Which ideology is more harmful to society: liberalism or conservatism?

Which ideology is more harmful to society: liberalism or conservatism?

Conservatives look around at the world burning and are too scared to try to change it


But liberals are the reason the world is burning in the first place

Both are equally harmful when taken to the extreme

Dems are cancer

Both. You need to keep what works well and change what is working poorly. Both stasis and dynamism for their own sake is harmful.

Both. All forms of neoliberalism are cancer.


Reps are just Dems from 60 years ago.

Conservatism is liberalism.
Destroy both.

this user fucks

This precisely

lazy response

>hurr durr they're both bad! now i dont need to research shit for myself!

Social democrats are cancer, right wing neo-liberalism is ok



>Thinks his side can't be wrong about anything hurr durr.

Of course both sides can be wrong. That doesn't mean each side is equally wrong, and saying so is lazy thinking.

Lets be real, all sides think they're right and no amount of arguing or "debating" would ever change that.

>i have to choose a private corporation to rule over me because it's my civic duty
underage much

>ideology is literally the same as that of cancer
>calls other people cancer
I can think of no people more deserving of helicopter rides than neoliberals.


Saying that we have to pick one or the other (((side))) to rule over us just because they're less full of shit is your own arrested development problem, not mine.

The question was if liberalism/conservatism is more harmful. Not Democrats vs Republicans



Read the OP. We're discussing which ideology is more harmful, has nothing to do with choosing which party is going to rule over us


Centerism is the only sane answer.

The rest of you are too caught up in the dividing line to see the forest from the trees.

Besides, I get to argue with you fags no matter what side you're on

Well, I'd say the thing that is more harmful to society is the people who choose to group themselves into a group that is wrong about shit to combat a group that is wrong about more shit. They are perpetuating the side that has shit wrong. Instead, they could form another group where less (no?) shit is wrong. Instead they choose to fight for a wrong side against a wrong side. How is that helping?

Fair enough. Anyway, they are literally the same ideology with their own cultural interpretations, and they both will bow to socialism in due time.

>implying that two right-wing ideologies are extremes on any spectrum but the autism spectrum
Kill yourself, neoliberal.

This, and this is exactly how new party systems form.


Centrism: because the free market is always safe and responsible


Tough to answer. How do you define liberalism? There are many definitions floating around there these days. What ideals do they espouse? Conservatism, I'll assume, is the standard definition, unless you want to change the definition before consideration.
Modern day liberals are quite different from country to country, let alone from how they were decades ago to today or longer. If you want a real discussion, we have to agree on the definitions of the terms being used.

Lazy response is picking a neat, clean consistent ideological filter so You can put on your red shirt and ignore anything that doesn't fit.


And liberals ignore that the world is burning and argue that fire shouldn't be discriminated against

You should go back to speddit.


It's true. If you don't think about it.

Both extremes are bad. Moderate conservative is worse than moderate liberalism

Which ideology do I want to preserve?
Conservative principles built the foundations for modern day life. I do not want to support or preserve an ideology that openly promotes degeneracy and is morally bankrupt.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

There's only one ideology that makes the slightest bit of sense

As much as I hate both sides we should just let them have their damn war, because as much as I hate them, I hate this feminism bullshit movement even more.

Not sure moderate liberalism exists anymore.

>promotes degeneracy and is morally bankrupt
Youre on Sup Forums you dullard

What a shitty response. Pic semi-related

the stars on the right are upside down. that refers to throwing your kids inside a golden bull furnace idol for satan

Why do you oppose rationality? Is it because you are too lazy to think for yourself? I suppose it would be easier to have someone else tell you what to think than to figure it out yourself.

That's a really stupid argument. Rejecting both sides doesn't mean nobody will disagree with you. It means you're going to get constantly attacked by both sides, who will always assume you're a member of the other side.

>no amount of arguing or "debating" would ever change that.
>implying the exchange of ideas is bad
This is the dumbest response I've seen so far.

Too bad the right wingers don't attack people like the crazy commies on the left.

The Sup Forums types certainly do.

What your' virtual fee fees got hurt? Grow up they aren't hurting anyone.
If anything they are a response to the lunacy on the left, fag.

Sperg defending other spergs.

conservatives are closet homosexuals
liberals are open homosexuals

either way they are both faggots

Entertainingly, the sperg is attacking others for "fee fees" using a fee fee-base argument.

question is all wrong.

it's not about left vs right, it's about crony oligarchy corporate sellout control, versus real people.

