National Socialism is the next phase for America

National Socialism is the next phase for America

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No it isn't, you idiot.

No it isn't, you idiot

After you KYS user. Fucking degenerates. Go get a job, contribute to something to the world other than your autistic cries for a father figure.

Accept your fate. Come home, white man

Right. Cause that whole WW2 thing really worked out. Fuck of!

Not even a liberal but someone with more than 2 brain cells.

There's much anger in you, better put it to use and channel it into your undiscovered passion for National socialism. Give this a read and tell me how you feel

>interest free loans
>economic prosperity

ho boy! that's some economic genius right there!

It should be corporatocracy on the ancap side: corporatism is actually a central aspect of fascism, essentially a guild-like system where trade unions from all the major areas of industry are directly represented in parliament.

You should make more self sustainable and less foreign sources dependent economy.

diff person from who you are replying to
Im a big history guy, not a nazi but also open to ideas, ill hear them out. Is there any way any of this can be substantiated? Or is it a large cover up by now that could never fully be revealed as right or wrong?

the notion of historical inevitability was Marxist. kys

no it isn't, you idiot.

More like national capitalism.


Yeah, never gonna happen buddy.

Yes, but what you don’t understand is it will be a SJW national socialism where they ship any white person married to another white person off to a camp for not being diverse, and where they teach 30 genders, and forced loan forgiveness for minorties, and seize white property and busnisses to distribute to women and brown people

well, it worked pretty swell here in germany:

>persecution of everything that didn´t fit into the national socialist ideal

>second world war with around 50 mio. casualties

>total destruction, country divided for 40 years

so yeah, have fun with that.

Oh and I forgot to say they wont call it national socialism, it will be called progressive liberalism

the first post is just false. Yes britain and france made war inevitable when it did not have to be, but the Germmans could have stepped back and not gone to war. Also, the whole "jews stabbed us int eh back" shit is jsut shit. Also the war was ended by the uprisings of the sailors and soldiers back in Germany who were against the war continuing - nothing to do with jews. Some jews were communist, many were not - I always find it hard to align the "jews are all baout making mooney" adn "jews are all about communism" lines - really? which are they arch capitalist bankers or anti capitalist wankers?

the rest is just propaganda and bullshit. Hitler did not diplomatically reunite german areas - they were invasions and political coups.

0% unemployment is an economic impossibility - it basically means slavery, or fiddling the books. Germany was not the richest nation in europe by a long chalk - GDP per capita was less than both UK and France - having a slave labour job is not prosperity.

as for the idea that france and england conspired to beat germany in a second war - wew lad, you forgot your meds today?

So hitler trying to bully poland into giving up territory counts as diplomacy eh? wow. Poor little Hitler, such a nice chap, being bullied by everyone, boo hoo.

the nazi propaganda from 1940 is being repeated her they claimed 58,000 murdered or missing (45,000 missing, 12, 857 dead) but there was never any evidence of this. There is evidence of german spies adn infiltrators causeing trouble in poland and attacking polish officials and politicians ans passing out propaganda leaflets to stir up unrest though...

and as for the jews controlling Churchill or the USA - would that be why the allies never bombed the train tracks to Auschwitz, even when they were begged to do so by jewish leaders?

wonderful fantasy stuff this - but not historically accurate in any detail. 3 out of 10 bait

And I'm gonna be the one that brings it

Hitler's aggression is well documented, as are his intentions to attack france and poland and russia, from long before the war. this is bullshit.

you are trolling aren't you? Because no on, no matter how paranoid Alt Right or insanely SJW would believe this.

well, I knew that...
what I was asking was is there evidence of substantiation for the post i referenced
and or was there but it got destroyed?
or is it some alex jones level connect the dots?
It has already started.

They are organizing their brow shirts right now
>Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King used an attack on congressional Republicans early Wednesday morning to suggest a theory for reducing mass shootings — banning white men.

It's clear to me that the anti-racism of progressives and the true anti-racism which takes human failings and neurology into account are two very different things at this point. How can they not realiize that being hated for things that happened before you were born would make anyone frustrated and upset? It's the basic right wing assumption at this point that they, that is to say SJW and far-left and whatnot, they intend harm to whites out of some historical perception of justice. But nobody was alive, nobody has real guilt. I feel like our increasingly careful recording of history these past few thousand years has distorted...something, our peception of the nature of responsibility perhaps.

