Can any Sup Forumsros identify this strain? :^)

can any Sup Forumsros identify this strain? :^)

Get a fucking life.

I can. It's called shit

Fucking retard

wow, I've never seen quality this low

looks like weed

i hope this is bait

It's that AAAA OG piff man 420 yolo swed

Homie if you paid money for that shit you fucked up.

jeez bro. smoke some weed.

Strains are bullshit everything's a hybrid get fucked

Low quality kush

enjoy prision

Chernobyl Cranberry Crush.

that's some of that crazy shit man,it's called OR egg ano

Diarrhea kush

it's the shit weed with seeds one.

It's dank or egano.

You are weak.

It's bonethugnharmonyimus

10/10 forgot about that pic


Fuck you - OP

Dirty fuckin mall weed Julian!

That's pretty fucky

From a distance I thought this was a pic of some shit

Close up I can confirm it's definitely shit

it's called lil peeps ashes

Looks like shit on a diaper.

Fucking drug addicts...





Pee pee in da poo poo

>> inb4 weed is legal where i live :^)

Nah homeboy my man passed it to me