijinks. The concept of the show vibed with the booming drug epidemic in the U.S., as well as a kind of poke at the family dynamic of American homes, between Walt and Jesse symbolizing a sort of 80's/90's vs millennials contrast. So all parties watching had a side they related to. It was like a sitcom with a dark edge to it.

Season 3 - The series is still going strong but its writing is getting weaker, up until the end.

Season 4 - At this point the Sup Forums crowd jumped in and started hyping it as the next big thing, while the mainstream only kept watching it to see how dark Walt got. At this point the series has lost its luster and its all about how his story spirals out.

Season 5 - The series has overstayed its welcome, but everyone "is in too deep" to stop now, and they want to know the fate of Walter White (note; this is the proper use of that term, not to bash series you don't like). Except the tasteless Sup Forums crowd which are always a day late and a dollar short.

Well firstly the formula for the show is pretty good, putting these little bits of ultraviolence in-between scenes of mundane life, and the way it portrays tension is amazing too. It just does pretty much everything well, the acting, writing, cinematography and music are all absolutely on point, but I think the very most important and defining trait of Breaking Bad is the evolution of the characters. Everyone always mentions how as the show progresses, Walt goes from a family man, high school chemistry teacher to an absolute monster and a murderous drug king pin, but what many don't realize is that it's not just Walt that changes. Nobody is the same at the end of the show as they were at the start, and they all have good reasons for it too. I think there are some shows that have done some things as well or even better than Breaking Bad, but I don't think there is one show that did everything as well as Breaking Bad. The show is just damn near perfect.

Damn right dude! Never change.

Good supporting characters

>Skinny Pete
>Meth Demon