As a working class person I simply can't share the new-left concepts that America is this invincible ever-rich savior, I can barely afford being on the internet, meanwhile it seems like America will probably fall to another failed, mass-human murdering of "useless eaters" attempt at communism or whatever you want to call it when an elite group overtakes another and finds a series of symbolic reasonings to chain people into mere subsistence and misery.

You won't make any progress until you accept that you are a bad predator from a bad predator species, that the right wing was right all along to bully the weak because that's all a truly non-delusional caring person would do: entreat you to come away from your weakness and into a you which is more yourself. To help you define yourself by your beliefs and good works instead of what you put up your ass or watch on TV. Democrats were the bad guy all along, enabled by an era in which propaganda is easy and psychology is transcendent.

The brown shirts are already kicking people out of jobs, and telling people not to buy white, just like the Nazis did with the Jews as a scrape goat.
>it was highly unlikely that she would be able to help me because I am a WHITE MALE.

I think more then racism its a devide of money. Literally the only people who think that its bad to be white / male / hetero / etc are either rich people or people tricked by rich people. Any working class person with a head on their shoulders will tell you that it is incorrect.
I dislike nazis but still would allow them to speak, and or have a conversation with them
If you mass label all people as nazis and hate all people for being white, you prove the nazis right.
Ironically the SJWs are making more nazis...

Can I be Commandant of my own death camp please?

National Socialism and Fascism are absolutely primitve ideologies.
You know who practices fascism?
Ants and Bees and because an Ant or a Bee are pretty much braindead, it works and it's the only thing that works for them.
But humans are far more evolved than that.
Why would we, the supposed peak of evolution use a system that primitive insects use, while wolves, Apes, hell even some reptiles use far more advanced systems?
National socialism works even less than Communism.
WW2 wasn't a single case, it was the logical consequence of establishing such an incompatible system.

bad bait is bad and OP is a faggot

lefties using the word "degenerates"

Nazis ARE lefties. It's not called National SOCIALISM for no reason
Also, there's no indication user is a lefty, most conservatives as well as all libertarians hate Nazis too.

They are making nazis. To the point I worry making nazis is entirely their point, it already seems as if that's the lever they'll use to overturn the individual rights of an entire race on the basis it is somehow "just". They'll just manufacture nazis with carefully ignored outrage until they can point to the horde of them and say "look! this is ALL white people, let's kill them".

Meanwhile if you're white and have a frontal lobe to speak of within the last few years you've basically given up on social justice ever actually happening in your lifetime, you look across at these people and realize it's just never going to happen. That's ironically where the strongest "nazis" come from, the Sup Forums people, people who aren't even racist they're just so despondent concerning the future of race relations they literally believe one race has to live upon the earth or at least each single region of earth for anything to be okay for literally anyone, white or otherwise, that to live together is to humilate and kill each other inherently and it's just a fucking cosmic evolution-didn't-mean-this mistake we ever tried. To call "race realists" racist is to say water is wet, but it's more like you get into the water at 12,000 feet and your skull instantly implodes while someone asks over the radio "IS IT WET DOWN THERE????????"

all I know is the established nazis who say that white people are being oppressed ant hated for being white were for years ignored. They were ignored because it wasnt happening.
All the sudden its happening. Nazis are gaining traction.
As far as I see all humans are garbage and we will always do shitty stuff to everything and everyone around us.

If you kids knew anything about sosialism, you'd shun it.

Implying GDP is the only thing that tells you how well a country is doing economically

Absolutely agree

the country is about half and half. morons watching fox news are def all becoming nazis. the other half is struggling to survive. nationalism is brainwashing

socialism? na america gonna be fascists when the economy drops while they sit in their bunkers people will be starving on the streets

no he is spouting propaganda a revisionist bullshit

yes. Get a tent, go out in your yard, put up the tent, and starve yourself to death in it.

no problem.

make the world a better place.

implying that being a slave (literally) is being well off