Charles Manson is about to die

Charles Manson is about to die.

Press F to pay your respects.

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How to pay respect if I'm on a phone?

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Dude, my birthday is on the 17th. If all goes to plan, he might die that morning. Best birthday present ever, m8

show some sympathy kiddo it's ok I didn't your still young but not for long one day you'll grow old and struggle with things like gastrointestinal problems. and you'll have to deal with the fear of death like Manson. have you thought about his feelings or what he's going through I doubt it kiddo.

What, he critically ill?


>show some sympathy
Not to Manson.

Yep. And this is the second time he was hospitalized this year.

I won't show sympathy to an old fuck who caused so much pain and misery in so many people, and manipulated those women to do such evil deeds.

inb4 "normie"
Shut the fuck up. He deserves no sympathy, let alone any kind of pity.

Classified as a mass murderer.
Never actually killed anyone.

Kinda feel a little giddy. He's at the hospital in the same town that I live in. I could go down in the morning and wait till he dies if he's still hanging on


Jesus would have forgiven Manson.

please stop.

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If he's still alive and conscious in the morning go down and try to get his autograph kek

Obtain anything used by or for him.
Sell to serial killer fanatics

So? I'm not Jesus, fucktard.

I kind of wonder if it would be possible to get through to him though, with all the police protection let alone the hospital staff. Anyone have any tips

Oh fuck I just finished watching helter skelter too


People may hate Charles Manson so much because he exploited the pliability of us.

Food for thought.

If you believe in yourself, you can sneak your way in.

it's all in the past he's getting help through psych wards and prisons, maybe his upcoming parole will be turn out okay an hell be a productive member of society at age 97 if the poor guys gastrointestinal problems go away. might not though Manson has schizophrenia and people with the disorder tend to die sooner. I just hope he gets better. noone should be refused help


Are you fucking serious? This blows my mind I had no idea he was even having health issues. holy fucking shit dude. I used to listen to all his music all the time even though my mom said it was really bad to listen to. RIP

Lol his next parole hearing in 2027? Okay buddy. He'll be lucky if he makes it through the night.

>upcoming parole

His next parole hearing is in 2027. Nigga is gonna die this year lmao


well I like to think positive and see the good in people.

you negative sack of shit hope you fucking die

lol the way you saw the good in that guy?

user, he's 83 years old and his next parole is in 10 years. He is literally in the hospital with a severe illness right now, it is extremely unlikely that he's going to be alive in 10 years.

I will not and refuse to explain or justify myself.

I know I know, I'm just going to miss him okay? this news has been really fucking hard on me you dont understand

yeah? well the chance of Luke firing a photon torpedo through the Death Star's exhaust port was one in a million BUT WHERE'S THE DEATH STAR NOW FAGGOT????

oh shut up

Best Manson moment right here. Still gives me chills:

well i guess if you want to say something idiotic and refuse to explain it 4chn is place to do it

Another American Hero Finds His Rest Amongst the Angels of Patriotism.


poor guy

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