Milfs you know. other anons rate

milfs you know. other anons rate.

hard to say shitty pic.
maybe 7.8/10



spam granny/10


6/10 but I fuck fuck her

would fuck/10


Your mom is hot

MILF cop



I don't understand how you're supposed to take that seriously if you're pulled over.


Big ole

Would bang in a heartbeat

I'd bang her too



have to see more of her to r8
5/10 nevertheless would bang as well

Very nice ;) 12 y.o. btw...


damn thats a trashy hoe look at the crotch :facepalm: damn sure my girl aint going out like that.. let alone me dating a stick bitch like that pancake ass flat chest





41yo wife, mom of 3

Fuck off. Now


nice auntie you got

who is this?

Milf from the kids' school



mom of a friend

totally fuck my friends mom




Riverbend? Like.. Riverbend high school? You in Virginia mate?

keep them old is she?


she's in a fucking good shape

summers were rough!

So much rage over a scantily-clad woman. Were you abandoned? Sucked off by daddy too often?

More, OP. Like this new set of her.

I like cumming to her

I really do understand you!
Kepp her coming, I cant stand this

why all the h8 m8


Hello, Annie's OP

You fucking spam her in every thread then get all butthurt if someone asks you to give it a rest.

Why don't you just start some Annie threads and see how long they last before the 404? or are you concerned that the fan base isn't as big as you think it is?

No hate. Just told Annie's old man to fuck off and take her with him. He's got nothing I haven't seen and even less than I want to.

Other OC is, of course, welcome

friends mom

I would have wanted to fuck her as well. She is hot

she was divorced and always bringing home different guys, older guy from my school fucked her too

you should ask her to send you bikini pics


She's cute, but need to see body to rate.

she would seriously know what I was up to

Did you try to hit that? I would have went for it, sounded like she was passing out the pussy

maybe she'd like it.

spied on her changing a few times and watched her fuck her bf, damn lucky guy

yeah tried, but she had a thing for black guys, poor friend had to hear her getting pounded

Was she a screamer or a moaner

What is it with devorced women and BBC



screamer and rode his dick like a porn star

Did you fap to the show or did you wait and fap later. I bet that was an epic fap

dunno, maybe damaged good that white guys dont want, but we gave him a lot of shit about all his new dads

does your friend fap to her too?

both, while watching and later, still a great memory watching her ass and her pussy

Just more please

Lol I would have recoded her getting drilled and used it as his ringtone.

probably, she was pretty popular in the apt building too with maintenance guys

Lol, we would send him bbc gb's links and tell him this was what his mom was doing this weekend

Ex-GF's Mom.

I would have love to hit that shit. I think she would have been a better fuck than her lazy ass daughter.

Still see her and want to eat that ass.

go for it!
maybe you should try...

more of this lovely lady?

if true then you won some life lotery right there...

my wife is 34, mom of 1, and slowly transformed to a landwhale.

ask him lol

probably watched- I would have

I have a couple more.. she's cute isn't she?

she was always ugly and pudgy


>then get all butthurt
Hello kettle, this is the pot calling...


MOAR of her feet



Hello again, Annie's OP

very much. drop them all plz


Ive seen this pic a while ago, sorry man

Any more wearing heels?



FUCK She's smoking....