KYS if you don't use this

KYS if you don't use this.

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the tab button bugs me a little, but i will get used to it

im amazed how much faster firefox is now

What is the difference between this Quantum and regular Firefox? Is Firefox Quantum free? How could I try it out? And if I don't like it, can I go back to using the regular Firefox that I'm currently using?

Also, on a side note: Does anyone know of a program to use to download pictures from threads here on Sup Forums? I was using a version of 4chn Downloader, and it was great, but it stopped working a few months ago and I have to save each picture individually, if I want to save them. If anyone knows of a program that will work currently, please let me know what it is. It would definitely be appreciated!

It is still Firefox as you know it, it's version 57.

Quantum is an ongoing Mozilla project encompassing several software development efforts to "build the next-generation web engine for Firefox users".

You can get it here:

Will having multiple tabs opened in Firefox noticeably slow it down? Like, 40-50 or more tabs opened? And if so, would this Firefox Quantum be able to handle having lots of tabs opened more efficiently than regular Firefox handles it?

I mean if you have firefox you can just update it and get it free

Will my plugins still work with this?

has nothing to do with firefox, that is all on the user such as your processor and RAM. Firefox is lighter weight than chrome tho.

No, it is the fastest and most private browser out right now.

Yes, you should be able to. If it doesn't auto update it should within a day or two.

Or just download it and it will upgrade your current version.

It breaks NoScript, Classic Theme Restorer, Flashgot and VideoDownloadHelper.

I need all of those, so I'm not going to switch. The author of Classic Theme Restorer has already said that his addon is impossible to implement in 57 and onwards.

I'm really sad to say it, but I will probably change to a different browser even though I loved Firefox.

depends on the plugin developer and if they updated their shit

I use google Ultron instead, its what NASA uses.

I uninstalled after this update. They switched out my blank tab for some bullshit that "recommends" things

Now I use Chrome, the most superior browser.

If you check your addons and they say legacy, they will not work. However many big ones have updated and otheres will soon, there is probably a replacement if an addon doesn't work yet.

The tab button is too fucking *gly.

Open your addons tab. Every addon that has "legacy" behind the name will stop working.

Even NoScript, which is fucking essential for everyone who cares about security. This might be the death of Firefox.

No script has been updated.

You can use Video downloader professional, which I think is better imo.

Most of them will. Mozz will give you a friendly little message if they don't and direct you to a replacement.

noscript is getting updated in the next few days and classic theme restorer is a meme because quantum looks fantastic
but if you really want to theme your browser the creator of classic themem restorer has this

press the settings cog at the top and disable all the shit and it becomes a blank page

>press the settings cog at the top and disable all the shit and it becomes a blank page
I pressed the uninstall button; works much better now.

Firefox is a libshit browser

noscript isn't necessary if you have umatix or ublock origin

but it is also being updated soon

You can turn that off..

Really? It still says legacy in my addons page.

I guess I'll give it a try, then. What about something like classic theme restorer?

Thanks for the replies! I just did a Google search and it looks like this Quantum is supposed to be pretty fucking impressive. Just based on reading the parts that are viewable from the search results, it seems as though Quantum will apparently be as fast as/faster than Chrome.

Any suggestions for ways to make the most of this new Firefox Quantum browser? Any specific add-ons to check out? Good YouTube video or audio/MP3 or photo downloaders?

>You can turn that off..
I did, I turned it off permanently.

I'll never be cucked again by Mozilla.

>posted from my Chrome

if you bothered to look at the home page of the NoScropt developers it clearly says they are working on getting it compatible with Quantum

Ublock Origin and Ghostery are must

I keep it simple haha, I just use uBlock.

Depending on what you want to do. I like some of these tweaks. Scroll down to config options.

0/10 obvious baiting

Came home to this little gem
honestly it looks pretty good.
I like how the new tab brings up previous pages you've visited but now you have the option to delete them from your history. The browser also recommends pages you might like to visit.

Enjoy your keylogged browser.

That's nice, but I don't suppose that new engine comes with a ton of new security vulnerabilities. And Firefox still has the weakest sandbox of all the browsers out there.

>Firefox is a libshit browser
imagine being this fucking retarded that you accuse software of being liberal

nice conspiracy theory

just sharing my love of freedom from those cucks at mozilla

Is there any way to move the tabs to the bottom like you used to be able to?

No i'm pretty sure you can KYS for even using this fucking garbage.

they plug a shitty podcast and net neutrality

they are obsessively liberal

and by they i obviously mean the mozilla foundation, in case you're retarded

I can get the podcast part but you are complaining about net neutrality propaganda while on Sup Forums. Are you severely autistic?


he's a contrarian idiot, just ignore him.

fucking piece of shit update
fried a bunch of my addons without warning
i hate these dev cunts

I find it funny how Sup Forumstards always use the word "liberal" in a derogatory way. As if it somehow stands for everything bad in the world.

the "new tab bottom" is too far right

>without warning

They've been warning you since version 54 you fucking moron.

