Who else is happy this burden to society is dead?

who else is happy this burden to society is dead?

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Who is this??

Whos that fgt?


lil peep

Why would I be happy that such a young person died?

Lil peep was one of the best. Kys OP

literally who


Fucking garbage whiny woe-is-me shit.

plot twist OP is peep.

also you're a faggot

My boi

who would have thought the guy with tattoos all over his face had emotional issues

He was earning his money so how was he a burden?

>face tats
>cancer music
>cancer fans
>im depressed let me do heroin

I know one of you pro peep posters in these threads runs that god damn deadtempura IG page too. Maybe follow in your daddy's footsteps and kill your god damn self

No one even knows who this is and certainly no one cares.
Only dirtballs get tattoos. Only the lowest whites find nigstandards acceptable, let alone wear them, hang out with them, or emulate them.


one less white rapper. who's going to notice?

im listening to his shit on utube and getting feeling his new

Im glad I had no clue who this was, and after watching 2 of his vids all I can say is this didn't happen soon enough.

rip lil peep nigga