Osrs thread. post your accounts

osrs thread. post your accounts

cc: meme season to chill with Sup Forumstards
>inb4 rs is shit

what's so good about this game? I never tried it

self bump

How come you are 98hp in the first pic but level 96 when you showed your stats?

second pic is an old one

Oh shitttttt

getting 50 agility right now for a clue then back to thieving for 53

these are my stats now

Ayy, what should I train?

honestly, something to do. passes time


nice slayer lvl. kill any smoke devils?

it's like a farming in vanilla wow but to the extreme, right?

like 350 kc and no uniques

if you played as a kid mostly the nostalgia trips, but the retro fantasy feel i always dug, plus being a richfag ingame always held a certain appeal to me

cant say ive played vanilla wow but perhaps?

train thieving bruv

thieving or hunter

swords reporting in

Yeah, I was thinking about Thieving, will jump on it


Loser who has to use spotted cape cause I don't have 66 hunter

Is RP still a thing? used to play it up until 3, but I don't know if OSRS has a community for it

role-playing? there's a world for it (342)

Osrs was good till they fucking added grand exchange. It's fucking shit now

Do cake stalls until lvl 30 then do the feud quest. gives you 15k thieving xp and allows you to do blackjacking at lvl 45

Quads wasted on my shit question. I am not worthy

Thanks, will do!

Rs is shit.
Psycho checking in


Quads fucking checked

That's one thing I enjoy about rs, you'll get a clue or there will be a requirement for a quest so you have to go do it.

There is a trick you can use to activate your w10 with some lines in CMD, nigga. It should give you atleast a month before having to repeat the process.

I was just talking about that with a friend. Clues are my motivation to quest


ayy i thought someone would notice lmao. In all honesty ive never gone to the hassle of doing it since it's never bothered me anyway


>osbuddy highscores

You need to work on your' combat skills user.


Sex = xp waste
Thanks I'll work on it :)

Activate what?

>3 days of work in rs3

Well, it starts to bother you when you're playing games in windowed mode and you can't see stuff underneath that watermark.

Windows ten

498 days and 6 hours actually

pretty brave posting that in osrs thread

Is that time played or days since started the account, cause if u got that much play time wtf u been doing nigga

damn love the inv op

time logged into it. just chatting and doing bosses and afking etc

and going for titles and boss pet and trimmed comp, only got reg comp so far


system update incoming. RIP

where were you when ahrims staff was made 1-handed?




slowly moving forward to elite diaries
30+m bank, which is horrible, but that's what bond tax does to you

Did old school rs reset stats at any point within the last year or two?

No, the only osrs stat reset was when it launched
Plus you might add things like ironman and hardcore ironman launch which require to create a new account to play as



workin on that smithing

Damn what world is this on?