I fail to see the connection

Modern liberalism is a disease, and I'm not pol

i need a new speed dial
all the ones they have seem to be bloated garbage
15mb addon for speed dials? i think not...
any suggestions?
i need groups and 3x3 tiles, nothing more

Google Chrome is for cuck's.

>Modern liberalism is a disease
>I'm not pol
choose only one

i like using tree tabs addon -- I have hundreds of tabs open usually. Will it work with the new firefox? On Chrome I use Sidewise, but I like the way Firefox's tree tabs worked -- an integrated into the window opposed to Chrome's being a separate window that anchors to the side of a window.

tree tabs has been updated, yes.

Vivaldi is better, fully customizable, fast as fuck....

What's with the terrible font rendering on your PC?

No, unless your PC is a shit.

Video download helper got an update yesterday which supports firefox nightly (v59) so quantum will 100% work with it.
uMatrix is better than noscript.

Use uBlock Orign for adblocking, make sure you enable proper filters. VideoDownloadHelper is also a nice addon. avoid ghostery () it was sold years ago to an ad company and now tracks the user so it's basically malware.

Sandboxing is irrelevant when your browser has baked in privacy and security flaws. Pic related.

You can make a custom local webpage and set it as a homepage. It wouldn't take any RAM and would only need a few MB of storage.

wtf mine doesnt recommend things it juts has tiles of commonly visited websites like normal but it looks different and it doesnt have all the pages i used to have pinned but no reccomends

>You can make a custom local webpage and set it as a homepage. It wouldn't take any RAM and would only need a few MB of storage.
you can set it as you homepage but not your newtab page which is the only annoying thing about the new update

Did they get rid of that Pocket, reader+ and Hello bloatware? I remember having to manually disable it and run an addon to get rid of it all.

pocket can easily be disabled and Hello was removed in version 49. i'm sure reader can be disabled too.

> Sandboxing is irrelevant

Wow, you sure know what you're talking about.

>your browser has baked in privacy and security flaws

Oh, is that why Firefox isn't even included in Browser hacking competitions like Pwn2Own anymore, because *other* browsers have baked in security flaws. (For those wondering, Firefox got removed because it's just too easy to pop it).

> 2017
> using tabs


I use vivaldi, which is chromium and has a custom tree tabs implementation (find on vivaldi forums), but I tried new firefox briefly and might switch if i can get everything working the way I want. But yes piro's tree tabs works in new firefox, currently no way to autohide top tabs though so you get both.

Also does anyone use firefox have a good auto suspender and black background? I cant find a suspender that unloads enough that cookie autodelete works, and I cant find a black background that doesnt slow the browser to a crawl. I would probably switch if I could get those two working. Chromium has dark reader which is implemented well and toggleable with hotkey so its fast to switch if it fucks up too much. Im using black background light text atm but going to try a few others out this weenend.

>I went back in time just to call someone on Sup Forums a faggot
this is dedication

have some taste faggot

how do i get rid of them/disable them from the browser.

go to about:config and set extentions.pocket.enable to false

dunno about reader tho

hideous, and no easy way to access the most used menus?
Why use tabs when it's easier to switch between windows down in the taskbar?

Is there a way to hibernate tabs with any of the addons like Tree Tabs and Tree Style Tabs? With Sidewise (on Chrome) I can middle click a tab in a group and it'll unload it but keep it in the list until I reload it again. Sidewise also let's me do that with whole groups.

call me retarded if you want but what do pocket and reader even do?


Pocket saves pages I think? And reader turns news pages or blogs into easy read mode.

No brave enthusiasts?

IDK that was mostly my question (on firefox). The tree tabs vivaldi has gives you a suspend all button that works well and on vivaldi i have it set up to autosuspend tabs with tab suspender after 1h then i have autodelete cookies trash my cookies so that I have an "open" tab that isnt using memory or tracking me. I am trying to replicate this on firefox to switch. Tab outliner in chrome adds a little button that let you quickly suspend tabs but runs in separate window in chrome. Vivaldi is nice because the sidebar lets you add extentions to it so you can add tab outliner to a sidebar and itll stay open and act as part of the window instead of separate one. I am going to assume sidewise or whatever youre using is running in separate window in chrome or has to be clicked on to open? Vivaldi can prob fix that. I used it that way until i switched to vivaldi's custom solution. IIRC tab outliner duplicated my tabs when i closed the window and reopened or something else annoying.

