ITT: We describe movies badly and others guess what they are

ITT: We describe movies badly and others guess what they are.

Volume VI

A guy who doesn't like kids too much and doesn want kids becomes responsible for a couple kids during an emergency, and by the end he learns to be nurturing and caring for the children, because he had it inside him all along.

>Hunter has tough time from local jungle wildlife

Click pic related for answer.


>Fraternal siblings perform their duty as hoc proctologists
>Glaring misnomer regarding the color of a main character's hair


Woman unknowingly helps beaner get revenge.

I'm also the guy who guessed The Woodsman, btw. And I appreciate you using movies that in these threads. Most people won't get them but I enjoy a good challenge.

>Baby Goose hates da joos
>But he knows not to eat chicken with milk
>Also, the fag from Titanic wears a nice wig

>loses whole family
>evil brew makes bad guy
>fuck best friends sister

High school kid has gay tendencies and he's torn between keeping his former successful life as a non-homo and just going and being a gigantic homo. (He takes the homo route)

If you're the user who couldn't get Full Metal Jacket and felt dumb about it, here's your chance to redeem yourself. (But of course, this challenge is open to everyone. So far no one has come close to getting either movie despite multiple hints).

>Man with posh English accent wears his hair in a pony tail
>Someone gets stabbed with an unusual object
>Annoying ginger girl has bad credit
>But here's some salt water

Describes two very different movies released within one year of one another. One literally, one figuratively. List both if you're the fucking man.

Can't believe no one has even guessed at the first in all this time. I bet you'll get it if you read the description backwards.

>Nerdy underage b& girl doesn't understand whose fingers to fuck.
>Pedobear kidnaps her little loli sister
>Nerdy girl falls in love with a different rapist
>A comedy

>Be me, strong, silent type with a tender heart from the wrong side of the tracks
>My oneitis gets attacked by a pack of niggers one night and I fight them off
>But there's this faggot who looks like a dark haired Fabio who wants to fucking stab me!
>And he's really good at juggling

>A kike shows a nigger his balls
>Did I mention his oneitis does porn and appreciates a good money shot?

Harry popop

lady and the tramp?

>Black Mask beats the shit out of the faggot from the Joy Luck Club
>Queen of the Damned is chased by Jerry O'Connell's pet nigger
>You know that guy who always gets arrested for smoking crack? Like every three months?
>He's here too. And he dies.

Who juggles in that movie, user?

And no, but I like how creative you are. You'll go far, m80.

>man is sad
>man is kill
>jerrys brother caleb (who can do a kickflip) is cool
>gives his collection
Never guess

Ken Park


i thought maybe you meant figuratively


True Believer?
I haven't seen it, but I Googled Ryan Gosling (baby goose) Nazi (hates da joos)

The Believer, yes.

Probably the best performance of his career. It's shame more people didn't see it and he's thought of as a guy who plays quiet, bordering on emotionally autistic characters.

> girlfriend dumps me
> right before I intend to propose
> buddy's girlfriend dumps him
> we hang out and commiserate
> my ex is already considering not one, not two, but three different guys
> buddy's ex already dating a fucking pedophile

>A heartwrenching drama exploring the bond between a man and his circle of close friends with whom he plays catch on a surprisingly regular basis

Romeo Must Die?

>Malaria patient is played by surprisingly robust American actor
>People shoot at the enemy with a chain gun. They just don't realize which enemy it is.

The Room

A winner is you.

The Room

>A priest, a rabbi and a Scientologist walk into a bar
>Tyler Durden and Sam Harris are the stars
>One of them directed this awful comedy

A literal pedophile or a pedo actor?


Alright, we'll go with an easy one.

>A certain proportion of modern society may or may not experience unconscious visions of automatons resembling ovis aries

Keeping the Faith

The character in the movie fucks an underage girl.
Whether the actor has done the same or not, I can't say. But he has recently come under fire for allegations that were surprisingly foreshadowed by this movie.

The Matrix

Correct! Now you post one, okay? OK, good.

Getting warm...

Blade Runner?

Did you give up?

I dream of electric sheep

despicable me obviously

>Main character doesnt feel the feels
>Waifu dies
>Character feels the feels
>Everyone dies

Correct, my fair androids.

>Did you give up?
Yup. Sure did. I've concluded this is a film I've never seen and never heard of.

