Now that The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell is confirmed, what changes/improvements do you want?

Now that The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell is confirmed, what changes/improvements do you want?


Is this true or bait?

no it isnt u fuckhead there working on skyrim vr and just finished it for the switch


WE WUZ KANGS aside, I wouldn't mind an Arabian Nights inspired setting


Bethesda would never ruin their career by setting the next game in the land of niggers.

>(((Bethesda))) would never ruin their game

>implying the entire western world wouldn't be guilted into buying it out of fear of being called racist
>implying Bethesda wouldnt cash in on these sweet ass SJW brownie points

Except 6 is going to be valenwood, sorry :/

Sorry it isn't, it's going to be in the scaly niggers home, The Black Marsh


payed mods and microtransactions obviously

also a "skip combat" button

And don't forget a not at all forced elder scrolls card game minigame.

Thank you for your valued feedback user!

I'll make sure our designers know to go forward with these suggestions.

why not add limited savegame slots and sell them for the small price of only 9,99$ for another 10 slots?

Jesus christ, its going to be full of niggers

Holy fucking shit I'm getting hyped already.

But user, you're thinking of black marsh.

Argonians are the dindonoffins of Tamriel

Holy shit look at this fucking genius right here
please give us more marketing ideas that was great

Make it more like Morrowind again!
The dumbing down for mainstream audience was killing the creativity of the elder scrolls series.
People love morrowind with good reason, the makers of the next game should look carefully at what the consensus of what made that game so great was

My horsie not to be so potato.

ok i got one more.

remove the skill trees and replace it with a battlefront like skill card system . to make it even better we sell lootboxes that have an unknown chance of containing a random skill card of random power level and we also lock the majority of customisation options behind the lootbox system as well.

holy fuck dude.
EA should hire you

I don't care about the game mechanic I just need to have a history about a war between humans and elves again

Be exactly like Morrowind but with better graphics.

what the fuck,yes,the better price combo will always win,

Send me through your CV, user. We're always looking for talented jewsigners like yourself.

>Be exactly like Morrowind

>no more stamina

Yeah because muscular mythical viking guys can only truly fight for 30 seconds at a time before calling time out

>Underage b&
No power matches my nostalgia goggles