Sleeping, drunk, drugged thread

Sleeping, drunk, drugged thread







Horse ass


rip lil peep

glad hes dead

Any more pics of Lil Peep? Is he dead in this??


I remember nodding out lookin like that.



Fuck yes, more pls.
Who is she to you?

filipina friend

Keep posting.
Her tits are hot.

had great floppy tits

Gf, 19, passed out after drinking

Any of her tits?

That is a tiny fucking hole!
I wouldn't know what to do with it.
Pretty sure this is pasta btw

The 2 tit pics above filipina

Do you enjoy strangers cumming to her sleeping pussy?

Should I insert?

who wouldnt

I love the pink inside of that so much. Looks tight
How new are these?

Nice pussy more

Wife's sleeping ass, taken just now.

Massive wife ass..
Get more!



my wife's pussy

Oh fuck yeah dude.
Big white ass.
Try to get her pussy.

have you done this before?
if so, has she woken up while you have?



Go go bro

I’ve done it just the once to this extent, she’s never woken up from it, even fucked her with a dildo and nothing

sleepy gf

Best I could do.

how the fuck does this even happen




Would creampie

Just came to her fat ass.
You like that?

Yeah, I'd love to hear what you'd do to it.

mmmmm so good

What would u do


Fuck it's so pale and perfect.
I'd lube my cock right up and slowly slide it in between those big cheeks.
Id start out pumping slowly then gradually increase my pace so you could hear the slapping sound through the house. It would get to the point where I'd be pumping like a rabbit then my cock would spasm inside her ass and ropes of cum would spurt spurt spurt deep inside her.

Pump a load all over those sleeping tits.
Post more.

open that mouth wide open and shove my cock down her throat till i blow my load in her stomach

Not sleeping but here's some more of her I think would be up your alley



Gotcha fam

Damn dude I'd own that ass every chance I got.
Got any tits or pussy?

No pussy but I can send you tits and more ass

Gonna need more man

Also I'd appreciate more wwyd too

Mmm perfect.. She got kids?


Nope, love to dump cum in her though. She's soft and squishy so you can just grab her while you cum

Love that.
Feels so good to pound against then grab while you pump cum deep inside.

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Found one of her pussy in crotchless panties, not spread tho

Do you ever get her to show off in public?
"Accidental" nudity and whatnot

She'll wear slutty clothes in the summer, very deep necks and high busts, she likes full length skirts so not a lot that shows off her ass, but she has a couple of dresses with slits all the way up the thigh that are so fucking hot, and any time she does show off her ass I'm all over it all day.

Gfs tits while past out drunk

Anyone got any pics like this of their mom?

I thought they were all pics of ur mom

Kek confirms