Post white girls with black girl features

Post white girls with black girl features

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I want to make lots of babies with her.

this woman is all cosmetic surgery you retard

>white skin
>red hair
>black girl features

I hate bitches shake their tits like that

I think he means women with busty bodies.

Anyone know her name

Am I crazy for wanting to see her BLACKED?

Nah you're just into scat it seems

I like seeing this chick get more popular. she is closer to my current gf in looks. i used to date an ellen page type looking chick but with bigger tits, she liked all the same shit I did and I was madly in love so it's been hard to find anyone that compares to her, she was absolute perfection to me. I like the chick im with now, I just feel like I have lingering things from the relationship before, and seeing a chick like her, red head, small tits, big ass, get some attention is kind of dragging me out of that fog.


When she does that smile, it lights up the room.


Damn is she a pornstar yet?

How do people get these sort of hip and thigh



by not skipping leg day, all squats and idk i'm just saying shit


Working out?
> And in the video case a lot of genetics.

those are fats as you can see. squatting won't give you that



its a diet and workout regiment you can probably find out about with a google search i'm sure.
"How to get a black ass." "How to get a fat ass." "How to get the government to make me wear a belt that beeps when you back up." any of those should work.


Can't fap to white girls unless they got them black girl features



my captcha for that one said something about busses, the only vehicles in the image spread were a steam engine an ambulance a semi and a subway car.... it posted...
this one has apartment building and shows a library and one is the shop under an apartment... and a gas station... what the hell


Big black style titties on a white girl



Sorry I don't have any pics of girls on welfare


a kid that is at least 1/2 monkey?
personally i like DSL without being full bimbo lips
(Dick sucking lips)
Because as much as i like to have lips instead of teeth on my cock, kissing someone where you feel their teeth is odd, touching teeth can be damaging,,,,

kek'd my pants



She should get fucked by blacks.

> (OP)
>Sorry I don't have any pics of girls on welfare

>they can't afford cameras

Nah she's black bro. I'm looking for white girls with black girl features something like this

More white girls that have some black blood in them

Saggy tits are black girl features?

No of course not gay. It's her rock ass juicy lips. White girls don't have lips like that


i was going to say that about these
>what happens when she lets go?

>she's black bro
What means white?

Ayy lmao

Nice black girl hips here

>White girls don't have lips like that
>Talking about white girls lips
Some dumb fuck niggers itt

You never really find areolas like these on European women. I like white girls with black girl tits


I like this thread

What percentage black do you think she is?


i'm with this guy... she is an all black featured white woman, I mean, the epitome of what you're asking're painfully oblivious aren't you?
Good because that was a rhetorical question

This one doesn't have a job

otherwise go look for a PAWG thread, i think that's what they're called, they usually have them on /s/

Nice ayy lmao bikini

Looked for her on instagram and her first pic is of a spanish suicide girl I know irl. Small world.

What about this one bro?
You know on account of her havin brown eyes.


Not knowing that this is actually Rob and Kaitlyn's wedding photo.

Black girls features as in fat but its not immediately obvious?

Is it weird i can tell when a girl has fucked a black guy

Beautiful brown eyes and hair. A trait no doubt passed on to her from a distant black ancestor. Good find friend

I think he's claiming that any atractive feature excluding facial features (cuz you know... baboon) is attributed to being black.
It's bait.

>black features
> can’t dance well

You're wrong look at
Sure she's got some rockin black girl tits but I posted her because of her full lips and clear skin. Totally features that are super prevalent in African Americans. Don't see a ton of white girls with this. Hence the makeup and booze industry

Most of them do

>Botox industry

I don't know but what is with the weirdness of this thread? Its like a pseudo cuck thread or something.




>clear skin


Nice shoop


bitch can't dance worth a shit