Hey. Lonelyfag here again

Hey. Lonelyfag here again.

It's neither cold or dark. But I'm really bored and lonely. Everyone I know is American and sleeping I guess.

Come on in, let's have a nice chat~

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Wanna fuck?

Depends. Sell me on it.

Why are you such a loser?

Why are you such a meanie?~

Thanks lonelyfag, I was looking for a picture for my character on hellmoo.

You're welcome I guess?

Penis will go into butt.

Got any more with red hair/eyes?

Dogs or not dogs?

Not good enough. Should've offered to take me out for dinner first.

Probably not that much. Not really my favorite color and all. I'm more of a pink/purple kinda person~
But blonde is my favorite natural hair color. Blonde guys are pretty nice.

I'm a cat person. And I don't like dogs.

Got SC op?

Gimme some more of the red, kitty.

No and if I did, I don't think I'd give it away.
I'm not interested in trading any kind of pictures and that's the primary use of that thing. I know where this is going~

I dunno, you didn't ask nicely.

Please kitty? From one kitty to another?

You assume the worst out of people.

You get one more. I usually don't give anything on request.

I assume from experience.

Sure thing

Well I guess we could talk about metal again

Wait. Are you still awake? Isn't it extremely late now?


I guess that's the magic of speed, makes you stay up for hours and hours on end doing nothing productive

But I'm being nice enough for more, aren't I?

Oh yeah. Forgot you said you did some of that.
Not a usual thing for you, heh? What got you to try it out?

Nice or not, I still don't do requests~

You're mean.

Today is my birthday and I already feel like shit. How should I feel better about myself?

I used to be addicted to it, but now I've gotten a sort of healthy recreational relationship to it where I can go for months not doing it at all (the longest I've gone is 5 years constantly thinking about it, but not doing it)

It's just my escape from reality, like doing shrooms too. And it's cheaper than drinking mostly

Birthdays are shit by default.

Never said I wasn't~

Celebrate the birthday by indulging in great food and good alcohol. Go out partying if you like that. And if available get yourself some good sex. Just have fun I guess is what I'm trying to say.

I see. So how long have you been awake for now?

So whats the purpose of collecting pictures like these?

It makes me feel better

I just woke up, and it's cold, because heating in my room is bugged, it's noon and I just gave food to cats and I consider going to sleep again instead of doing anything productive. How is your day going user?

If I remember correctly I woke up at 10 yesterday, so a little over 24 hours, and there's a long way to go yet since this is good shit. Our new supplier has some really good stuff

I'm not 21.

Then you must hate me.

Whatever makes you happy is cool so long as it doesn't hurt me. And being mean to me on the internet doesn't hurt me, so please bully me more~

No real purpose. The whole thing of me using them as a way to sign my messages just kinda happened.
I just like collecting cute stuff.

That's what you get for living in a backassward country then~

My heater works great but insulation is garbage and it costs me a lot to keep it running~
Get yourself a blanket and a hot chocolate~
Day has been pretty boring, I've been snacking since I got home from the store~

I don't do hate.

Shrooms never made me out of reality, maybe even closer. However they make trauma disappear, because your past is not actuall reality that is going on now.

I always trip balls on shrooms, like, I get completely encapsulated in my own thoguhts and visuals and have nearly no way ou of it other than waiting for the trip to end.

But I've learned some things, it helped me be able to battle my addiction

(somehow didn't see your answer, sorry~)
So why the drugs and all?

That's a nice Idea, But I only got dutch cocoa, and I would need to warm milk up, and that would take a lot of time to do, I would need to make a fire (we burn wood here in this time of year). So goin around just fast water boiler, I don't know how you call that electric thing in english, would make me just coffe,...

But every stove is in down floor conected by tubes to my room, and it doesn't heat up my room anyway, just getting the buffer more heat and I don't want to overload it, maybe I should turn off termostat just to get some heat from buffer to my room.

As I said it's just an escape from reality, I prefer it over drinking. Mainly due to economic reasons since I'm a hell of a bingedrinker, and I prefer the high over alcohol.

But it's always a risk that someone snitches or the police bust down my door


Lol Hello

It doesn't work like that

I've been locked down in cage and they gave me worse stuff than meth, kinda it's opossite that makes you feel like on withdrawals but without urgency to dose. Mushrooms helped me to have abstract thinking at all. I would like to have some now to chill out, but I haven't got the time to gather some, and I can't grow inside where I live, so I'm just getting used to a depression.

I am very confused by everything that is going on in there. Can you slow down your thoughts? Or are you always this quick and confusing?

Oh I see. Don't get caught then~


hai there~

How does it work then, bully?

Sorry to hear that. But maybe it's time to face the real world ?

Nah, it's just paranoia talking, no one is out to get me

I'll hurt myself if you don't.

Maybe they are out to get you. You just tell yourself you're paranoid.

Fine by me, it doesn't affect me directly so I'm cool with it.

Ah, k, I get you, I'd do the same things if cute things didn't make me feel so.. emotional, longing/yearning maybe, nostalgic, cant describe it, it feels good but painful, its overwhelming.

