Currently undecided on what I should get for my first tattoo

Currently undecided on what I should get for my first tattoo.

69 or quads decides

well, what's your view on tattoos m8?

do you want to be a canvas for someone else's artwork and creativity, do you want something culturally significant, do you want something personally significant? are you all about having a story and meaning or just something cool? what do you want user?

get something that represents your heritage, not someone elses.


Something cool and funny, being a canvas for someone elses artwork and creativity would be cool but dont want anything over the top. Dont care tho really im down for anything.

exactly my point,

white guy with a full sleeve aztec tattoo. not his culture.

Swastika on your chest

Giant dick on your forehead

well then it's settled, have them interpret a pickle rickā„¢ for you

Thug Life tat on your chest

Nice meme bro

Get Hitler nutting on Anne Frank's face.

make sure to include a "spoiler alert"


A greek-like vase

Undecided means you should wait until you're certain on what you want permanently painted into your skin..

Looks to me like you already figured it out. Reverse baloney sandwich it is.

why, it's pretty

above your dick

ok look anyone can do anythign they want and I don't think anyone else should subtract from that. however, if we're going to have a conversation about why to get a certain tattoo, it makes it a bit of a scurvy discussion if the reason is something arbitrary like "it's pretty". especially if that's not the point of the artwork to begin with. that would be like getting a cricifix tattoo and saying "oh is this a religious symbol? well ok i just liked the way it looked though!"