Dead at Age 21. Last Live Performance

Dead at Age 21. Last Live Performance

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Pewdipie died?


Drug overdose from what I hear of it, some dude took a video and its lil peep in the back of his tour bus, sitting on a couch after he OD'd

>Dead at Age 21.
>Face tattoo's
I'm ok with this

Pic related



Lil Peep? Isnt peep a dick?
Lil penis


now thats some scoliosis right there

Correction: his brother took a video of him and he thought he was asleep, but he overdosed on xanax (presumably)

who the fuck is that faggot?

Update: literally no one gives a fuck. I downvoted your vids tho. So there's that

And the award for the least unexpected death of the year goes to...

another one bites the dust


never heard of this faggot


yea who even is this also no melody, no passion, an okay voice, htf listens to this

..and nothing of value was lost.

that brightened up my morning :)

One of my favorites from Thom Yorke tbh

This makes me happy.

Thank you world, one less shitty mumbles rapper to deal with. Lil peep, lil yachty, lil pump. All of em are straight fucking trash, jacked up on pill and shit because they think its the coolest shit ever. Fucking hope they all OD and rid the world of shit music. Take post malones faggot ass with you too

Who the fuck is this anyway?

Nah fuck you guys. Call it what you want you've never even listened to his shit.

the people who unironically watch this garbage need to be gassed
seriously wtf is wrong with all these normies with their phones out at this dogshit ?

i have, before i made any judgements on his passing i watched half a dozen of his vids and only then did i feel i was informed enough to conclude he was a waste of carbon and good riddence

Fucking teenage girls man
They only go to any show just so they can film that shit so they can brag with it or something
They ruin everything

why are you mad at happiness

I actually met Peep at one of his shows on NYC last year. Personally saw him grind up a bean (Fentanyl) and snort part of it. While he was drinking.

Nice enough guy, but fucked. I'll see if I can find the shirt he signed for me and post it.

RIP Peep.

No one wants to see some fucking shirt. Who gives a shit.


Your mom did last night when I used the shirt to clean my cum out of your birth hole.


Pewdiepie is dead?


Calling bullshit on the Xanax OD. Xanax is insanely hard to OD on, it would’ve had to be mixed with heavy opiates to depress his breathing enough to die.

Genetic cleansing. Thank you fentanyl.