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>UK faces struggle to redesign trade relationships, in charts

>Theresa May refuses to rule out private US firms taking over NHS services and lowering food standards

>Workers Rights under threat post-Brexit, Leaving the EU means giving up safeguards on employee protections.

>UK Government's White Paper Blames EU's Mobility Rules. However, if UK followed EU's rules, UK immigration of non-British citizens could have been cut by 82%.

>With Brexit, British workers 'facing explosion of zero-hours contracts and fewer rights'

>Vote Leave director admits they won because they lied to the public

>Most firms to hike prices after pound slump

>Leak reveals low-priority industries for Brexit talks

>UK food industry fears Brexit exodus of EU workers

>JPMorgan on Brexit white paper: 'Shallowness of the analysis and absence of detail are matters of great concern'

First for British nationalism.

>le cut inside man even being close to being in touch
This isn't the cut inside man I know

4rd for seething Welsh tears

Go back to /r/unitedkingdom, you Labour cuck.

literally all he had to do was kick it out

>New U.K. Trade Deals Can’t Soften Blow From Brexit, Niesr Says

>UK consumers could be exposed to American farming practices currently banned by the UK and EU after new US trade deal (Pesticides, GM, Food Additives, Chlorine/Acid-Washed Meat, Synthetic Hormones)

>Britain’s excruciating embrace of Donald Trump shows how little independence it has gained from Brexit

>Two countries have already told the UK they must relax immigration rules if they want free trade

>UK's super rich appear to get special deal from HMRC, says watchdog

>Anger after leak shows steel industry is ‘low priority’ in Brexit talks

>Quitting EU regulator 'would leave UK waiting longer' for new drugs

>UK-US trade deal will have 'very small upsides' for Britain, says former Bank of England economist

don't care about rugby, more to football for all i care.

i hope wales loses every rugby game this tournament now.

Delicious Welsh tears

Fuck off Sup Forums

Gonna have a cheeky read of the Welsh butthurt on PR.

>Best Welsh game in a while
>Basically England B team
>Wales at home
>Wales still lost


Not going to vote Labour again in my life desu m80, fuck Corbyn.

>Wales played great all match
>dumbfuck Welsh fans STILL trying to justify their loss

Just admit it England are and always will be better than you


Heres your (You)
I went to the guardian site today while trying to figure our if north would be playing for fantasy and i still feel dirty

England vs. Wales games are honestly one of the best moments on the sports calendar.

Guaranteed a good game every time, and it's almost always brutal for the loser.

>tfw the rugby is over

Anything on tomorrow?

everyone with sense hates the guardian

fuck liberals, absolute cancer.

t. Marxist

scotland france

Yeah, the team that beat Ireland last week are playing

The taffy cope is real.

>mfw working class people that voted out will be hit the hardest while I cruise through my final 2 years of med school
Can't wait for privatised health service desu

Scotland France

France v Scotland at 3pm. Might actually be good considering Scotland's performance so far.

>Rugby over
>Straight to a fag and an unfunny female "comedian"
Time to leave the BBC

>In 3 hours
Argentina XV x Uruguay
>In 4 hours
Canada x Chile
>In 5 hours
US of A x Brazil

ireland played today silly

starting to think england care more about winning than wales

t.express reader

>Have a population 20 times the size of the Welsh population
>Barely beat us by 4 points

Wow, way to go England.

Somebody was asking for the Welsh/English stats?


want to sniff the ballsweat coming from that scrum desu

>you're Alun Wyn Jones
>you walk into the changing room after a magnificent individual performance

who do you blame?

I'd like some chips with that salt.

This should be a good game, if Scotland win they could be a strong contender for second

You bring it on yourselves, shouldn't get so cocky

Rugby is the national and most popular sport of Wales. It is a minority sport in England.

the ref

Wtf I love Ireland now!

you've clearly got me mixed up, i'm welsh not english mate


Thanks, that was me.

t. D18.

Fuck off retard. Football is the first sport here now. literally nobody but middle class toffs and farmer boys in the valleys play ''''''''''rugby''''''''''''

Wales v Scotland is the patritians choice.

>Irish "person" thinking he knows what British care about most

Fuck off potato cunt.