By the way, I hope you realize you're allowed to post more than just one movie. I've posted like ten ITT and people have gotten two of them. And they're the two movies everyone knows. These threads work best when people post multiple movies and the people who don't know one movie get the others. Everyone wins.

good effort user. unlock answer here

>I've concluded this is a film I've never seen and never heard of.
Mall Rats

>Gomez Addams gets lonely in prison
>Fucks Mr. Brook's alter ego
>No homo

Never seen it. Heard of it but don't know anything about it. I wrongly assumed from the title it was about people and a mall.

> hate my job
> h8 my bosses
> two closest friends both get shit for their names
> pull off a heist
> building burns down covering our tracks

Office Space

Office Space user this isn't very tough

Office Space

Had to Google that.
Never even heard of that movie before.

summer of sam?

>Nerdy kid reads book
>Now he's in the adventure, not just reading it
>Kid is really fucking annoying.
>Almost as annoying as the dipshits he meets

Describes two movies (at least). Either one is gravy.

>I wrongly assumed from the title it was about people and a mall.
No, that's basically right. It's about people and a mall.
This is a "describe movies *badly*" thread, after all.

The warriors?

Yeah, after some of these movies nobody's ever fucking heard of, I thought I'd add some softballs.

Neverending Story
And/or Pagemaster

sounds like both the plot of jumanji and journey to the west , but pretty sure its not either

It is a little more obscure.

My first gay crush as a young boy was Atreyu. Good lawd.

>Bad guy is cold
>Bad guy is not cold anymore
>Good guy is not cold anymore either
>They fight
>Good guy wins
>Bad guy's actor goes to prison

never ending story?

I'm still trying to figure this one out and I'm coming up with nothing. I just know it's probably obvious.

demolition man?

Horrid Henry
Indiana Jones

mine was Artax

>Neverending Story
>And/or Pagemaster
Yes, those are the two I had in mind.

Those might also work.


I think he was desexed but yeah I'da sucked his dick for sure

>Girl realizes religious family isn't all it's cracked out to be
>Decides to get naked for goat for promise of butter

That movie was surprisingly good

>I'm still trying to figure this one out and I'm coming up with nothing. I just know it's probably obvious.
One of them is really fucking obvious. It's honestly amazing that no one has gotten it in six threads so far (plus four threads from yesterday, when I first came up with it).

But not as obvious as , which is also a long running unsolved mystery. I'm astonished no one got that within 30 seconds, never mind that it would be reposted over and over again with no one even taking a guess.

No to all of the above. Can I ask how you got It or Indiana Jones out of that? Haven't seen the other two.

The VVitch

There's so much that's so good about that movie. I'm from a 1600s-era small town in New England and it just feels so right.

> plans for a military superweapon fall into terrorist hands
> military leader attempts to track down terrorists before its too late
> successfully tracks the terrorists to their secret base
> before the terrorists can be destroyed, they detonate the superweapon
> the military leader survives, but countless others were killed

The Sum of All Fears

I feel like I should know this, but I just can't put my finger on it.

>Author wants to be famous again
>Family moves from old home to new home, then move back to old home
>Daughter and her 'friend' him become famous, but not how he intended

Nope. Try again.

Spiderman 2?

Yep, love that film.

> man discovers God plans to kill him
> man speaks to God, begs for mercy
> God still hits him with a fucking bus, not killing him but leaving him in terrible agony

Star Wars: A New Hope

I don't know, I'm tempted to do a hard one for some reason. But I'll make the description easy.

>Little girl draws things on paper
>Things she draws start to happen IN paper
>But that's not where she lives. She's just a visitor

Impress me with your taste in dark fantasy films, Sup Forums.

> (You) #
>Spiderman 2?

Nah, I already gave the answer here:

There we go

>Some boat vacation in south east asia
>One of my sense tell me AlNaO2 and distilled petrolium is good
>WTF this mobster gone all loco

Apocalypse Now or "Pocky" as my friends call it

Really makes me think of Mirror Mask.

No. Also, Twilight is a comedy? Never seen it, so it might be. But mine is a different kind of dark comedy, I think.

It will come to you user. I believe in you. Just meditate on the second hint: What is a famous movie character named after their hair color?

gorerekta mundo

Nicolas Cage movie?
Pirates of the Carribean?

>It will come to you user. I believe in you
Nah, I got nothin'.

John Wick?

This is really vague. Additional hints would be nice.

>Mirror Mask.
I'm reading up on that one now. I honestly think it might have been inspired by my movie due to how similar they are.

>guy who a lot of people don't like
>they chase him into a vat of toxic waste
>he emerges from the waste and goes on a killing spree
>wrongs are righted and rights are wronged
could be at least two movies. bonus points if you find a third+