Hey b, looking to get a new phone and wanna invest in a nice phone

Hey b, looking to get a new phone and wanna invest in a nice phone.
No iPhones, I'm not that rich & they suck.
Pic related, phone I currently have.

Self bump, really want advice. I'm not good at tech stuff

Pixel 2

get a bengtech, they're at a great price for what they can do and dont come with any carrier bullshit. have to buy over ebay usually though

Anyone else know any good phones? Only thing i could suggest is samsung galaxy 8

That google phone?

What's the phone like? Any good features?

Oneplus 5 is pretty good (using it right now)

Could you name features you really enjoy

Either Motorola or Nokia. What do you use your phone for most of the time? Pictures? Games? Just phone calls?

8gb of ram and 126 internal storage (with the more expensive ver) or 6gb ram and 64 internal (with cheaper) only downside being, you can't insert a micro sd (I recommend the expensive option)

Oh and only 1080p screen although it still looks great

Essential phone is like 400 now.

Mostly pictures, and space.

Oh nice, I'll consider it, thank you!

No prob

get a Sony Xperia X, i got it just recently and it's fucking awsome

Xperia phones are always amazing, I had a z3 compact, z5 compact, and have an XZs now. all amazing

Could you give me details on key features?

One plus 5t getting revealed today, release on the 21st

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and install LineageOS. Can't get better specs for the money. Obviously order straight from China. It's like ~$150

Xiaomi Mi6 or MiMix2

Google Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 and stuff are as expensive AS iPhone. Im using oneplus 3 but oneplus sucks with Updates

I for myself would buy Mi6 if i didnt need Band20 for LTE / 4G in germany

Oh and I'm currently using Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 but my 4X arrived in my country yesterday so hopefully gonna have it this week. Redmi Note 3 is by far the best phone I have ever purchased in my life, hands down. For that price it's just ridiculous and the battery time is amazing.

I'll look into it, thanks!

Oh long battery life is always a plus for me! Thanks for knowledge!!