Should I just kill myself now

Let me know Sup Forums

WTF is going on in this world.

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You took a wrong turn into the Berestein Bears timeline.

It's alright though, just a bit longer and we'll get back to where we belong.

Honestly, there was never any reason to see the goddamn Power Rangers as having any artistic integrity or something. There was nothing to ruin.

I'm offering myself tonight. Fuck YOU Hollywood. FUCK you.

Makes me think though, how come they can never put a hero in tall boots and long gloves? Is it too cheesy looking?

>WTF is going on in this world.

The material apparatus of our perfected civilization is moving us towards a consumer-based monoculture.

Yes, while this is not cheesy at all.


Also, are those helmets open for their mouths? I know the originals had artificial lips but these look a lot more apparent as if it's the actual person

Leaked image of the new redesign of the White Ranger

Seems they are going all out with the edge

> Female body suits

Thats hawt

Wow you just drove this thread to the ground desu.

WTF were they thinking??



Leaked Image of next year's rangers

I think they should just cancel that fucking movie Sup Forums it will be the next Gods of Egypt.

They redesigned MMPR costumes to be not spandex and some cunts are having a Linkara tier autismal fanboy meltdown.


Thanks for proving my point.

It never made sense to have comered mouths that look like mouths, you either cover them, or keep them open.

>how you want the costumes homie
>we want the iron man audience
>got you b

Yellow ranger has some fat ass titties

They definitely needed a redesign. Not arguing that. But there's a point where you have to stop.

I guess they figured that to bring the purest 90s nostalgia, they should use 90s CGI.


All life is going to do is punish you for every day you haven't just killed yourself.

I think what you're all missing is that these are obviously only partial. Interviews talked about actors wanting to wear them. These are at worst only half of a digital/real costume.

Amy Jo looks like she wants to die.

They look like Iron Man armors.

They look like Iron Man took a shit on them.

>hey guys, that Iron Man guy is popular
>Yeah! Let's make the Power Rangers into Iron Man clones!
>We're so good at our jobs!
>blowjobs intensify

I fucking hate what capeshit has done.

>perfected civilization


It looks great?

You literally couldn't do any better.

You autism is interfering with your ability to adapt to change again.

I hate capeshit too man I created this thread.
My favorite movie is pic related.

The fact that you car so much about kid's shows is reason enough for you to remove yourself from the gene pool.

Do it.

>You literally couldn't do any better.

shut up dude

>No Green Ranger

Yeeeeeeeee dropped

He's right.

These costumes work.

Next movie. Rita's using the green ranger powers for now.

Do you prefer this spandex garbage that tears if you squat too far?

They actually made this fucking retarded idea of a new Power Rangers movie work to the point that not only retarded manchildren will enjoy it. Even Rita looks legit. This is some proper quality work

Isn't the secret spoiler that Rita is in fact a former power ranger? Since her suit matches it

You got taste and smarts Sendai.

That doesn't make as much sense as her just using Zordon's magitech against him.

Dawww, would be much cooler if she was a former power ranger gne rogue

Why? She'd just seem like a bitch angry at Daddy for not buying her My Eltar Pony.

>Do you prefer this spandex garbage that tears if you squat too far?

In certain ways, yes. These metal suits just look uncomfortable.

>Muh nostalgia
You think normie audiences would buy spandex as magitech alien armour...?


Take me back user, the mandela effect is ruining my life

>he thinks white ranger is superior to green ranger


The suits look fine, unlike the spandex suits, they do look like the suits are filled with some cosmic POWER, thus Power Rangers. And I like that it has a biotech appearence that remind me of carapeces on bugs, it gives the feel that the suit do "morph" upon their bodies