Ahahaha, enjoy being our bitches in the FIFA rankings

>playing the we didn't care card this early

I bet this game is all you've heard about at work for the last 2 weeks.

>Getting beaten by England in both Rugby and Football




That's reaching a bit. Maybe 5 years ago that was true, but the majority of Welsh care about football more than rugby ever since Swansea got promoted.

tears in your eyes

Literally nobody cares about rugby apart from Cardiff fuckers and they're basically English.

>implying I work

>Alex Cuthbert
>5 tackles
>3 of them missed

Alright. I don't really care for football so I'm not bothered whether Wales is better than our barely English football team.

The slam is coming our way. Lap it up.

the six nations site generally has that stuff

Can confirm. Aberystwyth and Cardiff are typical Welsh places but they've been invaded by the English recently because of the Uni's.

Wales achieve far more with 3million people than England do with 60million. I'm happy with quality over quantity m8.

The absolute STATE of this denial ahahahahahahaha

Yes you do. You Ennglels are literally SEETHING about us being better than you in FIFA rankings.

This length of damage control.

>muh FIFA rankings

Who won the last time we played? Oh, England.

Wales have a similar population to New Zealand and they are possibly a thousand times better. You don't even get the per capita cup.

Mate just switch off your internet before you hurt yourself

No damage control at all. We have the better sporting culture. This period of English quality will be over soon enough and Wales will be back on top of European rugby we're we belong.


How many world cups?

That's because all they play is rugby. Our national sport is football. The only person I ever knew that played rugby was some retard from Cynon and nobody liked him.

You could ask random people in the street if they knew a game was on today and they'd just look at you with a confused face.


Take away the roided up islanders and NZ aren't even top 10. It's ajoke that they can get away with what they do.

>unironically have to support ireland to stop this english menace now

>Our national sport is football.

>never won a cup
>only ever had two good players
>don't even have own national league



>Muh history

Its the last one england will ever get. Wales will go down as the better team in the history books.

Hey, Total Network Solutions is a great Welsh team

I prefer gwrrrrrnzzzxxxxxxwwwwwwwwwwwrrzxxxzzceree United



>two good players

ok then:

Gareth Bale is literally better than anything England has produced
Ryan Giggs is literally a better winger than England have ever produced
John Charles is literally better than anything England have ever produced.

>Implies history
>Talks about history documentation

Just how angry are you right now?

>It's ajoke that they can get away with what they do

The head of WADA is a Kiwi

>English "humour"

Not angry, just laughing at you m8


Poor choice of words when all of those were produced in England.

England literally produced Ryan giggs


>you will never be as POOrious as the Welsh right now.

look mummy i got him on a technicality.

they were welsh, born and produced out of their mother's cunt in Wales, fuck off

I feel genuinely feel sorry for you. The amount of anger and humiliation you are feeling right now must be unbearable.

Being this angry after a losing a match in a sport they don't care about?

Giggs only chose Wales so he could spend 10 years pretending to be injured when international duty came around. The same period of time he was shagging his brother's wife. You should think he's a cunt.

Bale's alright though. There's a player that actually cares.

Balol is carried at Real by CR7, Sterling is better than him
Beckham > Giggs
Literally who

>3 grand slams for Wales
>2 for england

So it takes 1 million Welsh people to get a slam, against 30 million for England. Get fucked cunt.

Who's humiliated? Both this loss and England's current run of form are temporary. Things will return to normal soon enough.

giggs is still a better winger than any winger england have had, so be quiet.

>sterling is better than Bale
it's almost like I'm discussing football in a rugby thread

Oh dear, please stop you're embarrassing us.

>Being 4th in the six nations all time table

>w-were better than England really!!!


Our 3rd is on the way.
18th of March. Put it in your calendar.

Fuck off back to cardiff

Because it was 1 million Welsh players vs 30 million England players on the pitch today lad

Wales couldn't even beat England's B-side at home. Face it, you are becoming irrelevant.

Angry Welsh """man""" in tears currently.

Still counting how many welsh people it takes to win a world cup

Yes thats the day Ireland embarass you. I look forward too it

>poo crapita

Never forget