they takin all our young rappers
RIP Lil Peep

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This snap video was taken right before on his tour bus tonight. He's passed out in it, probably
already dead


Yep, just not fast enough. I hope the death process for them speeds up.

don't take fake xanax kids

>Lil Peep
Also, who cares?

Lmao soda

is that how he died?
wasnt he a rapper?
coulnt he afford real xanax?

real xanax doesnt kill you by itself
whereas fake xanas could be anything tbh

Fuck man wish it would have been reckful instead.

lol what a fag

shit rapper AND he died

Not But I once snorted three bars and got in two fights
I apparently won both somehow but had some bad injuries from jumping out of a car to say walk the rest of the thirty yards home
I remember nothing
Done it several times and a 10/10 would do again

So this kinda-famous-on-youtube inkmonkey that managed to finally shit out an album has gone and died on us.

Fuck him and his faggot rap. I'm only sad that he didn't find a way to take pewdiepie and a couple other youtube celebs with him.

Not that I disagree, but it was a soundcloud celebrity, which I can't even believe is a fucking thing.

Not youtube. Youtube is already dead and has been for months.

lying ass nigga
xanax puts your ass to sleep, you muscles wouldn't be able to move much less allow you to get into a fight.
you that type of kid to say
>oh is that a 32oz? its kinda big I usually drink 20oz
>dude I was at tihs party and I smoked like 6 marijuanas xD


fucking hell.
are there tumblr celebrities? is that a thing?

Confirmed for not using drugs, poser.

Benzos make you super violent.

I wouldn't doubt it

That's never been my experience
I always have something more akin to blackouts with moments of clarity so I can remember only key moments until people tell me what had happened; even then sometimes I dont

Xanax makes you braindead. Fake or not. Pills are for pussies anyways. GL eating from a straw by age 28 if your not dead or braindead by then. Have fun kiddos.

Rumor says was laced with fentanyl. Where do they get their Xans in the US? From thestreets? Risky business

Lying on the Internet
people don't really do that, do they?

This Lil Peep dude doesn't strike me as what you'd call a deep thinker.

You're experience is more believable than that other fuckhead who read xanax symptoms on google. ive done my fair share and thats how it was for me almost everytime


what the fuck is fentalyl?
and as it done on purpose?
I take xanax
do i gotta worry about it or someone do it on purpose?

That's why you don't use any drug like an addict; anything will catch up eventually
>inb4 weed

where I've always gotten mine, not lucky enough to have a great connect. Saying that I try not to do things like that too much. Just for the experiences, y'know

Is that him before all the ugly ass tattoos?
Damn man! what a cutie :(
I could have sucked his dick :)

0/10 for faggotry but I'm pretty sure thats a twitch streamer
good luck in search of your dick

I'm praying Lil Pump is next.

I think the degenerate cleansing has begun.

Usually in patches for cancer patients. Chinese make it for dirt cheap and send that shit to the US. Part of the opioid epidemic. 0.2mcg is a normal dose and it doesnt take more than a pinch to kill you.

I'm not a fag, I'm a girl! silly ;)

Anita Sarkeesian?

As long as they dont take Lil Windex

Need to see tits then

>wigger dies
Who cares.

apparently no one since since his "friends" didnt bother to check on him and let him die lul