Still wondering if firefox has a good tab suspend/hibernate/unload (but will still show as open in tree tabs), and that will allow cookie autodelete to detect the tab as closed to delete the cookie.

Nobody even uses those menus, and if you're autistic enough to use them they can be accessed by hitting left alt. Everything you need is accessible in the main menu, bookmarks/sidebar menu or by right clicking and none of those need the extra line of space wasted.
Again, shit taste. Left or right taskbars are superior and waste less space.

Brave is shit. No addons, uses the inferior ABP instead of uBO, has even more telemetry than Chrome and it's UI is made in JavaScript.

KYS if you don't use Tor while browsing Sup Forums

LOL tor. Sup Forums is just some lameass website there is no hardcore shit in it

I dont but there really isnt much here anymore. Im not here for cp and the worst i look at/post is gore. This site become 99% mostly a shitty porn site.

Sup Forums blocks tor connections

The way sidewise loads is as a separate window, but it anchors itself to the side of the main window. Maybe this pic I attached explains it better?

Stop shilling your faggoty browser here

PS Net Neutrality is bullshit; it's giving government control of the internet. You can kiss freedom goodbye if they turn it into a utility.

the fuck is that, why is it so complicated

You're an idiot. Net neutrality is a good thing. Otherwise you're giving your ISP the ability to control your internet even more, letting them bottleneck your speeds and overcharge you. ISPs are a cancer and should be regulated by the government.
>if they turn it into a utility
What else is the internet if not a utility?

Nice bait though.

>Otherwise you're giving your ISP the ability to control your internet even more, letting them bottleneck your speeds and overcharge you.
>things that never happened
fuck off government stooge

Different user, came in late to the convo but are you arguing against internet neutrality?

Yes that is the same problem tabs outliner had and a limitation of chrome. Vivaldi has a sidebar that you can enter the url of the extension and it loads in the sidebar, eliminating the "extra" window.

Hibernation i just get another extension to do it, although tab outliner made it really easy with one button on the tab icon on the sidebar. Firefox seemed fast when i did a little testrun but i havent had 50+ tabs open in it but if i cant get shit to work the way i want then i wont be switching. Chrome does make it hard to get it to not track you, although if youre ok with the tracking it can add a lot of connectedness between your google stuffs.

Lets me have a fuckton of tabs on standby that I can access in a instant.

When I load up a game and need to find a character planner or some news posts from the games website I can load it on my other monitor with the side panel open and move the window to my other monitor. (e.g. the collapsed and hibernated 21 pages of game sites)

When I don't need the tabs but want to keep them handy for later (instead of bookmarking them) I can just middle click on one tab or a group and it's ready to go.

What I really want is just the ability to hibernate and group tabs in one of the firefox addons for tree tabs.

yes, it's bullshit, and it's been sold as bullshit based on a single case of Comcast throttling traffic from Netflix because, surprise! hi-def video consumes a lot of bandwidth.

giving the internet to the government is the cuckiest thing imaginable, educate yourself.

Sorry i dont think i answered your question (at least directly)? I dont think tree tabs in firefox hibernates automatically.

It never happened only because internet neutrality has been a norm ever since internet is accessible to people. If you take that away ISPs will definitely take advantage of it at the cost of consumers. And you can't do anything about it since you can't use more than a single ISP in an area. So your only choice will be shitty internet or no internet.

Ok thanks, I guess I'll stick with chrome for now, the new firefox is nice but I want it to work the way I've been using the tab system in chrome D:

Need to downgrade.

If you're seriously arguing that the companies should be allowed to regulate what you access on the internet you're a dumbass.

If only things weren't completely black and white and the government could stop ISPs from throttling certain sites while also not spying on their citizens

but no, the world is sadly a black and white place.

You're arguing hypotheticals that never happened retard.

NEWSFLASH: the internet is not regulated right now, and no "companies" are "regulating" what you can access. you are a moron that has been fed net neutrality bullshit.

Yep thats why i use it, i dont like bookmarking everything because its too much of a PITA to click 3 times or whatever and you have to organize that shit and im not that into the sites i just dont want them closed right now.

So thats why i have automatic hibernation. I set it for an hour but you can set them to anytime and whitelist if you want to, for example, always keep your email open and not suspend.

inb4 "muh ugly tab button" when ctrl+t exists.

lol firefox uses more ram and cpu than chrome with the exact same tabs open.

Yeah, key word being "right now" and that is because of internet neutrality.
Without internet neutrality you're basically allowing the corporations the same kind of control over the internet that major TV providers have over TV, the only difference being it's a website, not a TV station.

>tfw I still use version 50.1.0

This whole thread is Firefox employees talking to each other trying to hype this up. Fuck Off

.tab-background {
border-radius: 8px 8px 0px 0px !important;
border-image: none !important;

.tab-line {
display: none;