This was delivered to the wrong house, my house, a few days ago...

This was delivered to the wrong house, my house, a few days ago. UPS left a note asking to give them a call to arrange a pick-up. What should I do? The real question is can they fuck me over about it? If not should I sell it, use it?

If I won't get bent over somehow someway I guess dubs decides what happens.

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is it expensive stuff?

Depends on where you live, but it's usually considering fraud if not theft to accept an item delivered to you whilst knowing it is not yours.

A similar situation is how you have no legal right to own something if the item you purchased was stolen, even if you were unaware of the theft.

Where I live, you would be prosecuted for felony theft based on its value.

Trips has spoken. Do the white thing and return it.

Say you tossed it out because you didn't order it and had no need for it and considered it abandoned on your property

Worked for a company where a guy accidentally delivered a $5000 entertainment system. It took a year but the company threatened legal action and it was returned.

Not true the law is literally , at least in us, if its delivered to you its yours.

Ups fag here return it

In fact, federal law prohibits mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment, according to the Federal Trade Commission website.

This includes packages sent to the wrong address

Did you sign for it? If so you'll need to return it.

But if they just left it at your house then just ignore / deny and they'll give up. Their mistake not yours.


Where's that?

You are not allowed to keep it, but they can't force you to wait in for them to come and collect it at a time convenient for them.
Set a recurring weekday/time combination that is suitable for you, and advise them that if they fail to collect it within 6 months you will treat it as unsolicited goods, and dispose of it as you see fit (UK law, time may vary where you are).

Citation? This is the definition of theft in Florida. He's already aware/been notified he's not entitled to it and given the opportunity to return it free of charge. .
(1)A person commits theft if he or she knowingly obtains or uses, or endeavors to obtain or to use, the property of another with intent to, either temporarily or permanently:
(a)Deprive the other person of a right to the property or a benefit from the property.
(b)Appropriate the property to his or her own use or to the use of any person not entitled to the use of the property.

This is consistently misinterpreted. You can only keep mail delivered to you if your address is on the package. This prevents you from claiming you neighbor's mail just because the postal employee left it on the wrong door step,

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If they know you have it, you have no choice
this is a lie

Link to said law, I call bull shit.

I'm pretty sure the shipping label does NOT have OPs name. So it was not addressed to him.

They are not demanding payment. Just to return the product. The next step wouldn't be... "ok smart guy you better pay me". It is going to be "police report has been filed for mail fraud/theft." since the label probably does not have the name of OP. you can't claim I thought it was for me when Bob Dildo's name was on it. just an incorrect address (possibly) or doesn't meet its addressed to you. the right action would be RTS, return to sender or no such person.

Good luck with that next time you order something being shipped to you via UPS. Hope that driver is creative.

Better hope your neighbors don't find out you have there bed. I'd smash out your fucking windows if I found out you won't return some shit I paid for.

Not true at all

Also a good point. Person who ordered the item can track it. Random flying bricks might be a new phenomenon.

in the you can keep it

At least in Florida, if the rightful owner of the mattress was creative, he could forgo pressing criminal charges and sue in court for what's called "civil theft." If he won, you would have to pay him 3 times the value of the thing plus all his attorneys fees and costs (lawyer fag here).

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You just proved his point, you're reading comprehension is lacking greatly

That is not what it says at all


Q. Am I obligated to return or pay for merchandise I never ordered?
A. No. If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift.

No, dumbass, the covers sellers deliberately sending something to you like as a marketing ploy to try to get you to pay for it if you like it. That's not what happened here. He got someone else's property by mistake.

