Does size matter?

Does size matter?


They say it's not the size of the boat, it's how you sail it...but it's mighty hard to sail the ocean in a row boat.

of course it does. obviously girls are going to be more sexually attracted to a well hung man. its just aesthetically pleasing and arousing to look at.

I guess you could say it does. Buy the size of her pussy also matters. Ive had girls that I could'nt even touch side sides of that felt like I was fucking a coffee can then also had girls I couldnt get it all inside them. I'm average. 7" x 5". My wife cant handle it deep, no doggy, no putting her legs in the air missionary.. sux man.

Also, moar of her thick ass. MMM

Male niggers are the most unpopular to women of other races, while having the the biggest dicks on avarege. To most women if the dick touches the cervix they will fell pain. Not touching the cervix and having good stamina are all a lot more important than the length of the dick.

Size matters, but it's not everything, so stop, you don't need to love niggers anymore, myth busted, go home.

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Maybe. It doesn't matter as much as actually being able to get a girl in your bed however. Too many guys who are self-conscious about the dick don't know how to pull, have no confidence, can't lead in an interaction with women, can't express freedom from outcome, don't have male polarity, don't even think about logistical stuff like fuck location.

Then they're like >muh dik
Bro you have bigger problems

Girth matters because it stretches the girl out more/less. Obviously either extreme is bad. Length matters because it allows you to effectively fuck in more positions without slipping out as easily, but other than that it is only important because of appearances, and the culture imposed on us. Too long a dick actually hurts the girl by jamming into her cervix with every thrust.

So yeah, it matters. And it's better to be big. But it doesn't matter anywhere near as much as you think it does.


Something you arent telling us user?

It is actually pretty similar to how men think about breast size. If all you care about are tits then it is going to be very important. To most of us we look at the whole package and are not going to knock back an otherwise perfect girl for not having a D cup.


you cant "jam" your dick into her cervix unless she is a hentai grill drawn by jkp .

length does matter to some degree due to deep stimulation and as you say more friction / stimulation with less movement + ease of positioning.

the fact that the leeway for large dicks is much bigger than for smaller ones in your graph is also quite telling. below 4 inches is where it starts to become embarrassing rather than stimulating.

Not really, I mean if you have a micropenis then maybe it matters. But its more important that you're not a 2 pump guy. You can get girls off with just 2 fingers so its not really that important.

Jonah did it in a whale!

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most girls dont just want to get off with just 2 fingers if they did they wouldnt need a man in the first place .

Size 'matters' between men only and women think we're retarded for it.

Two examples of why. If you watch women with didlos and massageers in particular, they get off like madness to just pressing it on the outside of their pussies right on the clit. Secondly, nature selects the best traits to pass on. The 'average' size penis has been the most successful over the longest period of time, thus it being the highest percentile of births and becoming the average.

inb4 babydick, kek. I have 3 children and have never measured or heard a complaint so whatevs.

No, Look at this pic of my micropenis but yet I still have a gf and she fucks me up the ass.

white males should just transition into white girls

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It's not telling. A dick simply needs to be "big enough" and beyond that is just a bonus.

Social aptitude means far more when it comes to getting it in, though. I've got a "big" dick but it don't mean much during my self-induced dry spells because I don't want to talk to anyone.

IT varies from girl to girl man, most of the time it really comes down to technique and how long you last man, stop watching porn



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You can do anything no matter how small your dick is

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Big dicks are okay, the niggers attached to them? not so much...

lmao, it's not fake, but those kind of dicks are never rock solid hard, big floppy dick

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testosterone injections. makes the dick bigger but your balls smaller.

No you, you fucking tard. is not enough on its own to be considered a source. We want a link to the video.

Yeah. I hate huge vaginas.

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2015+ the age of boners that point down... I guess those 100lb bitches with triple J tits are real too?

That's special effects, there is nothing natural about it. Even huge dicks stand up when hard.

so many niggers have floppy dicks when hard

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If you have a floppy dick when hard, then what does size matter if you can't get it up?
Floppy dick is almost as sad as having a 1inch penis.

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I know, I'm just saying a lot of huge dicks have this problem

This question comes up very often, and I always give the citation from an interview by the pornstar Seka, who said that John Holmes was never rock hard, and it felt like a slug moving in and out of her.

If you look up her interviews, I'm sure you'll find her statement. What other citation could there be? I don't know if the Journal of Human Sexuality ever get a group of men together, showed them all porn, and correlated length to turgidity with a analytical instrument of some sort. But until someone shows up with such an article, we'll just have to go by what Seka said. Presumably, she would know, and as she was in the porn business, not ashamed to mention it.

No those freak dicks are floppy. I think it's from the injections they do to swell them up like the nignog in question has done. Google or Duck it they do that a lot. It damages your dick but I guess the money is worth it

It's called ED

Yeah probably, I'm not nearly as big, but when I'm hard, it' so hard that it almost hurts

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i dont make grammer a point in an argument but if your going to make a picture fuckin do it right christ, you can tell some niglet made it.
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this is what happens when you have a black baby that grows up in jail his whole life. also this.


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Anyone who obsesses over penis size this much is a literal faggot.
If a woman has her preference she's a whore, women have no right to show preference in men, atleast not until they build homes, and pay the fucking bills.

i mean those are two reasons. not to mention they are on par smaller then white guys. at least thats what i hear from my two whore room mates. even this spanish chick im friends with who wouldnt have fucked a white guy to save her life came out 2 weeks ago saying "thats the last nigger im ever going to fuck they're all god damn worthless".

well black man having bick dicks is a sterotype, just like they love watermelons

i think im going to call these two pics the nigger slayer because everytime i post them the thread dies.

julio gomez and angel smalls

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I have a huge dong, and because of it, I cannot have sex like a normal human being. Can't go balls deep without hitting the cervix.

Honestly wish it was just average size.

Same here duder, i misd fuckin girls from behind.

Only the size of your heart :)

how big are we talking here?


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