$400 for half hour. Worth it?

$400 for half hour. Worth it?

Hell I pad $50 euro in germany and had a blast. For $400 just go on a vacation. shit thats a ton of cash.

I think you should charge more bro, shes pretty nasty

obv no when u can get free bitches on any club

>$50 euro

No way

maybe 400 pajeet dollars.

if you actually paid this, you're a complete retard. She isn't even 100 dollar an hour attractive. She thrives on retarded cucks like you. Besides you'll probably blow your load 5 minutes into the session.

some more pics pls to help me make up my mind...

Easier said than done, plus they wont do whatever you want them to do.

For $0 you should be able to fuck her, beat her, kill her and throw her in a dumpster.

nope bitch, you can get hoes for much cheaper and with 400 you could have gotten a nice watch

nice one op, you did a dumb nigger move

id say it's a bit too much, what did you get for that? anal? Could you cum on her face?

no, 150 for an hour at best

its £40 in uk

If you're in your 40s, makes six figures and have a stock of Viagra that shit is totally worth it.

that is more expensive than the local rate here... where you at?

I went on Plenty of fish and got a nice looking chick for free
>Pic related

>mfw free and does what i say
>tfw all free

Get a bitch for $100/hr



hope she tossed your salad for that price

As long as you had a good time, who gives a fuck, right?

Bro nice looking hookers in LA are only $200 an hour. You are getting way ripped off. She has tiny titties and butter face


Yes I would pay $4 to cum in her

what kind of service did you get for that price? not having to use a condom?

What the fuck? 400??

well actually they will you just have to not be a fuckin beta

Is she giving a parsnip a hand job?

Not worth 400

No one is worth $400 for 30 mins. Not even Taylor swift

Why so expensive?

$400 for 1/2 hour?

Nope.Not a good deal.

Unless there was atm, cim/cof and she let you get rough with her while letting you film it.

$400 for an hour with msog, greek and cim/cof and she is really attractive is acceptable.

But there is usually better deals to be had.

I can think of many who are worth $400+
Tswizzle is on that list, but nowhere near the top.

Shit I ask a female down here if she'd suck my dick for $400 she'd be like nope. Go to like Philippines or China them females think you're a god.

Are you fucking serious??

Actually...No....No, Go ahead...Waste your cash you fucking loser

She's nice .... But not $800/hour nice

The fuck? I'd have charged her more

Laws of supply and demand bro
if she's the only decent clean whore in the city then yea she might be worth the 400 if that's your local dynamics.

but I would put it at 50/hr.

Bitch is a whore. I don't get why men over pay for sex. It's fucking sex they barely do anything.. The only time I would ever pay that much is if the girl is under 18 and sexy asf.

Did she swallow?

Op do this for real go to backpage your city escorts and look.. I guarantee there will be way hotter girls for 200 an hr and some are like fuck hot.. At least in the san diego area some are model looking. Usuall range is 100 for hhr n 200 for 1 hr if you think youll come quick do the half cus some are literally blow n go if you finish in 10 mins 50 goes out the window unless it says multiple times. Forget this bitch n find something better on bp. Protip: start with half an hr if youlike her keep meeting up work your way to an hr and youll most likely end up getting discounts if you're a regular peace n half fun wrap it up too

Fuck no

You got ripped off bro