Paid this for 40$ did i get ripped off?

Paid this for 40$ did i get ripped off?

yeah probably

way 2 brown i wouldn't smoke it

its not even close to a gram dude you need a new dealer

Idk man, it looks like such shit it really just depends on the thc and your tolerance

Wait, the size of everything is fucking with me

the remote is tiny
the jar is huge
and then the bags looked like they could have been pretty big but on second look those are tiny af

posts like these are the reason I come to Sup Forums

Looks like a lot of really shitty weed

I've paid more for less, but now I buy hydro for $200/oz

Taste is all ready really good

>Preteens on Sup Forums

Are you daft

Not a preteen, just trying to give him an honest opinion because it seems like a genuine question unlike these ones

Ya you paid money for catshit

you reckon its because of the point of view of the camera

Probably, and also the lack of references.
The glass with things underneath especially doesn't help

that hash bar looks chunky

beastie boys- chunky monkey

Seedy as fuck!!

As long as it taste good, and burns well, I'd say you did well opie.

For $40 I'd sell the first sack in the bottom center.

Looks like shitty outdoor so yeah.

Yeah the one in the half zip I'd say looks a bit over grown

Although the rest of the shit has a nice sparkle to it = trichomes

goddamn huge cigarette packet, right ?

I havent, link?