Walk into your bedroom

>Walk into your bedroom
>You find Taylor Swift standing there
Wat do?

start to wonder how i fit into her obsessively maintained public image

You have to eat all the eggs.

Nice. Look what you made her do.

Ask her for money so I can buy booze and get shitfaced and sleep until the next day

Make a citizen's arrest for B&E

Go to my friend's home studio and record a duet of "Stand by your man" with her as a tribute to Lemmy.

say "Young lady this is not the way to get ahead in any industry now get out before I call security"

Spin around 360 and leave.
I don't see what is so hot about Taylor Swift.
She is a scrawny, washed out, bird faced girl who sings badly.

Gotta agree with this guy for sure

I hope she is not hungry, also that she washed dishes.

She is cute abused vitctim of popular culture.

Ask her if she can turn into katy perry

Hey, i just met you...

rape her

>Spin around 360
you'll be pointing in the same direction you cuck

is it summer already? jesus

When will newfag get the joke?

kick her in the vagina

Help the bitch write her next album.
(In other words, plow the bitch for a week, then dump her)

>being a tardis

climb her. I'm only 5'6 and she'll be like 6'3 in heels.

samefagging so hard

Hogtie her and leave her to squirm on the floor until her last breath.

Lurk moar, dickless.



First day, eh?

Pathetic. Manlets, when will they learn?

>see tay tay
>do a 360 and moonwalk away

What are you doing in my apartment?
How did you get in here?
I'm calling the cops.

The butthurt is strong with this one.

Throw cum at her and tell her to "shake it off" I have some saved specifically for this exact purpose...

cover my ears

Manlet detected. And yeah, sure I'm gonna be 'butthurt' after reading a pathetic little manlet's fantasies.

"why did you disrespect kanyes mom like that, bitch? and why you're explaining it, strip for me"

Is she hungry? Did she washed dishes? There are so many questions, that would need to be solved before somehow reacting to situation.

Also even my bitches bitch can make better lightnings for that money.

Ask for $25000

>tie her to my radiator.
>run out to my car speed away.
> arrive at my intended destination.
>purchase upwards of 200$ worth of McGriddles and drive home.
>make a coffee and take off all of my clothes.
>walk back into bedroom whistling teenage dream by Katy perry just to fuck with her.
>proceed to forcefully feed her McGriddles until she pukes a couple times whilst screaming shake it off in her face.
>go shower off all the vomit and call the police and tell them the skinny bitch broke in and went to town on my stash.
>sue the whore.
>get rich!

>Did she washed dishes?


She's going to get some dick

I think a court room would take Taylor Swift's words over yours. I'd also forcibly inject her with heroin until she's addicted so she's less trustworthy.

180 you dumb shit

Proceed to molest her. Suddenly here like a beeping noise coming from far away. The noise gets louder. I wake up, my alarm is ringing, I turn it off and turn around, see my 5/10 wife. Start crying in silence.

Just quit heroin so if I went and got some to give it to her I'd definitely give myself a shot...

Tell her it costs $10000 every minute she trespasses in my house


And she broke in could have legally fed a .45 slug from my sig sowwie, instead the poisoner of prepubescent girls minds off too easy...

You sir are a genius.


Just thinking outside the box...now if she was in my room it would b a whole different turn of events and I would livestream all 39 1/2 hours hours it would take the feebs to reroute all of my severs and ghosted ip addresses...

get t h y S U C

ask if she wants to play some vidya

Wat do?
>That look of disgust
Nothing I guess.

Show her my toys

Rape obviously.

>wanna gas the jews?

What a whore

Ask her why I have a bedroom all of a sudden

"How'd you get out of the basement?"

I'd sop her up with a buttermilk biscuit