That's why Hillary was a really dumbass choice for the Dem nominee. Clearly part of the problem. That's why Trump won even though he's a douche. People wanted an outsider who might not always play the game. So folks took a chance on him.


Fuckin' jew kys. Come back when you can debate without resorting to name calling, commie.

Awe how cute, have you ever been so salty after acting so stupid?

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and likewise. The former slave states now vote for the "Republican" and the human rights bleeding heart northeastern city folk vote for the "Democrats".

The brand names switched around, but it's still the same regional sentiments.

>Conservative principles built the foundations for modern day life.

Under communism the world witnessed the worst nuclear power plant disaster. The state built it, couldn't upkeep it and ran it into the ground till a huge explosion took place. And now you, are blaming capitalism for ANOTHER state built architecture disaster. That apartment block was built by a government.
Now I don't want to strawman and say every socialist is as dumb as you. Because that would be unfair but you are seriously fucking stupid you know? Like really fucking dumb. You're saying capitalism doesn't work because big government can't build proper apartment blocks. There are socialists out there shaking their head at how bad you've just argued right now. Neck yourself immediately.

Oh I intend to.

>Awe how cute, have you ever been so salty after acting so stupid?
See? All emotional based.

They enable our way of life to come to reality, instead of laughing at that point can you disprove it?
Look at North Korea or any country living under communism. Now have they provided the world any key advancements?

Chernobyl was human error, not lack of maintenance.

History, throughout all of mankind has definitively shown that liberalism causes the decline of all civilizations eventually. It's acceptability as a mainstream ideology inevitably results in an eroding of morals, standards, and integrity--which in turn destroys a society or people from within, both themselves and before each other.

that is why the rule you

I agree your' posts are all emotional based. Now can you get back on point or you such a retard that you are stuck acting better than someone based on nothing?

I'm really glad you took the time to prove me wrong and force me to reflect on my own opinions.
It's not like this is an anonymous forum where usual bully tactics and laughing at people actually work.
>pic unrelated

They can't help but to respond and insult. It's stimulus-response behavior.

This, we are witnessing that degrading of morals at a rapid rate now.

The primary cause was poor design

Human error is one of the factors no doubt. But the upkeep was bad and the architecture was poor as well.
It was a huge disaster waiting to happen.

Its' also called being right, and having no willing to attempt and disprove you.

>Doesn't want to strawman
>Ad hominems instead

What point? You've just been throwing highly emotional insults.

You really think they're extremes?


Communists are all pussies, and I mean that UN-ironically.

My facts aren't even emotional I could give a fuck less what your' opinion is because I use history and proven truths to be the basis of my arguments.

I don't care if I get attacked lol
I don't care if nobody agrees with me either. What I'm interested in is the BEST ideas for society. And right now the left doesn't have any.

they are two side of the same blade both are a bunch or retarded children

That's a very faith-based argument.

and this!

You haven't presented any facts. You just threw a tantrum.


this is spot on

Lmfao, this a very *(insert emotion here) based argument.
>Avoid having to actually prove any points.
BTFO faggot

Personally, I'm a liberal. From far leftists are fucking cancer, as are far right and alt right and alt left. Fuck all of them. I heavily respect civil rights, like fuck have a gun, but I believe there are just logical restrictions. Like you should only be able to buy 2 ish guns a year.

Anyway. Moderate liberalism, I'm assuming you mean left wing American sense, is better imo because of the help it provides those who are down in an ideal sense, but it needs to be reworked to do so more efficiently and offer more things, at least in the US, like healthcare and free public university for 3.0 or above students for 9 semesters.

>Ad hominems invalidate my point
They don't. I can claim that 2+2=4 and can call you a fuckwit.
"You're a fuckwit"
Does 2+2 still equal 4?
Pic unrelated

My posts have been the closest thing to any form f intelligence posted.

Again, what point? In this entire chain of responses, you haven't even presented a position, much less made an argument.

please turn down this shit thread , again

His argument is that he's right. I think.

All ideologies are harmful to individuals and society when taken to extremes.

Ad hominem does invalidate your point if it's an argument from ad hominem like yours was. You didn't present a coherent argument.

>non sequiturs to argue against me calling out the ad hominem