or just fucked up people in general.

i want to die.

i am willing to consent to someone murdering me. i do not want to be tortured or have a prolonged death. i'd prefer to be choked to death by someone's hands. or any kind of oxygen deprivation without much pain.

idc what you do with my body after i'm dead and will make a video explaining the situation for you to use as an alibi if you were to be charged with murder or something.

to avoid that entirely, we can use encrypted messaging and make it as anonymous as possible, though that too may come with risks if you were caught. it's up to you.

this is a serious post and hopefully i can find someone who has always wanted to kill someone.

M or F?


Well if female I was just going to give you a reason to live with my dick but I can't help ya here. I ain't gay

So you actualy think that a video would clear up the case for the person who kills you? Are you retarded?

You're asking that of a Sup Forumstard.

Are you retarded? You can't consent to murder, Whoever kills you can go to prison no matter what.



You can't consent to murder. It's like that guy who consented to be killed and cannibalized. They still prosecuted the man who killed and ate him.

Why does mate?

Whos to say how long it takes you to die when the hammer is in my hand?

I can only assume you don't have a lot of money.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I'm not gonna kill someone who is 6/10 or under.I have my standards, faggot.

Why do you want to die? How do you think a video showing that you wanted to die would vindicate your killer in any apart from potentially reducing the sentence from execution to life in prison without parole? If you want to die, this isn't the way to do it. At best you'll get an edgy teen who thinks they're a sociopath but won't actually go through with it.

Assisted suicide is still arguably first degree murder, especially in the circumstances you are proposing.

Just call the number brother.

your a good person for putting that up.

op give them a call.


Where do you live?