We share casino stories

We share casino stories.
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I doubt I'll ever go to one because I'm not a retard or rich

Pretty easy shit. Learn baccarat

I just went to Atlantic City with my friends a week ago, NJfag here.

Quickly got buzzed from a few drinks and casually started placing random $5 bets on random numbers on the roulette table. Hit 5 times over the course of an hour, which is roughly $180 a hit. So I walked off with about $850. My biggest winnings to date.

In case anyone is curious, I gave the dealer a $100 and asked for nickels...which is 20, $5 chips. And never used all 20 because of how much money I made. So in total I had close to $950.

I work as a casino croupier, I'm from Costa Rica

The only guaranteed way to make money is the martingale method.
>play roulette
>go red or black
>If loss double your bet and try again
>inb4 green 00

But yea casinos are obviously onto this so don't do it at the same table or in a short amount of time.

I won $3.50 playing blackjack

The math goes
>put 100 on red
>put 200 on red
>put 400 on red
You are still positive $100

i've never had anyone care when ive done it

I've done this before but it's an easy way to get addicted. I went down $400 and then took out $400 from an ATM and put it all on black and won it all back. But the urge to keep going for it and win more is great...its basically 50-50 except for the 0s........

I end up going to Vegas about every other year for work conferences.
I spent twenty on quarter slots. I quit when I drop to 5$ or get 50$. only once did I need to quit at $5.

So I take that fifty and buy the wife some chocolates. I'm entertained by the blinken lights for an hour or so, and make the wife happy -- that's the big win.

gambling is a tax for people who are bad at math and quants

I was in vegas a little while ago. Got comped a pretty sweet room, did pretty good at video poker. There was this annoying country music thing going on but I managed to quiet it down and get some much needed rest. Shit was cash

This guy fucking knows what the fuck is up

Theretically. But chance of black or red is under 50% respecttively because of the 0.

But yes if black has come 2 times in a row then yiu can start to do this.

But you still lost you know that? What you describe is the deadly martingale, and it has its name for a reason, google it.

>Staying my last night TI.
>Hardest night of drinking of my life
>Wake up almost late for checkout scramble to grab my shit.
>Grab the handful of chips on my bed and rush to the lobby.
>9 chips total, i look and realize they are the black thousand dollar denoms
>No memory of how the fuck.

ITT retards who select themselves out of the gene pool financially

I think you're an idiot. The only redeeming part of your post was reiterating my point of the green 0s


Are slots machines a safe bet?
>wuss gambler here

Just be prepared as it makes you literally double your bet every time

Holy fucking checked. I'm off to bed on that note

You are retarded. Martingale is retarded and doesn’t work. It would only work if a table didn’t have a max bet and you had unlimited funds. By the 9th bet you are risking 256$ for a 1 doller profit

>You avin a giggle m8
You actually made me read that shit, goddamn it. I thought it was something else

one of the worst gambling strategy ever.

All I wanted was a big body benz and a volley ball GF. I bet everything on 15 black and lost.

Never gamble at a Indian casino. Vegas slots are legally required to pay out a certain amount, Indiana casinos are set to pay out like .00001 of that, or something
You are still going to lose playing Vegas slots over all, but at least you will win back a little and have some fun

Look at this. I am a manager at a casino and we love people who do this. I wont stop you from doing this, hell I'll go and grab you a free drink while you waste your money lol. The real kicker is when you when, but bet it all on your next spin.
>INB4 I wouldnt spend it.

Trust me, 95% of our patrons do.

You are an retard.

Google it. Google it and read it. After 10 rounds you are setting over 2 million dollars. And the longest run here in austria is 67 times red

Did you also tip the dealer while you were winning or as you were leaving? If so, how much?

So multideck reshuffling to counter card counting makes every hand statistically the same such that that table of what to do with any hand of blackjack is a very viable strategy?

Here's facts for any of you autismals who can read a fucking graph but are too retarded to do even rudimentary research on martingale. It's an effective way to mitigate small losses, the odds of the game will just adjust the shape of the curve. If you have a very high bankroll and no max bet it is bulletproof (this almost never exists in reality). If you have a cap on either of those, it still will usually give you a good chance of winning a little money with a low chance of losing a lot of money.

>I am a manager at a casino
Please green txt some stories about the lowest losers you see.
What are you actully trying to say? Card counting was always a meme anyways and most people were not good enough at it to win and the casinos would encourage it.
Trust, the house edge is so redisuliously huge in every game, you should only go to have fun. If the hous eedge wasnt some autistic would have figured it out years ago and broke the house. There isnt any secret underground system you might find.
If you really want to bet as a living the best thing to is horse track betting or sport gambling. Especially if you have enough cash to mess with the odds and such.

That method CAN work, but it's far from guaranteed, and the longer you try it the more you're pushing your luck. I have a cousin who did that and wound up losing around $100,000 in all.

There's a table of hit/stand/double for every hand based on what yields the best expected return, and I'm wondering whether it evolved as a strategy before or after the absurdity of card dispensers shuffling seven decks after every hand, and whether it is viable or at least gives the best odds of profit.

I want to get into betting on football. Can someone tell me what the house edge is like on football bets? By house edge, I mean that if the odds is 1/1 on a game, the prediction probably won't be 50% win, 50% lose. So what is the real chance of winning a 1/1 football bet?

Last time I was in I won 200 I was online gambling last night lost 150 but it was fun so fuck it will try and make it back tonight online maybe go casino on weekend try and get 200 to 400 I mostly play roulette and blackjack.

Poker dealer. Can confirm this

If the bet is 1:1 you gwt paid out 95:100 and the house takes in all losses and 5% of all wins so it skims cream off the top but not much. Bovada is a good site.

I hit the jackpot on a 1 dollar slot machine once and won $4000,i think i out in $100 dollar bill (this was at an indian casino btw)

>If you have a cap on either of those, it still will usually give you a good chance of winning a little money with a low chance of losing a lot of money.
You are retarded. You are making the gamblers fallacy. Yeah over ten million bets red and bblack average out, but there is NO probability rule that says the next 10 actully bets one is likely to turn out red.
A $20 starting bet you end up in over $1260 in 6 bets for very little profit.
Look at image related. Even if you found a magical no limit casino, (even no limit ones won’t actully take a $600,000 bet) after 2000 bets including wins and loses you might be betting a million dollars just to at 10,000 to your total

I was playing roulette on the machines in the betting shops, and I had gone down by 300. So I bet 300 on black just to try get it back and I won. But then I accidentally put my hand on the spin again button so it re-span my 300 and I lost it anyway. Fukken gay

Odds don’t have anything to do with predicted win or loss after the books open. it is based on who is betting on what. If everyone starts betting on team A the odds will change to make each new bet on team a go down,
That’s why you can pull scams at horse tracks and early in the day have someone place a huge bet on some lame horse, which makes thier posted odds of winning go way up, so all the suckers bet on that low payout but easy win horse, than 5 minutes before the race place a even bigger bet on the oj favorite that now has shitty win odds


You are trolling at this point.
martingale doesn’t actully change your odds over time. they stay at the median, it just makes the dips higher and the smaller number of losses HUGE.
Even if your base stake is 1%, you only need 7 stright losses to make it 128x times larger than the baseline stake

I've only gambled once. Threw 20 on craps and got up to 80 bucks and lost it all. I should of cashed out