Lets get an arab thread going

Lets get an arab thread going

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>tfw no kebab gf


It's like you enjoy being retarded

They love facials


Good, it's better a worthless cuck like you has no offspring at all instead of some mixed mongrels.

Because she from north Algeria

>what is hair colouring


If I post a white girl from South Africa, does that mean she's African? -_- smh

That's not even arab, you fucking idiot

probably just a sand nigger lover.
>Light skin
>blonde hair
>not having a black beach towel wrapped around her whole body
>also not being raped/beaten/stoned




The name of the girl in OP's post is Sara Orrego.

Her Instagram: instagram.com/saraorrego4

Uncultivated .. Some women of Algeria are blonde with blue eyes


Yeah, it does.

She's kabyle fucking dumb ass


>tfw no columbian gf



Fucking map in the background...

I also noticed and kek'd appropriately.

On another note, she has cute little tits.

Hello SA brother. Come join our SA kik

Give it up. He's probably American and doesn't know shit about the world outside his country. Or his state, for that matter.


Those are some nice firm titties.

Algerians aren't arabs you dipshit

they are

Northern Algeria = Kabylia

Go call a Kabyl "arab" and see how they react...

>tfw no shorty black-haired brown-eyed thick white latina gf

You're ignorant, Kabyls aren't arab and resent being called arab or even margrhebian, which Algerians are...


you're algerian aren't you


As a Moroccan I approve this statement. Kabylies have revolted more than once and some of them call for independence.

No, just a little bit smarter than the average b/tard

Glad we got a second opinion in here, the stupidity level was getting frighteningly high...

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