Nah, I'm not that important. If the cops wanted to come after someone they'd be after my friend instead, I'm just a small time tweeker. nd I only do drugs at home or at my friends, so I don't see how they would figure out where to go

Sorry. I'll try to slow down...

And that's just I woke up, when I'm up like 2 days, nobody understands me.

Damn. Should try to work on that maybe~
I got the same problem when I get excited about stuff I start talking quickly~

And here I thought I could fuck with you or something. I'm disappointed. Why'd you have to be so logical.

I have no idea what you're on about.

For someone who is so lonely, you sure aren't keen on making friends...

I've been through worse than your mindgames, I've talked to fucking demons while I was delirious.

And logic is just sort of my crutch through this world, been ever since I was a child

How ugly are you, OP?

Me neither, don't do depression kids! maybe its cause I'm lonely, or maybe its cause I've been up for 36 hours, idk, I need some ramen and cookies

Hey, my psychiatric diagnosis started when I was 16 or so, and I screamed at my mother for not letting writing me my software.

They told me I'm a kid and I can't write software without high school.

What I could have been written is not wroth more than my family has when I count cousins kidney's in.

I'm broke and I'm programming for some company.

I've proved my delusions to be real, and now I sometimes... Have something I would call casualities of taking pills, because my brain just doesn't work like before they forced me meds, I remember less, write slower etc.

Only guy's that I've tried to sell bitcoins, because I didn't have money to buy some, now tell me I was right.

My family talks like I'm hallucinating when I tell them something and it's even on the news 2 day's later, but I'm hallucinating, because I have read something on the internet they haven't.

Also my mother's boyfriend constatly makes fun off me and they throw away stuff I have.

i.e. They throwed away my CRT monitor because I had LCD, but I didn't knew that so I sold LCD and I tought I would just overclock CRT and be better, but there was no CRT, so I had no screen for half year.

Okey, I'll try slowly.

I'm out of chockolate. I only have nesquick,.

I wish I could sleep. I'm so fucking exhausted and I have a dentist appointment in a few hours.

God I my mother was the same, I wasn't able to get a computer until shortly before I moved out at 16

If you can't really handle my way of thinking, we were never gonna be friends in the first place~

I'm bad at mindgames ;w;

Actually not. I'm just not sociable~

Bring me some cookies too, thanks.

My kids gonna play pacman sooner they talk, it's necessary for proper reflexes to form these days.

>Actually not. I'm just not sociable~

Nah, you're probably not, you just proceed too fast. You need to gain my trust before you start playing

Well, why not use the nesquick then? Just as good isn't it? Doesn't take that long to get some hot milk in there~

Sleep during the dentist appointment. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

You're free to believe whatever you want~

It's not really about a way of thinking, though. It's doing something nice for your fellow kitty. :(

But how can I befriend someone who would just leave me in the cold?

The problem is I have to wake up and take a shower and put on clothes and stuff, and that's such a pain in the ass :c

I just made mix of nesquick hot water and cold milk to be a little bit warm. And it's already drunk.

I sleep in clothes. It's super, atleast sweatpants and tshirt, definately not pajamas or naked, then you just wake up and walk in the shower, and shower need to be hot, and then you are showered in no time and you really wake up after the shower.

I've never used twitter so my avg. tought is about ~1500 characters. It's good or bad?

>You need to gain my trust
That's playing the long game. I'm too impatient for that stuff~

I can be nice but I have my limits. I purposely don't give everything out for free.

Just go to there naked~

just a reminder your taste sucks

But patience is what is required to play mindgames. And in general it could be really easy for you to gain my trust, like posting good music as an example, I don't require much

>go to there
I'm a fucking idiot it seems. I'm screwing up basic grammar.

oh. Well that's one step done then. What's next?

no u

literal shit tier boys

I mean, I really am not sure I got the kind of music you like. Yours is way too raw for me.

no u

Your limit is 3 pictures? Ya know what, you're right.

I could never be friends with someone as selfish as you! :*(

Fair enough. I'm sure taken a naked trip to the dentist as a trap would go GREAT, especially in this conservative town.

post something actually cute


Just try me out

I'm sure nothing could ever go wrong~


Post something actually worth me posting something cute.

beat that

I guess, have what's playing now for me then~

Ah, this reminds me of my screamo phase hehe. I didn't know they made music like this anymore

I don't even understand it.

I wouldn't actually qualify that of screamo but heh, I guess.
More stuff

You ended up sending the same :)

Oh goddammit I forgot to copy/paste. I'm retarded~

maximum cute

And no, I see they qualify as metal core

I'm not much into Serj Tankian, but I'll give it a listen

cute fangs.

pretty much what I'd qualify them as yeah.

Who doesn't love Serj Tankian tho. Guy's a genius~


I liked him in system of a down, but I think the sound is too close, it's as if it isn't his own sound. That's just what I think, feed me the last music :)


I can do that too

Okay, that is definitely not my thing hehe.


What do you think of this ?

For next hour I'm solving captchas so people can see what I have saved from this board, then I go to /s/ and save even more, then I get computer and make my own board with no blackjack and no hookers.