I really like the idea of my gf being with another guy...

I really like the idea of my gf being with another guy, I wouldn't mind them being alone together but what's the best way of being able to see it happen?

I'll video it for you dude, can do it with or without her knowledge

I gotchu fam
Hit me up

Could you send pics while you're doing it?
We're in Sydney.

>send pics while you're doing it?
maybe, but not when I'm really into it. when she's sucking my cock or similar, sure.

not in sydney but travel there pretty regularly. is this something she'd know about ahead of time or do you want her to think she's cheating on you?

She already knows I like the idea of her being with other men, it's something she's rather keen on.

that makes it much easier.

any limits?

You can do what you like with her, fuck her senseless please. I'd really like to watch though, is there any way I'd be able to?

I sometimes think about my wife being with other men, but I think that's just me wanting to depress myself.
>she almost left me a few years ago
>she wanted kids and I couldn't afford it
>said she was going to leave and find some old dude to give her what she wanted
>a few days later she has a date setup
>I get a notification on my phone she's leaving in an Uber
>I call her immediately, tell her to call it off
>I go pick her up
>we talk things out and she agrees to stay
>sometimes I imagine that I called just a moment too late and I show up a few minutes later and things go the same, except she looks unkempt and dazed from being pounded by some fat old business man
Pic related, it's her ass if anyone would like to tell me what they'd do with it.

we Sup Forums now?

Don't really like having the guy in the room with me. usually he'd find out by seeing the marks I left on her, and then I dripfeed him pictures over the next week or so.

We can probably find a middle ground but you wont be in the room with us.


Alright, as long as you're keeping her satisfied I'm happy. You're welcome to spend time with her outside the bedroom as well.


>as long as you're keeping her satisfied I'm happy
Yeah, there's a reason I asked about limits. I like some fairly dirty degrading sex that isn't for everybody.

got a way to get in touch?

I would fuck your girlfriends face and cum in her mouth without warning her

show us her titties

Please degrade her as much as you can, I want her to tell me all about it. Also email?


I can definitely do that. It takes a few days for sharpie to wear off so you'll be able to see some evidence on her yourself.

email works, whats your address?

Good, I was hoping you'd leave a mark on her.
[email protected]

alright, I've noted it and I'll email tomorrow - got to run for the moment.

Thank you, you can have her whenever you like.