This literally says that if it's addressed to you, and you did not order it, it is yours. This has nothing to do with if you receive a package for someone else. Sup Forums is full of fucking retards

an article that explains the ftc ruling even so you fuck ups can grasp it

Here it is dumbed down for you

This is the text of the actual law. This is not at all what happened here because it wasn't done deliberately by the seller. .
39 U.S. Code § 3009 - Mailing of unordered merchandise
(a) Except for (1) free samples clearly and conspicuously marked as such, and (2) merchandise mailed by a charitable organization soliciting contributions, the mailing of unordered merchandise or of communications prohibited by subsection (c) of this section constitutes an unfair method of competition and an unfair trade practice in violation of section 45(a)(1) of title 15.
(b) Any merchandise mailed in violation of subsection (a) of this section, or within the exceptions contained therein, may be treated as a gift by the recipient, who shall have the right to retain, use, discard, or dispose of it in any manner he sees fit without any obligation whatsoever to the sender. All such merchandise shall have attached to it a clear and conspicuous statement informing the recipient that he may treat the merchandise as a gift to him and has the right to retain, use, discard, or dispose of it in any manner he sees fit without any obligation whatsoever to the sender.

As others have already explained, the law says any item shipped to your home is yours to keep, largely because of the shady practices of the Columbia House Record Club (and others like it). For those of you too young to order a drink without being carded, Columbia House used to advertise everywhere, and they had a deal where you'd get X number of free records if you agreed to buy Y number of records from them over the next year. The way it worked is they'd ship a record every few weeks to you, and you'd send it back if you didn't want to keep it. Without the law which makes unsolicited goods yours to keep, companies would just send you piles of shit you didn't want and then demand payment and sic collection agencies after you if you didn't pay.

UPS is a private carrier. So most of the laws don't apply here.

UPS would more than likely prefer to pay the claim to the shipper of a misdirected package than pay a driver to go back out and try to collect it.

And from a post I found.

>it is the carriers responsibility to the sender to deliver the package to the correct address as given by the sender. if the carrier delivers it to the wrong address, the recipient (the actual recipient, as opposed to the intended one) is under no legal obligation whatsoever to return it or to see that it gets to its intended destination. at that point that package is considered "lost in transit" and then the machinery to deal with that scenario grinds into motion. (again, that too is a private matter between the sender and the carrier.)
>the upshot is that if you receive an item intended for someone else, you are free to open it, examine it, keep it, throw it in the trash, whatever. the responsibility is on the carriers head.
>the exception to this is if the carrier leaves it with you with the understanding that you are merely accepting it for the intended recipient, and that you will see to it that the person to whom it is addressed receives it (leaving the package with the next door neighbor, for example). at that point, the person who accepts the package is responsible for getting it to its addressee, and keeping it would be theft. however, i dont believe they are legally prohibited from opening it (but i could be mistaken about that). i'm sure the recipient wouldnt like it, and consider you to be a nosy twit and potential theif, but i dont think theres any legal trouble there."

They will send additional notices, then send a driver to talk to you, then, at least at the center I worked for, a couple of college football players, usually black, who work for UPS, they will try to physically intimidate you, threaten to call police, put you in jail, sue you.
Make sure any, I mean any interaction you have with a UPS employee about this is recorded, turn on your phone and get it all.
If the package was simply left at your door and you did not sign or meet the driver, then you can deny receiving the parcel.
Just because they claim they left it at your home is not proof that they did so.
In fact unless the driver photographs each Driver Release stop, we have a guy who does this, then they have no legal proof that you received the item, simply leaving something at your door, side yard is not delivered to you.
Ask for proof of delivery, ask for a print out of your signature accepting the delivery.
If they say they left it, what time, you weren't home, not here when I got home, nothing on my porch.
The DIAD that the driver uses will have a GPS stamp as to the location that they Stop Completed the delivery.
So turn it around and ask if they have checked if their driver is lying, if he claims to have delivered it to the wrong house then who knows where it really is.
With no proof you actually took the package from the porch and into your house they have zip.

Packages get stolen off porches all the time, some people follow the parcel vans and swipe stuff as it is dropped, all the time, drivers get busted doing this all the time.

Also ask if this was an expensive item was it dropped and not signed for.

Tell them they have a prob with their employees and it's not their problem, tell them to get off your property or you will call the police for harassment and intimidation.

Good luck.

If you follow this through, they will flag your address and every future delivery to you will be "signature in person only with ID". Really.